Saturday, May 15, 2010

Busy Again

Gee whiz I thought I was all done with music stuff but nope! :P I got a call to play in a large piece for a concert tomorrow. I finally agreed but had to drive 3 towns over to get there. Luckily it didn't take long to get there and it will be pretty good. There's something about a full chair singing with an orchestra... I love it! Oh and if you're wondering I'm playing in the Mozart Requiem. :D

Anyways last I posted I had just jumped the midnight gap and posted about my poor mouse that died. Well, I got a new green one and all is well. :P So... what have I done the past two days? Not much but farm... Oh, and I finally got my statue done, 2 weeks late!

For me getting a statue complete is like getting a 99... I have no clue what to do afterwards! So, I went ahead and got the fletching and wc stones gone. I got an herb stone cleaning an herb (wooooot!) and got the 2nd very fast, plus the farming ones in one run!

All I have is one pic from yesterday when I found an evil oak on Ape Atoll with nobody on it. Finally Fred Lay came to aid me and another Pie was there but soon left. It was fun to share that moment of pie "brotherhood."

While at the tree I started translating random things into French and then saying them to Fred Lay, who if you don't know, is from France but now lives in Mexico and speaks French, Spanish, and English. o.O I then started speaking Catin for fun and then he wanted me to teach him so I did! I then put my small dictionary on my other blog and you can find it in the top right corner of it. It's so cool to hear someone speaking it! :D

Sorry for the rambling but not much has happened besides this and getting the stones and stuff like that. I've made a lot from toadflax though and am up to 14m! Only about 10m to go before I can spend cash like a madwomannnnn!

Until next time...

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