Monday, May 10, 2010


Today I didn't play a whole lot because as I may have mentioned I am getting back into Rollercoaster Tycoon creating parks and stuff. I have a good one in the works! :D

Anyways I spent half of my time just standing around in my house waiting for that con stone... After like... an HOUR of standing around MULTIPLE times I FINALLY got it!!!! Ugh!

I then decided to do something completely different. I had over 1500 gold charms and while I am a hoarder I don't like huge piles of stuff that I could be using so I decided to make 1500 barker toads and see where it got me. I went grenwalling to try for the stone and didn't get it but got almost 500k in spikes. Perfect! That funded the 1500 swamp toads AND shards! I was soon off to work with my Kyatt a click away and before I knew it I was done and had, get this, less than 10k till 83! When my Kyatt ran out with 300 toads left I went out and picked 200 bananas and set off on a new Kyatt. I wanted more than just 300 toads to use with it because I hate wasting the pitfall summons. I traded the toads in for 12k shards (cost 16.5k, not bad!) which as it turns out barely got me 100 fruit bats. Since I had a Kyatt out I couldn't do what I usually do and sell the scrolls at the ge and use that cash to get shards so I dipped below 10m which annoyed me but I sold the scrolls back and it's all back. :P Plus, I got this!

Woooot!! It's lava maze time!!! Forrrr theeee winnnn!!!

Oh! And today in real life I had my jury. It went very well! The one part I was biffing in my practice earlier today I nailed perfectly! Woot woot! No major screwups this time! I left feeling very happy. Huge thanks to Merch Gwyar, Kitt Fox, and Fred Lay for their morning words of encouragement. :-) Afterwards my mom picked me up and I wanted chips so we went to the store where I discovered discount cakes from Mothers Day so we got one and I ate like... most of it myself! o.O Yummy chips and guacamole and caaaaake and fresh strawberries in celebration of me finishing the semester. All I have left this week is a rehearsal and performance and I'm done till... Monday, when I start my 3 week summer class! Woot!

Well I am crashing from the sugar rush from that cake so I better go to bed. :P Good night all!

Until next time...

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