Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Oh.... My..... Guthix.....

*gushes* You know this is gonna be an epic post!

First of all I set off to get the last 20k xp until the magical 77 Rhoonkreftin. It took a "long time" but FINALLY!!!!!!

Wooooot!! I immediately turned around and crafted my very first blood runes. Awww! :-3

I crafted between 800 and 1k and then set off for some celebratory metal dragon slaying:

I discovered that the SC armour I had, had full charge so I wore it and got over 100k magic xp!! I was hoping for a visage but got a clue scroll which is good enough for me so I set off to do it after I ran out of casts. It was very long- it had like 8 steps! I got my most hated 3 volcano deep wildy clue... TWICE! I died doing this clue once and almost died another time so obviously I was feeling a little scared. Well, I get to the spot and there's Levi sitting there waiting for me, to make sure I'd arrive ok. That touched me so much! :) Levi is awesome!!!

Finally I arrived in Ardy, unhurt, for the last step. I opened the casket and....

Wooooot!! A gold trimmed rune body!!!! That baby sold for 1m, and with the selling of the 3.5k deaths earlier that brought me up to 18m. 18m.... That's pretty close to 24m... I wondered if I had 6m in junk lurking around my bank and was off in a frenzy of selling tons of stuff! I got up to 19m and had to make a decision- to sell or not to sell Karil's top.... Well, I obviously did and I now sit here in awe because....

I DID IT I DID IT I DID IT WOOT WOOT WOOT WOOT WOOT @*!@!&#t!@#r!@re!%@e!%^*@e*!$$)@(u*(@$@%$8 FULLBANDOSHOLYCRAPWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT!!!!!!! I can hardly contain myself so I'm going to go to bed and let it sink in that I BOUGHT A BANDOS CHESTPLATE AND COMPLETED MY GOAL OF FULL BANDOS AND A DFS!!!!!! Yes I know I have on flippers but I even really have Bandos boots! :P

Now I can work on my next big goal: bringing Mackenzie home! I forsee plenty of SC in my future and lots and LOTS of mahogany... oh and orange stew. :P Mackenzie here I come!

I'm so happy! :'D

Until next time...

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  1. OMG! Congratulations! :o *happy dancing with you*