Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Random Stuff

Today I didn't play a whole lot, in fact all I did was a clue scroll and my next slayer task!

It was a very nice clue, with every single one being a riddle or an anagram, with one coordinate thrown in. Having just come off an Entrana clue, I decided to keep on my outfit for the coords in the swamp.

That turned out to be a big mistake. First off, I kept forgetting everything I needed- gear, spade, etc. Then I forgot the Sara Wiz uses melee AND mage... Oops!.. I escaped with 33 life points. I ran like a madwoman to the fairy ring! If I would have been attacked by a Ghast I would have totally died. :o I came back with armour and food and of course pwnt him easily, not even needing to eat. I then realized I could have used my dueling ring to tele away... Oh well, I didn't die! I would have been pissed if I lost my defender.... or my flippers.....

Anyways I got the clue all done, but not before getting a very scrambled slidey puzzle which I had a lot of trouble with, and my dad standing behind me making fun of me! :-( I got a pretty good reward- rune pick, bolts, etc. I got my new slayer task among the clue too and got gargs again! I decided to binge my task and do the 157 all at once. It pushed me past midnight but what do I care- it's summer!

As I was telling some of my friends about my d boot adventure I got a large, red drop and gasped! I haven't gotten this since my first garg task! :D :D

Woot! A mystic top!!! Oh how wonderful!! :D I'm getting rich through slayer!

Before I go I found a clip of a guy with 99 Agility in real life :o

Pretty neat, eh? I found it from this site that I love to visit.

I almost finished my task but tiredness got the best of me so I'll leave the rest for tomorry when I can see straight! :P Good night!

Until next time...

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