Sunday, May 23, 2010


Hahahaha! Hahaha! Heeeheeeeheeehehehehehe!!! Lol lol lol lol roflrofl :D:D:D:D!!!

z0mg top hat!! And guth pg 3 and sweets and mage long off clue this morning!!


Someone joked I'd get a robin or 3a, I said I'd love a robin cuz I have one... I got one of my favorite items! Cute attack!!!

Heeheeheehee :D :D Cuteness overload hehehehehe!!!

I bought one a month ago so I sold this one to Vandyballer for 57 toadflax :D

Woot!! OK, time for real words... :P I had some wildy coords and got the west Ardy map twice! I felt dumb because I pwnt the zammy wiz back behind the temple way by that beacon off of trollheim and then ran all the way to bh... to discover I forgot to dig up the casket! Whoops... The clue ended in Ardy where I opened the casket and then laughed for like 5 minutes. I love the top hat and I got one! Woooot! near 400k clue!! I was so pleased... and so giddy! :P

Today was an exciting day! After that and some farm runs finally getting the stones, and some chopping of the ivy, I did some ZMI with Vandy. After hearing an excellent piece of advice from Kayla I made like 20 things out of bronze and shoved them into my bank, therefore making it full so that when I dumped my full inventory of runes my pouches, astrals, and laws stayed snugly in my inventory. It's a great tip and it made ZMI-ing go so smoothly! I got some great shots of us down there on the ZMI world (70). So... many..... abyssal walkers....

A nice panoramic shot of us as we approach the altar...

Notice we both have our top hats on! :P

I got a good amount of xp and got up to 1k laws (from 800 not from 0 lol)! Woot! I got done about 1k ess before I went to do something else. When I teled to the cabbage patch afterwards I spotted another fully green guy named Greenronon. He made me so happy! I asked him for a pic! :P

I then lit fires for about an hour..... and got the stones! I saw an evil tree out so I teled and hoped it would be a mage and it was! Woot! I later did another tree that was a yew! Free like... 15k fm xp! I'm nearing 100k till 85... Woohoo! Back when I took the pic of Greenronon there was another funny unrelated thing in the background. In this case it was Kajosie firemaking!

This picture is gonna be my new logo for firemaking. It's awesome!

My day ended with me getting finders on a size 5 elfie star:

My top hat is lucky! :P It was me, Fred Lay, SuperYeah136 (pictured), Pheonix, and Tsi Lab Reh there.

The day was made much better with some great gems that I caught today, such as:

Poor Kayla's face is getting pwned by the gnomey signpost. But she got her agile legs!!!

Another example of the comedic genius who is Levi... :P

...and there he goes again!!

Oi goodness it's almost 1am and I haven't even logged off RS! I'm gonna be so tired tomorrow morning but maybe not. :P Merchy logged in just now so who knows when I'll go to bed now... :P Good night!

Until next time...

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  1. i had no idea you screenied my face pwning ;_;