Thursday, May 27, 2010

Some Slayer

Today, with my statue week 9 being done 3 days early, I set off to get some slayer done! I slept in late, piddled around, and wrote my history essay before logging in and doing my suqah task. I was worried because I had 6 monkfish and 30 titan scrolls but I got it done just fine.
I isolated one near the entrance to the moonie city and things were going well. Then this jerk noob with d claws comes prancing up and specs it to death before prancing off. He did this about 6 more times. Now, I could either get really pissed off and say something that I shouldn't, or I could laugh about it and make it into something funny. Obviously I chose the latter and every time he did it I'd mutter something like "Really?" or "Seriously, GTFO." Finally, on my last suqah, when he did it again I shouted "I love you!" I don't know if he even heard me but every time I think about it I laugh. :P

My next task was dags. Woot! I teled there but got a little sidetracked at barb agil... :P

I feel really heavy, clumsy, and awkward running an agility course in full bandos... :o

I made it there and had the whole place to myself. I was dreading any more idiot noobs who are notorious for stealing kills here but there were none.

I left to bank and get food and of course in the TWO minutes that I was gone a cannoner had set up shop. It wasn't a big deal so I started killing some dags around the edges but the cannoner would go out of his way to kill the one I was killing. Well ok then, I just went to the outer edge and killed a small group. After a while I had worked my way down again and a guy showed up and started killing from my dag pile and asked that golden question that I always hear: "Why are you using a dh axe?"

I told him what I tell everyone who asks this. I laughed and told him it was not Dharok's axe but rather the Balmung. He'd never heard of it so I explained. The cannoner left by this point and the two of us chatted and killed side by side. He had an untrimmed str cape and I was in my defence cape. He told me he was training defence and I said I was training attack. I found it funny when he asked my att and str levels and he was like "Where does your combat level come from!!?" Hehe, it's always been from defence and summoning! :P We added each other and he left to get a new task. He then asked me for some advice on his metal dragon task. I told him that I mage them so he set off to do it. After a while I told him about Canting and he went in and fit right in! :D Funny how that works! So, welcome to Canting Ruined Skaip! :-)

After dags I had a task to get excited about- black dragons! Woot! And 73! I threw a ranged outfit together and took my favorite Imp-in-a-Boxes with me and managed to get it all done in just 3 runs. A tip that Pperrizo of Viks clan told me once is that if you have black dragons bring like 24 imp boxes and a birdo pouch. Each imp banks a bone and hide for you and after all those are gone and your inventory is full THEN you bring out a beast of burden and fill that up! Genius tip and I love it! Now I'm out of imp boxes though... Looks like I have a playdate in Yanille!

BTW I have a little clip of me killing a dragon. I go to the evil chicken lair and although I prefer the spot way in the back the front spot was open so I just hung out there and killed the purple dragon.

After that I got junglywyyrms! I excitedly went to the jungle and pwned them all up. I got a lot of good loot and between them and the dags I have uber loads of great seeds! I even got a torstol from dags, as well as a snap! :D Finally that task was done and I now have terror dogs but those will have to wait until tomorrow. :o

I leave you with some funny pictures from today:

First a quickie, just for Peeky!

Next a funny one by Aqua while I was at dags. :P

Finally me and Vandyyy both managed to typo on the same word! :o

I stayed up well past midnight and Canting was pretty quiet so me and Vandy went to Rs Outreach and enjoyed the energy there until we both dropped from tiredness. :P It was a fun day and I've gotten almost 500k xp in Attack, HP, and slayer. :D

Oh before I forget here is a bonus video of me glitching in my house. Merchy was trying to figure out what to do with her house and dungeon and I told her she could check out my house for ideas. When she entered I followed her but somehow glitched and ended up walking backwards! :o

Good night all!

Until next time...

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