Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Penguins and Arandar and Agility, Oh My!!!

Since my morning class didn't meet today I slept in and then went right to do my weekly penguin-hunting. I went with my friend Merxese and then my dad joined us after a penguin. It went all right until the Shantay Pass peng which I couldn't find and was running in circles... Finally I found it in the one place I didn't look... >.<
After we got most of them, it was time for the elf penguins in the two most annoying locations- elf Camp and Limestone. I finally got the elf camp one without much drama but the limestone peng... took me... an hour... I thought "Oh I'll be smart and go through Arandar!" Wrong! For some annoying reason, even though the limestone mine is RIGHT THERE, you can't get there from Arandar. I ran back and forth and ended up at the entrance to the underground pass and more. Ugh. I had no food because I gave it away/ate it and had 20 hp. FINALLY, I made my way back to where I had originally started and got it. Ugh.

In lighter news, I saw Merch Gwyar there. ROFL! We seem to always run into each other now. After I got the peng and was nearly eaten by a Dire Wolf I made my way to the Ardy Zoo where I cashed in my hard-earned penguins. 16 points again :-)Yay! I was 49k till and that bumped me to 15k till. Ugh... Never have I been more excited to return to the simplicity and predictableness of agility! After about 20 minutes:

Oh my goodness... Did I not just have 72? :-D

Hey speaking of penguins....
Is this not the cutest thing you've ever seen in your life??!?!?! The first time I saw the polar bear I about died from the cuteness. LOL! Also while me and my dad were wandering around in the desert trying to find the penguins I snapped this amusing shot.

Augh!!! His terrorbird is gonna eat me!!!! LOL! (I was saying "Look. Your bird is eating me")

In other news, after getting 83 Agility I decided to go cut some trees because I had 10k till 78 Woodcutting. After a "long time" and many oaks and yews later, this popped up:
Total level 1872 o.O It'll be 1900 before I know it! :-D

Until next time...

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My Two Capes

At this time, I have two capes. This is their story.

I started playing really seriously in about December of 2008. Yeah I played a lot before that but I kind of did my own thing and never really trained anything. In fact it wasn't until the Grand Exchange that I really got serious about training and, more importantly, looking pretty :-)

I make a lot of lists. I also doodle a lot. It's the only way I can stay focused in class. Looking back on old notebooks, I did a ton of math for leveling up skills, planning my house, and, most important of all, quests I needed to do.

Ah, quests! Back in the day, I did quests as I felt like it- which was never. I only quested on those days when I wanted to play but nothing looked fun at the time. I'd get into questing moods and go do a quest or two. There were so many impossibly hard quests I had to do, and wrote them in several lists. I remember clearly the day questing changed for me.

It was back when I was trying to get Karamja Gloves 3. One of the requirements is to get a task from Duradel, for which you need 100 combat. Therefore I was trying to get all my melee stats to 75 as quick as possible. One of the most important quests that gave a ton of melee experience was Monkey Madness- one which had been sitting 1/4-finished for about two years. I refused to do it because it was "really hard and the chance of death was certain." Finally, one day, I'd had enough. My own dad did it at like 70 combat and had no trouble so one day at school I sat him down next to me, turned on my compy, and proceeded to charge through it. He was there for my moral support... LOL!

As I started doing it, I realized that, in fact, it was very easy. After all, I was nearly 100 combat! I packed up and went home, having it about half done, and finished it all on my own. I was so happy! So happy in fact that I immediately turned around and did the monkey subquest of Recipe for Disaster. Wow, one of the biggest blocks done!

I did a few more quests here and there, and spent some time getting levels for quests I wanted to do (*cough* rocking out *cough*). One day, not too far into the year, I got 72 Woodcutting. This might not seem like a big deal but I quickly realized that, except for mage, I had all the levels I needed for every quest. A friend and I did Back to my Roots together and I was off. Questing with a friend was sooooo fun!!! I quickly went on a questing rampage and it wasn't long before I only had about 20 quests left. It was around this time that I had a dream that I got my first skillcape- Defence.

So from early May, I was off in a flurry of Slayer and quests. The more I quested, the more I loved it. I began to appreciate the storylines and enjoyed about every quest I did. I was doing a good 2 quests or so a day. The most quests I did in one day was 5 of 6- that took care of all the post-WGS quests and the remaining "easy" quests. Pretty soon, I had 10 quests left- Contact, Scabaras, Desert Treasure, MEP2, Spirit of Summer, Summer's End, Recipe For Disaster (final battle), Hunt for Surok, Kennith's Concerns (don't even start me on how frustrating it was!!!),...and While Guthix Sleeps. I gave myself a week. I did it.

Finally, after so long, and after seeing so many questcapes and thinking "wow!! that person is awesome!!!" I was doing the grandmaster. It was long. It took me about 8 hours to do it all. I started immediately after I finished Summer's End, did an hour, went to bed, and then did the rest. I won't give it away in case people haven't done it yet, but I will say I cried and cried during that one sad part. Oh man it was like a movie. Finally it was time for the final battle. I nearly died on the first monster- ring of life saved me. I can't switch prayers to save my life! I'd do terribly at Jad... I came back and he was dead. The next boss was easy- I was basically invincible!Of course, you don't get a super-uber-ownage boost every day so I took a picture. You can see my mage level was only 73 (I didn't mage ONCE in the quest other than the lunar spells) and that my Defence was already 90! (wow I didn't realize it was that high when I did WGS!)

Finally it was over. It was in the evening, and I quickly went to finish the quest. With shaking hands, I quickly selected Summoning for all 4 of the 100k XP bites. The quest was over. The cool music played and after many fireworks, I found that I had gone from 68 to 73 Summoning. Yay!! Hello Guthix Raptor and Ex-Ex-Parrot!!!! I was so happy and was so proud I could explode. My smile was HUGE!! I ran as quickly as I could to Draynor where I got my cape. I put it on and didn't recognize myself. I, of course, had an outfit picked out so I put it on and proceeded to stare at myself for about half an hour. I was in awe. The date was Friday, 26 June, 2009 :-D
That night, the music from the quest cape emote played in my head over and over again. I about cried with joy. No- I did! I couldn't believe I did it! I got upgraded from Girl in Green to Quest Sister :-)

Right after that, I worked hard to get the levels I needed for all the achievement diaries. I heard somewhere that with the finished set the questcape would trim. Only a couple weeks later and I got them all! Yay!!

OK so with that out of the way, I had the rest of the summer to work on Defence. I didn't nolife it so it took a little longer than if I'd done it nonstop. With every level I got more and more excited. If anyone's wondering how I did it, it was 7 parts Slayer, 2 parts Zombies, and 1 part Soulwars. I raised my Slayer level from somewhere in the 50's to 79 with 99 Defence. The weapon? An abyssal whip. I achieved this amazing milestone in my kitchen, my dad on his laptop at my side, on Saturday, 12 September, 2009. How did I react? "*very high pitched voice* Ooooo look!! Eeeeeee!! Oh my gosh I got 99!!!"

I won't give you all the details; I summed them up nicely in my 99 Defence Video :-)

By the way, here's what my stats were right afterward:
And yes, to celebrate my 99 Defence, I made a blue cake with white trim. I am that nerdy.

The bottom says "Gratz Full Of Pie!!!! 99Def!!!!!!" It was quite yummy :-)

Until next time...

Monday, September 28, 2009

Full Steam Ahead

The day started with this:
I'm so happy! Mostly because I can put the pies away for now and use the much cheaper agil pots to raise me +3 to 85. So, I spirit tree'd on over to the GE where I withdrew 3,000 coal to sell and get the money for some pots. I ended up gattin a nice 600k so I put in an offer for max price on 300 agility pots. They didn't buy. Huh?? Agil pots are one of the most unwanted things in all of Runescape!! So, I took that out and set it to 3-dose instead of 4-dose. Still nothing. o.O I even went as far as putting in an offer for 300 Summer Pies. Those didn't sell either! At max!! Augh!!!

I headed back to the gnome course because I still have 73 Summer Pies and they'll buy soon enough. As I went there 36 of the agil pots went through so I've been using those. It's kind of annoying that once more I need a swig for every lap but I need to save my pies for the Barbarian Extended Course!! If I continue this amazing level-a-day or so I'll have 85 by the end of the week, maybe more!!

After a couple laps though I was getting antsy about my pies and agil pots selling so I killed time at Pest Control. I am like.... inches away from 89 HP and I felt like getting some ranks in Defence and, of course, showing off my Defence cape. LOL! Unfortunately, that was what my computer felt like the perfect time for a virus scan was. I did Pest Control with about a 3 second lag. In my own words, I was "lagging something awful."

While there, I noticed that I was getting hit much harder than usual. I figured it was because my Veracs was at 25 but then again I don't think the bonus changes until it degrades. I nearly forgot to turn auto-retaliate off and remembered Merch Gwyar's words about not killing brawlers. I'd never tried it before... I always killed them to get that 50 damage I needed and then killed spinners and portals. Of course as soon as I told people not to I got called a noob, jerk, whatever. Ugh. I'm reminded why I always played with my public off.

After stumbling through a few games, with my super laggy computer, I saw someone I recognized. Quest cape, teal sleeves, it couldn't be, could it? It was!! :-D Hehe I got to play some games with Merch Gwyar :-) She was there in near full void getting her ranging up so we killed alongside one another until I gave up because of the lag. Hehe we're so alike- we both run to the blue portal first.

I left, hopped worlds, turned in my 32 zeal and got down to about 23k till 89 hp. By then my summer pies finally bought and I was back at agility. Shortly after that, the internet at school quit working… Good thing I notice things like that and copied this into a word document! LOL!

OK now I'm back. Time to really hit the course hard! This is fun!!! (who woulda thunk it... agility, fun???)

Until next time...

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Hello, Legs!!!

Dear Legs,

After nomming approximately 188 pies made of nothing but watermelon, strawberry, and apples, and after getting my arm about twisted off whenever I wasn't careful enough,
actually still getting my arm twisted around, I have completed your challenge. I got a complete level in one day and about half of the next level, totaling over 200k XP to get to this point!
Legs, you are no longer just some cool thing I hoped to someday earn. That day has come and is here! The challenge is under my list of accomplishments.
Oh legs, you look so good on me! You certainly help me show lots of... leg! Plus, I have lost a ton of weight now! You make me look dang good! Since you came, I've had to keep the tradition of color coordinating so I had to swap my blue stripy pirate shirt for a black dhide body and the Defence cape for my Quest cape, you know, to keep things fresh. I hope you don't mind.
Now, let's go run some amazing agility together and get that friend, the agile top, very soon! Most kind welcome to my pixels!!

Full Of Pie

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Agility BEAST!!!

Well guys...


I spent all day (and I literally mean it when I say all day) at the gnome course. By now I'm in the 200k range until the next level. Last night when I got 80 I spent maybe 30 minutes or so there at the course, amused every time I fly through the air. I looked at my xp till and it was a little less than 200k. By the time I got on today it was down to 150k, then 100k, then 75k, then 30k, 10k, 4k!! Holy cow the xp is fast!! I love that even if I fail that ninja sign I still get the xp. At around 750 xp a lap, plus its shortness, it's awesome!!

To prove I don't do agility nonstop, just mostly, I took time time to do two stars and a tree today. My clan is big on those things. The first star happened to fall in Gnome so I didn't have to go far. Then after that a friend had just gotten 80 Agility himself so I gave him a couple of my pies and showed him the course. After a couple hours and dinner later, I went to another star that fell at Uzer. After that it was back to agility and with 6k xp to go, a friend said he "got rooted" in the stronghold so I grabbed a rune axe, machete, and tinderbox and went off in search of it. I found it as a young sapling and began nurturing away. It turned out to be a mage. Yay!!
I ended up getting both a clue scroll and a seednest as a reward. I also got 18 minutes of "Lep Magic" which I have vowed to forever use on oak logs so that when I get around go getting 86 magic I can turn them into planks and get the 99 Con I've always wanted. Ugh. Off I went cutting oaks. After a while I got a nest. Yay, seed! Then I got nothing for a long while and in the last 5 minutes of the magic I got 2 more. I burned some oaks in my inventory and looted them all. Willow from the tree, apple, banana, and palm. I'm excited for the willow since I harvest branches for summoning and I'm double excited for the palm since those are spendy seeds so I get a freebie! That brings my crushed nest total to 645. Yay!

Then I was back at the gnome course but was getting more tired by the minute. Finally, I got it. A big, shiny, 81 Agility. I have been upgraded to Agility Beast or maybe something even more hardcore!

I am extremely excited about this one because... I can now do every shortcut in the game!!!! My slayer task is Aquanites and I'm thinking of maybe killing a load worth just so I can use the shortcut. LOL! I know that the Arandar shortcut is 85 but I have over 70 teleport crystals so it's unlikely I'd use the elven overpass anytime soon. Plus that shortcut takes the place of what 6 steps? I can use an agility pot on it anyway, if I ever decide that I must take Arandar. Maybe it'll come in handy for a penguin, but probably not.

This epic lvlage brought my total level to a whopping 1869. Way to go me! Up on tomorrow's menu, Agile Legs! I was going to get them tonight but I had over 60 more perfect laps to go and I was fading fast. It can wait. I wonder how good those legs look with flippers...

Until next time, this is The Agility Beast >:-D

Sounds of Scaping

Most people from the clan I'm in know this already, but I play with the sound ON. Always have, always will. Someone put a ton of time and effort into the sounds and music of this game and being a composition major who notices every detail I appreciate every chirp, note, and step.

With a new-ish update songs are no longer confined to a small area but all songs of a particular area and genre play. I guess this stops the same song playing over and over while some songs are never played again...

Being a Questbeast or Quest Sister, I have most of the musics unlocked. In fact, I only have 10 at this time that remain locked up in red. All of them are from minigames. Despite this, I have heard every (other) song and definitely have my favorites. While doing certain things, sometimes, I like to have a different music playing and loop it. Here are a few examples:

When running agility in Brimhaven, the default song is "Aztec," whereas I will 99% of the time change it to "Pharaoh's Tomb," which is the song from the agility pyramid, because I think it fits well. Also, whenever I am fighting Dust Devils, I must must MUST listen to my absolute favorite song in all of RS (which coincidentally started playing as I started writing this post, as I am mining a star in Uzer.). That song is unlocked probably during Spirits of the Elid and it is called "Back To Life." I don't know what it is, but this is my favorite song in RS without question. Listen to it, or don't, I don't care but I love it.

In addition, sometimes combat music gets old... You know, all those dungeon and attack songs... If I am in a mood to be "epic'd out" I will put on Armageddon or Armadyl Alliance from the GWD. Both are very energetic. Another of my favorites that I'll loop forever is Fe Fi Fo Fum from Grim Tales quest and yet another is Eruption from the wildy volcano. Ah these are great songs to listen to while killing stuff, and believe me, I did a lot of killing! 99 Defence for the win! Also, this just wouldn't be a post if I didn't mention that "Tune From the Dune" is another favorite and a must for killing scabarites. And of course, "Sound of Guthix" is for runecrafting and summoning.

If I'm just in the mood for something I'll loop that forever and ever... Some good songs for random times are Easter Jig from the Easter events, Landlubber, and Trouble Brewing. Haha, notice a slight pirate tendency? I love most of the pirate songs.

In addition to the music, I love certain sounds. For whatever reason, Earth Wave is my favorite of all. I'm known to play Stealing Creation just to cast that silly spell. There's just something about "*pop!* *keeeeyow!!*" that makes me smile. I also like the sounds of the little fire strike, any other earth spell, and of course water wave (*sploosh!*). Another sound I love, for whatever reason, is the sound of someone ice barraging like 10 things at once. It reminds me of lots of power and mass magic lvlage and I love it. Haha. One of my favorite sounds to hear is the sound of a shooting star falling next to me. That sound is very, very good.

Sorry I sort of rambled on but there you go. I'm quite odd...

P.S. the sound of jumping down the last pipe on the gnome extended course is the same sound as the star falling. Everytime it catches me by surprise and I think I've gotten finders. LOL

Friday, September 25, 2009

I Did It!!!

It took a total of 2 and a half weeks but I did it!!!!! I actually got 80 Agility!!!!!After a mind-numbing 150k xp worth of laps on the ape atoll course today I have it!!! After a quick size-9 star in Lum I was off to put my 300 summer pies to good use and take the Gnome Extended Course for a spin!

Let me say that after just a few laps I am very impressed in this course! It's great! Quick, fun, and a lot of xp for very little time. This sure beats Apeland! Currently I have to eat a pie every lap but soon I'll be high enough agility that I'll eat for every two laps then three then eventually I can put the pies away and save them for Barbarian Extended :-D

I absolutely love flying through the air. I was so excited that first time and couldn't help but make sound effects (insert high pitched "wheeeeeeee!!!" here). This course will never get old, and if it does, I can always fall back to good ol' Brim.

And, as always, Flippers are a necessity :-D

In other news, WOOT WOOT I WAS MENTIONED ON THE RUNESCAPE READER TODAY!!!!!! Can I get a huuuuuuge smiley face?? :-D

Here's cheers to more agility. I worked my pixels off to get 8 Agility levels in a few weeks and I am totally satisfied with this course. Look out, Runescape, 99 Agility is coming to a pie near you!!!

Until next time, this is Full Of Pie, bearer of a shiny new 80 Agility :-)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Then and Now

LOL I was looking through my photo archives and found this gem! I remember making this!! I guess you could say I've come full circle...

My my how things change!! Look at those graphics! I can't believe I played in that! I like how I documented the date though... It puts things into perspective. One thing I love though is that I still carry a satchel around! Hahaha!!

Today I logged on, got impatient, turned in 400 agility tikkitz, got 79 agility, and went to the pyramid course for something new. I'll have 80 before even I know it! :-D For now, enjoy comparing graphics and my sense of style. LOL

Until next time...

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Conversations- The Best of the Best

Because of the pics and transcriptions this is a long post.

I take a lot of pics, and I'd say more than half are screenies of conversations. Here are some of my favorite:

Me getting the jail randomMe: Omg i got arrested for spreading compost on my poison ivy patch
SNW: Haha Criminal!
Me: Lol it's a crime... should be super compost lol Free 860 craft xp Woot!

This one is in 2 pictures. I was making Barker Toads hence asking for "free" toads jokingly.

Me: Does anyone have a huge stockpile of toads?
Kitty: Lol pie... that would have to make my quote list!!
Kitty: I'm picturing like an oil drum of toads... All croaking together...
Me: Lol my cat is sniffing my burrito box
Kitty (pm): Ok, you made the boys giggle with "burrito box"
(the burrito box refers to my leftover burrito from dinner which was in a little cardboard tray.)

Kitty had previously asked if bugs were bigger millions of years ago which led to this:
Kitty: Well i just noticed some big daddy long legs. I wonder if there were some super-daddy long legs in the past.

I found this amusing god book parody one day in Edgeville
Guy 1: I unify thee in the name of Guthix.
Guy 2: May Guthix bring me a 12 pack and a pizza.

For some reason I think my friend's black goatee peeking from a ghostly hood is adorable. I once replied "I saw your cute little bearded face peeking from that ghostly hood..." He was using bronze knves in Soulwars. I love to remind him of this.
Me: Quest brother peeky face knife man with a hood!!!!!!!!!

This one is two parts... No explanation needed, just... LOL!!

Merx: There is no "i" in team but there is "i" in "meat pie"
Vik (much later): Meat Is Taem Spelled Backwards

We have a running pez joke in our chat, and Manly died somewhere and needed his grave blessed.
Manly: U wanted vik to pezz on my grave.
Kitty: I'm actually lol'in
Me: Lol
Kiwi: Me too i'm cryin
Me: You took a pez on his grave???!?!?!
Kiwi: It's ok hector it was done by a pezbian
Vik: Yeah... I Had A Candy On Hector
Me: Lol vik!!!!!!!!!!!

Sometimes people are desperate... I saw this gem at pest control.
Man 1: Buying rope it's important. Buying rope please hurry it's important.
Man 2: 15k
Man 1: ... Not that important

I love doing this!

Ed recounts how Summer's End went...
SNW: I did get owned 20 or more times. And the grave part was so confusing to me.
Chiq: I just ran around blessing till it died lol
SNW: I tried that but it kept telling me it took some of my power. So I was getting drained and smacked with his magic spittle.

Another gem brought to you by Ed
Merx: I have 4mill... What should i do with it?
SNW: Drop it and admire the huge pile for 5 minutes.
Merx: Lol what do I do when it disappears?
Manly: Cry
SNW: Remember what a big pile it was. And probably hunt me down.
Merx: Genius sir

Two of us said the same phrase!
Cat: Ok questers- what's the funnest quest ever
Me: Tail of Two Cats- hands down
Skillz- My arms big adventure hands down
Me: Lol wow we said the same phrase

My definition for almost all Slayer monsters. Genius.
Me: Lol gargs are like magic Kinder-Eggs. You break them open and there's goodies inside!

Kitty was using her new thieving level to pick Heroes. Then this gem was unearthed.
Kitty: Lol hero had some wine in his pocket
Cat: That's my kind of hero
Kitty: Now I know what fuels his courage

Ed is quite graphic with his animations at times... LOL!!
SNW: Apparently evil tree near edge. Roots just gave me a prostate exam.

Vik found what became an Elder Evil Tree and coined this phrase.
Vik: Lol... I Cant Cut It... I Just Nurtured It To Evil Status. Stumbled Upon It On Way To Iron Drags.
Kitty: I love the phrase "nurtured to evil status." Sounds like childrearing.

Ed knows when to be sarcastic :)
Me: OMG guys do you know what time it is???
SNW: 5:20
Me: Agility time!!!!!!!!!!! :-[)
SNW: I broke my clock last time it said that

I love to pretend I get a visage or other rare items to freak people out.
Me: Draconic vambraces!!!!!!!!!
Bigbigsniper: Really?!?!? Lier
Me: Yup and i alched them lol. Red dhide vambs.
Bigbigsniper: Draconic vambraces <.< style="text-align: center;">Ed says funny things!
SNW: I have so much crap didly ap

Merx was asking us what age he should allow his kitten to go outside. We asked him what was in the forest around his house.
Merx: I have bobcats, pitbulls, rotweillers, bears, crackheads, and eagles.

I say funny stuff a lot...
Me: Oi goodness this task is ka-boring (moments later) Woot woot another snap!! I think RS is compensating me for my crafting expenditures.

I asked what the chat thought of the word "Cantus Firmus" It's a musical term for the original chant melody when adding harmony. Counterpoint stuff.
Soady: ...or a wizards spell. Or turn a zombie into a muffin.

Someone came back into the clan chat after a long break, sponsoring this gem.
J'ninja: Been kickin but and takin names?
SNW: You can say butt now.

I said something really funny once...
Me: Lol when i bend over my butt shows through my cape.
SNW: Oo magical cape
Skillz: ... Wow. That had to have been the best phrased sentence I've heard... in my life.

Vik has incredible luck at Spirit Mages. Nuff said.
Vik: I'm The Bootie Specialists... Lol

Ed's new favorite words are "smurf" and "nerf."
Merx: Everyine in the Vikingfan64 chat say wazzup!!
Manly: Wazzup!
SNW: Str8 up representin heroes guild
Merx: We warrior guild ganna beat u heroes guild down to champions!! Lol
SNW: Back the smurf up before u get nerfed the smurf up
Merx: I'm sorry....

99 on my mind...
Me: I'm gonna get 99 99 99 99 99 99 99 99 99 99 99 farming. Gonna shoot for decembz0r.
SNW: That's a lot of 99s.
Me: Yup lol I got 99 happy

and last but not least... an innocent noob thing...
Guy 1: Srs> I'm 92 and I've only done 7,195,628
Guy: I thought is 1mil to 99 cooking...

Thanks guys! Until next time...