Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas 2011

Better late than never! That wand is awesome!

I'm still lagging worse than a virus-bitten desktop in my dorm room (yeah, that happened... 4 years ago... oops :s) so what should have taken about 20 minutes took an hour but I enjoyed the quest!
That wand is really cool! A keeper for sure! The emote is awesome too! No pet snake for me since I haven't had mems in quite a while but oh well.

The dinner looked awesome! A little late for Christmas but hey, it can be a New Years Eve dinner!

Since I really have nothing else to say, here are some old RS fan art drawings I've done and scanned:

Outfit ideas for my Crafting Cape. This one actually worked in pieces!

An outfit idea for the Construction cape I still don't have. :P

Third age robe top!!!!!!!!!@1

Happy 2012 everyone!

Until next time...

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

As Molly Sleeps Dormant

Hi peeps! I ran out of Mems and really don't have time to get it back so I'm going dormant for a while. I really haven't felt like playing recently, and for two reasons:

1. My computer can't handle the changes they did and now it lags worse than a virus-ridden noob machine.

2. Most of the reason I still played for the last year was entirely for the social aspect. Most of the people I talk to either quit or stopped going on so I got bored really easily.

I might play again or I might not. I dunno. I'll probably pop into the lobby still, like a Newb!

Until next time...

Monday, November 14, 2011

A Dead Post

RS is being unplayably laggy for me at the mo, like it does every so often. That's why I've been mostly absent the past 2 months. I could fix it, but I'm busy with real life and don't feel like it right now. However, I'll probably get it working next week since I get the whole week off. Until then, it's lots and lots of concerts all up till the middle of December. Toodles!

Until next time...

Monday, October 31, 2011

A Halloween Vid

I put together this video of me making my Moonclan robes with witty subtitles. Enjoy!

Happy Halloween!

Until next time...

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Cosplayer Molly

This year our orchestra director is letting us wear costumes for our concert (the day before Halloween) and since I can only wear something that won't cover my face or hands, since I need to be able to actually play my instrument, I decided to fulfill a dream I've had for a while and make a real life Runescape outfit.

Over the past 2 months or so I've been slowly getting items that I would need and in random free time that I haven't filled with RS or writing I've been cutting, hand-stitching, and basically crafting together a custom outfit based off of one of my more recent choices of attire (the rambler hiking moonclan one).

I got super lucky because the only thing I had to buy were 4 t-shirts (which were on a huge sale!). Everything else I found in my house. Because of infinite good luck, my sister got a penguin costume last year that came with, you guessed it, big yellow flippers! I spent quite a bit of time on the shirt but once that was done the skirt went together in like 30 minutes total- no sewing at all! So, for your viewing pleasure, here are some pics of my Cosplay outfit which includes the moonclan top and bottom, a Witchwood Icon, a backpack, and flippers!

Pics, because it totally happened!

The finished outfit! My dad told me to grab the watering can for added effect. :P

Standing the way RS peeps stand, with a teeny inset pic of what my outfit was based off of.

My favorite, of course! Me playing my oboe with an inset pic of Molly Musica doing the same.

I'll be wearing this tomorrow night, with my hair in 4 ponytails just like it is in RS! :D
(and minus green skin lol)

Until next time...

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Call me Molly Lochgren!

Today I got on to kill some random time that I had and caught this funny about PJing rusher cats:

The first frame was funny enough but then it just kept going! XD

My dad was nerd enough to actually go to Gamestop and get two membership cards so that we could get green skin. I laughed then entered the code. I now have the permanent ability to have green skin. It looks awesome!! This did not disappoint and it looks great with my current choice of attire!

Me showing off to Daantje who got 88 Herblore shortly after (gratz!!)

Playing my oboe (snake charmer) for him and whoever else would listen... :P

Then I was off to show my dad my green skin. I didn't know he got one for himself too! XD

Hawt ginger greenies we be!

Adorable top hat!

So yeah, now you can call me Molly Lochgren (greenheart)! Good night peeps!

Until next time...

Saturday, October 22, 2011


Got on a bit today and piddled around. The biggest chunk of time was taken up mining a star on Crandor with ALovelyGumby and some of his friends and my cousin. I also swept my kingdom and restocked on everything, getting loads of nests and seeds and stuff. Out of over 40 seednests all I got that I saved was 1 palm and 1 papayaya. Frownyface. Also, thanks to my cousin, I remembered to get my Wicked Hood.


I have no omni tally, just a tiara, so my new goal is to get all of the tallies and make this silly hat eat them all. I was also pleased to notice that the colors of this hood match my DeathCon II shirt. Thankfully I had 4 death tallies in the bank from my task as well as some other random ones so I'm doing well there. Not sure if I'm gonna buy the rest or go kill what drops them. It'll give me something interesting to do...

In other news I went to an orchestra concert tonight and it was really good! The best this particular group has ever played that I've heard! So glad me and my dad decided to go at the last minute. Anyways, I'm off again.

Until next time...

Monday, October 17, 2011

Mollyween 2011!

Today brought with it the Halloween event! Even though I was sure it would be swamped, crowded, and laggy, it wasn't! There were no noobs standing around whining and everything was for the most part actually easy to find for once. I LOVED this year's event! It's definitely right up there with last year's. It was fairly simple and the puzzles were just enough of a challenge to be fun but not a chore. I do miss the werewolves though :P They were so cool! And one's name was Moira! The rewards were really awesome as well and I made an outfit around the T-shirt.

Here's a collection of pics I took from the event:

Can someone say siggy? Perfect phrase!

Cool logo for DeathConII!

I was highly amused by the addition of Cosplayers XD

Me after I finished the dance floor, busting a sweet move :D

I took Eek upon suggestion from the official news and she didn't disappoint!

I got me a super sexy Tshirt, a new shield item to play with, and a SWEET emote!

I looked in my bank and managed to put together a good outfit centered around the DCII shirt that didn't involve me buying anything! Also, the backpack is a reference to Molly Riedlore, who my name is based off of, as she is known for having a "survival kit" with literally everything anyone could possibly ever need and want. The full outfit list is sunglasses (double eyepatch), DCII shirt, Armadyl Pendant (soo hard to find a necklace that didn't cover the logo!), agile legs, flippers, clapclaps (K3gloves), rambler bakpak, broom, and tome of frost.

I leave you with a funny from the other day. Wolf Searune has changed his name to Origin Wind and was talking to There, leading to this:

I distract everyone with bacon! Mmmmm! Also, I'm at dark beasts in this pic for the first time hehe! First and last drop was a RFH. :-)

Good night all!

Until next time...

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Molly Returns!

So, it's been like a month since I've done a proper post and then main reason for that is... I haven't played! I've been busy with real life and have been doing other stuff like practicing my new oboe, writing more of my story, hanging out with my boyfriend, and doing music stuff.

With the day however came a new name change! I polled everyone to see their opinion but went with what I had originally chosen. You may now call me Molly Musica. :-)

Paint messed it up but I have a title! Guess which one until I tell you down the page. :P

Sooo.... in the past month or so, in no particular order, I have:

  • Bought the Lionheart title
  • Bought Surrender, ROFL, and some other emote I forgot
  • Bought the Saxon outfit with my leftover points
  • Discovered this glitch when running with a saxon headpiece on:

  • Bought back the black unicorn mask I sold for 10m so long ago. However, this time I only paid about 70k for it.
  • Changed my name to Airi Hieldin in honor of, well, Airi Hieldin Sorela!
  • Changed my name to Molly Musica (All possible names of Molly [whatever] were open!)
  • Did lots of Herblore thanks to my kingdom.
  • Did some dunjuns with Arcty and had a blast!
  • Disappeared off the face of Gielinor :P
I'm still around! One day when I have time I'll be back on with more stories to tell!

Until next time...

Friday, September 30, 2011

End of September Hiscores 2011

Wellll another month has come and gone and I haven't played much at all, hence the lack of posts. I've basically only gotten on to do a farm run before going off to play Dr. Mario. I thought I'd pop in to share my hiscores again.

Wow... 2244... I feel like such a high level!! Look at that 98 hp! I'll get that in like a year... lol

If you haven't noticed I have a poll on the sidebar of what you think my next name should be. Check it out and vote! For the two that voted, I reset it with fewer options. Just curious to see who likes my name and stuff.

Also, another bonus vid! Hehehe!

I'll be on whenever I feel like getting on again!

Until next time...

Thursday, September 22, 2011

From the Notebook

I finally got around to scanning a bunch of drawings I made and found this one I did over the summer of my current rambler's outfit. Not bad, eh?

If you've missed me on RS it's because I haven't played in the past few days. When I have time I'll hop on and create more funnies from the text. :P

Until next time...

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Of Quintets and Numbers

Not much happened today. Mainly, I geared up, took my fancy new toys (KO aura, enhanced x4 Excalibur, and ext att/str pots) and Birdo, and camped out at cave horrors. I coulda done slayer but I have dark beasts and no idea what to do so I went with something easy. It was fun and although I got no black masks I got 5 fellstalk seeds and a bunch of those mushroom seeds which was pretty sweet. I also got these funnies from the text:

Me and Daantje talking about quintets, leading to why horn is in both brass and woodwind quintets. It snuck in like a bosss!!

Self explanatory... me always noticing what others don't... :P Gratz D1D on 99 dunj today!

I planted the 5 herbs. Hope they came up all right and get me lots of munni!

Until next time...

Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Summoning Level

I had lots of shards and swamp lizards hanging out in my bank so I got cracking on that! After plopping down 2m in more shards and selling swamp titan pouches (which surprisingly sell for a lot!) I got 89 summoning!

Yay! The 35 water talismans that my dad gave me will be put to great use! Of course, I don't even have that many blue charms. I could only make 22! However, 22 geyser titans was 17k xp!!

I've already made back that 2m I spent just by selling the pouches back. I should do this more often!

In other news, Guild has a goal of getting mentioned in my blog every day. He's off to an excellent start!

I'm practically falling over... Must... sleep... Epic thunder around my house tonight too! We need the rain to wash out all the gross smoke from the annual forest fires making it so I can hardly see the mountains... Ahhhh refreshing! Good night!

Until next time...

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Going With My Heart

Surprise! Another name change! This time I didn't build up to it because I decided this 15 minutes ago I wanted to make sure it was open first.

I wanted a name uniquely my own (i.e. a Keòen or Catin name) and you have NO IDEA how hard it is to find a female name that fits with the Jadali crests and fits in 12 characters. My mind is full of good male names that are also unclaimed by the peeps of RS but I refuse to change Full Of Pie's gender so no naming myself Terabi or S R Sorela. :P I'm really sad not to have Molly in my name anymore but it just didn't fit. It was a close tie between Molly Sorela and Airi Hieldin but in the end the Keòen name won.

Airi Hieldin is the name of Dr. Sorela's wife (well, technically her name is Airi Hieldin Sorela) and since Hieldin is one of the 7 pure crests there's more than one Airi Hieldin which explains my reasoning of picking an established name (whatever, it's not a big deal to anyone but me lol). It's too bad names aren't 13 or 15 characters long, although then I'd just do Avicile Mohaili. I would've done Naidel Hieldin but obviously that didn't fit. I also wanted a space in there. Blah blah blah send me hate mail for having to learn a new name. Hey, at least Hieldin is easier to say than Freloch! Also, no accent marks to worry about!

Pronounce it as you would Japanese, Catin, or Keòen. :P If you're unfamiliar with these languages, then AYE-ree HYEL-din works too. :P Time to screenie Canting's reaction!

They didn't care :P

Coming soon: a new header and stuff!

Until next time...

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Finishing Off the Weekend

I got on today, not having a clue what to do to finish off this round of BXPW. With nothing else in mind, I geared up for Pyramid Plunder again and enjoyed quickly plowing through my 2nd thieving level for the weekend.

Woot!! I forgot that 82 thieving is something special! Above all other things, I can tick off another task from the ardy elite!! Woop woop! Also, easier access to Salrin the Twisted for whenever I feel like having regspells on and using noob spells. :P

I leave you with another funny from the men of Canting that made my day:

"There is no force, only pie or do not."

A successful bonus weekend!

Until next time...

Friday, September 9, 2011

Douple Expeez!

For probably the first time, I was actually prepared for BXPW and logged in armed and ready to tackle about 1300 irit and 150 toadflax potions. In a tiny bit of time before school I blasted through the 150k xp I needed for 87 Herblore. :D:D

This was awesome because it meant I could get a +5 boost and finish Seers Elite! However I pressed on and when I got home from school I ground my way through all of those irits making super attacks. I had over 2k eyes so I decided to be cool and buy the rest of the unf pots I'd need for the eyes I have. It took a lot of munni but it was worth it because I got 88 Herblore!!

At the end of it all (oh yeah and boosting up with ale to make some extreme attacks with some (40) avantoes I stashed away I got uber xp in the mere minutes with 2.7x left!) I walked away with almost 750k in pure herblore xp (I buried a bone someone left and got 810 rc xp off a pirate random)!

Most of this magic happened in the lovely and quiet bank of Shilo as seen by the minimap. With all of that under my flippers I set off for the ranged guild to try and boost 4 and add those grenwall spikes to the range potion and then drink it. I got it on the first try and Seers Elite was mine!!!

I used the 145k xp from the lamps on my summoning skill so now I have about 123k until 89!

After that I decided that 45k till 81 was a great reason to play Pyramid Plunder. The xp in there was insane, and it was only like 2.1! I managed to level when I was in the lvl 71 room so I got to go right on to a brand new room! Woop woop!

81 Thieving! Woot!

After that I kind of puttered around as I ran out of stuff to do. I farmed and checked kingdom and did a little more herblore before leaving for the night. Here's a random picture of me and Cahmstr having fun on the Brimhaven agility course last night:

We're pro with our Karamja gloves! Oh yeah!

As a bonus, and an opportunity to look like a total oddball, enjoy some bonus videos of me playing trombone. One day I'll actually get a video of my whole face, I promise! Oh and also, here's the music of the day that I keep listening to!

Good night all!

Until next time...

Monday, September 5, 2011

From The Text- Men of Canting Edition

Today I did tons of slayer tasks. I was on a roll! After those miths I got Kalfites, Junglywyyrms, and Gargs before ending at Dark Beasts, which I've never had before. I'll do those another time. I got an elite clue off those jungle strykes (woot!) and did that when I finished, netting me this awesome catch after taking me on a scanning adventure through Piscatoris, Haunted Woods, Lum Caves, Zanaris, and some compass places:

Not bad! Palm seed, D long and dagger, nats, and bandos legs to go with that bandos body I got from that skelehorror a week ago. :D

I now present to you some funnies from the text that I caught today with some one the men of Canting that are quickly becoming good friends of mine:

D1D's life is now complete! I told him after that this is the kind of stuff that makes my blog. :3

Guild gets trolled. :P

D1D was talking about how he trolls music videos on youtube to get a huge discussion going, leading to not only taking two sides, but more to get triangles and octagons!

I ended my productive day by doing a star with Cahmstr. There were tons of people there, mostly representing two big clans that hang out on world 42. Once the star was over a bunch of people sat down so I joined them:

Most if not all of these people belong to the clan represented by the vex on the left, run by ALovelyGumby. They're very nice and I run into them at stars all the time. :-)

Well good night all! School tomorrow and I'm sick with a sore throat.

Until next time...

Farming and Slayer

Yesterday I got on for a bit because I was feeling bored and got a lot done! I tagged all my palm trees I planted the other day and redid my poison ivy bushes and things and after I tagged my papayaya tree in Lletya I got myself a lovely level!

I can assist all farming effigies now! Woohoo!

By the way, it's not Papaya in piespeak. It really is papa-yaya. :P

Anyway I finally perm banned blue dragons because I hate them (hate banking all the time- will unblock when I get a yak) and I've canceled the last 5 tasks of them at least. My next task was 6 mithril dragons! Much better!

After taking ages to get ready I was finally there poking them with my leafy sword. I was able to do exactly 6 + 1 for luck before my food ran out. No rares, but I got lotsa green charms and 3 r00n battleaxes. :P

I leave you with another cool outfit on a guy called Drtharx I spotted in Varrock. Cute peekybeard is cute!

A lovely red and yellow ensemble to go with his firemaking cape. :P

Well it's time to do that homework I've out off... Today is a holiday- woot!

Until next time...

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Runescape Fun!

July 12, 2009

Now that it's summer, I've literally been doing nothing but playing RS. I really enjoy taking screenshots (screenies) of random artsy things. Here are a few of my favorite. They are in no order whatsoever...
The gang at this star sat out so I could get 81 mining :-)

The "most epic quest" to date DONE, and the last quest I did before earning my questcape.

Me burning Vyrewatch corpses, which is in my opinion one of the coolest animations in the game.
Obtaining an insanely high number of tears in the Tears of Guthix minigame...

The first picture I took of my new questcape :-)
Me fishing on the left and my friend Tania fishing a shark with her hand.

Showing off the questcape animation :-)

Cutting my very first magic tree!

Summoning my very first bunyip, a powerful creature that heals me.

Me with my friends Ed and Mark in Edgeville Bank

Showing off my Godwars Dungeon outfit. I love that hat.

Killing Moss Giants with a crossbow...

Me in my "pretties"

Action shot of me slaying Kurasks

Charging air orbs at the Air Obelisk...

Me with the leader of our clan, Vik
Me on the left and my friend Cat catching a shark with her hands

Me sitting and observing the busy world of Stealing Creation

Cat, Kitty, and me mining a crashed star in Mos Le Harmless
A very special picture taken of Kitty, me, and Ed on the day Kitty came back.
Me and Ed discussing life's mysteries in the Enchanted Valley
My friend The Man showing off his special outfit :-)
Me fighting the "bumblebee" gorillas on Ape Atoll
Getting a genie while fighting Aberrent Spectres
Mining a crashed star in Lletya
Tagging such crashed stars first puts your name on a scoreboard. I got finders twice!
Me killing Vyrewatch
My friend Ed rocking his outfit :-)
Me opening up the Dragon Forge
I like her shield. It "has a rawr on it" :-)
Rejoicing after completing a very hard puzzle... It all leads to this.
Dancing for Mord and Maria Gunnars for fun
The adorable Polar Bear Agent :-)
Crate Penguin Spy
Riding the magic carpets in the desert...
My friends Pper (pronounced pepper) and Ed, and me.
Me and my friend "1l 0 1l" sporting an outfit I made up.
Me and Kitty slaying the Ourg Statue...
Me killing the famed "aviansie"
Kitty and me mining a crashed star while hungry trolls wait to kill us :-)

So there you go. Some pics of what I've been doing for the past few months. I love taking pictures of the game as much as I love playing it. Soon I'll have a post of the funny things people have said that I saved forever.