Friday, September 9, 2011

Douple Expeez!

For probably the first time, I was actually prepared for BXPW and logged in armed and ready to tackle about 1300 irit and 150 toadflax potions. In a tiny bit of time before school I blasted through the 150k xp I needed for 87 Herblore. :D:D

This was awesome because it meant I could get a +5 boost and finish Seers Elite! However I pressed on and when I got home from school I ground my way through all of those irits making super attacks. I had over 2k eyes so I decided to be cool and buy the rest of the unf pots I'd need for the eyes I have. It took a lot of munni but it was worth it because I got 88 Herblore!!

At the end of it all (oh yeah and boosting up with ale to make some extreme attacks with some (40) avantoes I stashed away I got uber xp in the mere minutes with 2.7x left!) I walked away with almost 750k in pure herblore xp (I buried a bone someone left and got 810 rc xp off a pirate random)!

Most of this magic happened in the lovely and quiet bank of Shilo as seen by the minimap. With all of that under my flippers I set off for the ranged guild to try and boost 4 and add those grenwall spikes to the range potion and then drink it. I got it on the first try and Seers Elite was mine!!!

I used the 145k xp from the lamps on my summoning skill so now I have about 123k until 89!

After that I decided that 45k till 81 was a great reason to play Pyramid Plunder. The xp in there was insane, and it was only like 2.1! I managed to level when I was in the lvl 71 room so I got to go right on to a brand new room! Woop woop!

81 Thieving! Woot!

After that I kind of puttered around as I ran out of stuff to do. I farmed and checked kingdom and did a little more herblore before leaving for the night. Here's a random picture of me and Cahmstr having fun on the Brimhaven agility course last night:

We're pro with our Karamja gloves! Oh yeah!

As a bonus, and an opportunity to look like a total oddball, enjoy some bonus videos of me playing trombone. One day I'll actually get a video of my whole face, I promise! Oh and also, here's the music of the day that I keep listening to!

Good night all!

Until next time...

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