Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Summoning Level

I had lots of shards and swamp lizards hanging out in my bank so I got cracking on that! After plopping down 2m in more shards and selling swamp titan pouches (which surprisingly sell for a lot!) I got 89 summoning!

Yay! The 35 water talismans that my dad gave me will be put to great use! Of course, I don't even have that many blue charms. I could only make 22! However, 22 geyser titans was 17k xp!!

I've already made back that 2m I spent just by selling the pouches back. I should do this more often!

In other news, Guild has a goal of getting mentioned in my blog every day. He's off to an excellent start!

I'm practically falling over... Must... sleep... Epic thunder around my house tonight too! We need the rain to wash out all the gross smoke from the annual forest fires making it so I can hardly see the mountains... Ahhhh refreshing! Good night!

Until next time...

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