Sunday, September 4, 2011

Runescape Fun!

July 12, 2009

Now that it's summer, I've literally been doing nothing but playing RS. I really enjoy taking screenshots (screenies) of random artsy things. Here are a few of my favorite. They are in no order whatsoever...
The gang at this star sat out so I could get 81 mining :-)

The "most epic quest" to date DONE, and the last quest I did before earning my questcape.

Me burning Vyrewatch corpses, which is in my opinion one of the coolest animations in the game.
Obtaining an insanely high number of tears in the Tears of Guthix minigame...

The first picture I took of my new questcape :-)
Me fishing on the left and my friend Tania fishing a shark with her hand.

Showing off the questcape animation :-)

Cutting my very first magic tree!

Summoning my very first bunyip, a powerful creature that heals me.

Me with my friends Ed and Mark in Edgeville Bank

Showing off my Godwars Dungeon outfit. I love that hat.

Killing Moss Giants with a crossbow...

Me in my "pretties"

Action shot of me slaying Kurasks

Charging air orbs at the Air Obelisk...

Me with the leader of our clan, Vik
Me on the left and my friend Cat catching a shark with her hands

Me sitting and observing the busy world of Stealing Creation

Cat, Kitty, and me mining a crashed star in Mos Le Harmless
A very special picture taken of Kitty, me, and Ed on the day Kitty came back.
Me and Ed discussing life's mysteries in the Enchanted Valley
My friend The Man showing off his special outfit :-)
Me fighting the "bumblebee" gorillas on Ape Atoll
Getting a genie while fighting Aberrent Spectres
Mining a crashed star in Lletya
Tagging such crashed stars first puts your name on a scoreboard. I got finders twice!
Me killing Vyrewatch
My friend Ed rocking his outfit :-)
Me opening up the Dragon Forge
I like her shield. It "has a rawr on it" :-)
Rejoicing after completing a very hard puzzle... It all leads to this.
Dancing for Mord and Maria Gunnars for fun
The adorable Polar Bear Agent :-)
Crate Penguin Spy
Riding the magic carpets in the desert...
My friends Pper (pronounced pepper) and Ed, and me.
Me and my friend "1l 0 1l" sporting an outfit I made up.
Me and Kitty slaying the Ourg Statue...
Me killing the famed "aviansie"
Kitty and me mining a crashed star while hungry trolls wait to kill us :-)

So there you go. Some pics of what I've been doing for the past few months. I love taking pictures of the game as much as I love playing it. Soon I'll have a post of the funny things people have said that I saved forever.

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