Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Fox Jumped the Dog

Today, not a whole ton happened... I had an audition in real life which I thought I did pretty well on. I spent my time on RS slaying. I finished up my dag task and got an effigy from them. It's a 91 Herblore so I'll get my daddy to assist me later. :P

After that I got terror dogs and man are they terrible. I brought a titan and was doing just fine so I was paying attention to chat and not my health and I looked up and was like "oh how nice, I'm redbarred" followed a few seconds by "SAARAEL I HAVE 80 LIFEPOINTS!!!!!!" *spamclick sharks* It's amazing how fast I can go down at T-dogs. I had 80 hp and suddenly I had 8. Good hting they hit a ton of 0's because one more bite and I would have died and been like oooops... I then left for dinner almost totally unfazed but upon returning once again almost died. Man, these suck! Good thing it's like a 10 minute task.

After that I got greater demons. Well, first off I decided that since I had a titan out I should do Bork. Well, I got a clue from T-dogs. Whoops. So, I set off and did that clue first but I got the duel arena coords and you can't bring a summon in there. Grrrrr. Thank you to the guy I was trying to set up a fight with who told me. I am now enlightened. I eventually got it, after giving up my fire titan to the sky, and decided to eat the 5 random biscuits I had in my inventory. Well, as luck would have it my reward was 13 biscuits and various other stuff. So, I ate them all and then went to Skelehorror and Bork with no titan. It was easy, but no elite clue. :-( Oh did I mention I got rune rocks clue and a dark beast was there?? Ouch... I got away easily enough though... phew!

At the mo I am probably 1/3-1/2 through my greater task. As Peeky said, I am making an ashy mess. :D I stopped early so I could watch Dr. Oz and do my 14 pages of Chinese hw, both of which are done. I'll pick it up tomorrow and finish up my task. Oh, and I am around 20k from 95 attack! I'm hoping to snag that tomorrow. :D

Well, not much more to add yet... It's definitely changing from summer to aki (Japanese/Catin for fall; I think it's a better word than fall or autumn :P) and I am trying to pair snuggly sweatshirts with skirts. :P I'd better go to bed early... I got a test in Chinese tomorrow! Eek!

I leave with you this funny from today:

I need glasses... :P

Ohhhh and it's time for end-of-August hiscores!!

So lovely! Of note, I broke 15m agility xp, and uh... my attack is more than double my strength. I'll show you str nubs! Besides dunj, thieving is my lowest skill... XD IIRC it's almost 78 so I need to visit PP or something... I need to go dunjuneering but I've been too busy with attack to really go for it... I might do some floors during dxpw... Especially if slayer is swamped. :P

Gnight all!

Until next time...

Monday, August 30, 2010

A Year Ago Today

I've said it before but I'll say it again!

A year ago today I hurried home and logged into RS as quickly as I could and after following all the directions and times posted on her blog, found myself meeting THE Merch Gwyar. It was unreal. No, it was real! Here I was, face-to-face, with someone I had grown to love as a blogger! I was such a geek, all shy and stuff, and could only think that she was rolling her eyes on her end of the compy as what a noob I was for glomping her. XD

Man, I can't believe it's been a year already! From that meeting I started my own blog, seeing as we were quite a bit alike both in our writing styles and ingame- we had quest capes, hated the wildy, and were almost the same combat level. I finally found Canting after that and over the past year we have had many talks, shared many experiences, and have made lots of memories. She has grown to become one of my closest friends and I marvel at her patience and love for running a clan chat, PLUS leveling up her own skills PLUS being able to listen and help anyone who is in need. I am honored to know her in game and so happy to have had the opportunity to hear her voice on Blog Talk Radio and Skype. :D

Lol, I'm such a sap. But really, Merchy is awesome! Oh, and did I mention that it happens to be her birthday? Happy Birthday Merchy!!

What better way to celebrate than with a pic of me filling glasses with Greenman's Ale:

Hehe hope you had a great birthday to end your adventure-packed week! Here's to more memories and fun times to come! *raises glass of Greenman's Ale*

Until next time...

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Nechs, Farming, Clue Scroll

Hum dee dum... finished Nech task now I have Dags. Did some farm runs with the seeds I got from Nechs and got stuff like 20 snaps as a result. :D Then I left for a while and logged in to do my clue from Nechs. I got sara arrows and other stuff which I didn't really pay attention to... XD I filmed it so look out for an epic clue scrollin vid coming your way!

I saw pics from Runefest... OMG Merchy is so kewt in her hat! Everyone looked splendid! I hope they schedule one in America because if they did I would so totally go!

Not much else to report... BUSY seems to be my new word. Oh, I did make 2 posts on my other blog if anyone wants something to read... :P

Time to go to bed before midnight! 6am comes too fast... Ouch.

Until next time...

Saturday, August 28, 2010


Today I set off to complete my dragon task. It started with me getting ready at the GE, with cleaning my herbs and stuff. Suddenly Rachy pm'd me and asked me if I was available to do 2 crafting effigies. She was just the person I was hoping to see because I had a 97 farming effigy and she was open! Woohoo! So, I got 97 farming taken care of, and 73k crafting xp in about 10 minutes. For the win!!

I also finished cleaning all my good herbs and took the opportunity to sell them to my dad, but wanted 1k blood runes instead of geepee. He agreed and I found him at the GE, along with Rachy, and we traded. My herbs ended up being worth more than his 1k bloods so I told him to throw in 10k each of fire and air too which he did. Woot!

As I went to prepare for my task I noticed that my dad is not red to me anymore! Yay! He's orange! Even better, the person he was standing on had pie in his name!

I got all equipped for steels and headed off, hoping for something good. I did get two great shots as I was blasting them to bits:

Neeeroooom kaboom!!

Wahaha flying cape! Sparkly!

A little bit into it, I was getting used to killing them. I got a ruby drop which was actually a ruby this time... :P After a while one died and a very, very red drop appeared in the pile. My first thought was "oo mystic body!" but was immediately followed by the realization that these don't drop that and with a gasp...

Woop woop!!! D skirt! Finally I can say I've gotten a skirt drop! Coincidentally it's in the same spot, so more than likely the same dragon, that I got that D med helm last task! Oh steelie-ohs are so nice to me! :D

Embarrassingly, I ran out of bloods, right in the middle of a rl crisis involving my cat and her bodily functions. Other people had showed up at that point so there were 4 of us at the 4 steels. Luckily my dragon was almost redbarred so I just stabbed it to death with my SOL before teleing out to grab the rest of the bloods in my bank. No worries. Of course I only had 4 left... Luckily the other 3 I was slaying with were really nice and nobody got cocky or impatient. My task ended and I now have nechs. Ugh. I hate them. I hate them because for whatever reason rendering the death spawns causes my computer to lag like molasses.

So, I was not in a good mood, plus my cat being stupid PLUS my day at the water park ruined by it being 68 degrees and strong winds. We went, had dinner there, and then me and my mom went to the car and hung out for a few hours while my sister braved the elements and went on water slides. I didn't even want to go anymore. Bad weather sucks. I wanted to go to the park so bad. Oh well, thus is life, let's move on.

Before I left, I did my clue from steelie-ohs. I got this clue which made me laugh much harder than I should have... :P

My reward wasn't very good, but it was weird. I got 2 composite bows. And some rune. At least everything sold, but not before I shot off the bulk of my non-selling zammy arrows killing Men. :P

I have about 50 nechs left now and so far I've gotten a clue, toof half, and lotsa avantoe seeds so I feel better. I'm tired though so it's totally time for bed. Good night all!

Until next time...

Friday, August 27, 2010

Blahhhhhhh Real Life

Blergh. I'm tired. LOL! Today I played a little RS, finishing up my Hellies task, doing another clue scroll (Guthix page 2- woot!!), and then going to my kingdom. Whoaaa, I had 3 raven eggs! I guess they decided you can get ravens from kingdom now. That's new. :o I also got some Sara and Zammy eggs and 55 seednests among other goodies. I got 9 total different seeds from those nests and most weren't too good, but I did get 4 papayaya seeds, a calquat, and a palm. At least I got no spirit seed! :P

I now have like 60 some odd Steel Dragons. Ugh. I am not too happy because I want melee tasks, but I'll go buy more bloods and get around to that task tomorrow. :P I was happy though because I went to catch hellrats for brown spice to make stews to boost my wc to 93 so I could do my effigy. It took FOREVER to get brown spice and I took the stew with me so that I could try as I went along. Lucky for me I have a wily hellcat which helps loads. On my 2nd stew I got the +5 I needed and did the effigy! Woooot! Next was 95 Rhoonkreftin and I was about to give up but mentioned in chat and lo and behold Yrrah, known to me and Tanya as Yrrrragh, was free and ready to assist me with open arms! Woot! I got that all done and now have 97 Farmyfarm. I didn't feel like trying to find someone and can't boost up there myself yet, but the opportunity will come up I'm sure.

No pics, but I posted something on my other site AND I went to the store and bought cupcakes for no real reason so I am content, and nodding off! So nice to finally fill my schedule with stuff! That first week flew by! I'll prolly get on RS tomorrow and do that task and whatever else I feel like doing. Tomorrow night I am heading to our local waterpark, which is open exclusively for people and families of my sister's program. Woot woot! The whole fam got in for less than the price of one ticket for regular admission! It should be fun and I can't wait! Please let it be hot tomorrow!

Well I'm off... No more staying up till 2am for me! It's back to asleep before midnight. XD Good night all!

Until next time...

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sleeping Beauty

So... yesterday for some reason I felt very tired. My mind wouldn't work and by the time I was getting ready to head home I could barely keep my eyes open! It's a rare occurrence for me to be this tired. I'm the girl who never once fell asleep in school ever. I could have fallen asleep in class on this day. OK, so we meet up with my daddy and then all 4 of us get into the car and drive home. Well, I am so tired that I actually fall asleep in the car. :o Like, as soon as I closed my eyes I started dreaming and seeing things. Ok, that never happens. So we get home and I decide that the best thing to do is lay down for a bit, like until dinner in 20 minutes or so.

Long story short I fell asleep and slept form 6pm until 8am. Aiiiiii!!!! I remember waking up at like 8 and wandering half-awake into the kitchen to see if dinner was ready and saw that dinner had apparently long-since passed. >.> So, I turned around and stumbled back into bed. Boy was I ever glad to have Thursday be a 3 hour later start.

Okayyyyy now that I am sufficiently re-energized and on the road to getting used to much less sleep, I am ready to post! I wasn't going to log in at school yesterday since I was mid-iron task but decided to randomly log into the chat from the lobby. Well, the planets and stars lined up and I ended up logging in right when Zachy was getting 99 Slayer. No joke! So, of course I logged in and was there for it:

Zachy right after he lvled :D Of course, I'm with the unrelated text, in honor of Kayla. :wub:

I originally took this pic because there were 3 DFS's in a row, but I decided to zoom out and take a pic of the parade to Kuradal.

Zachy sporting his new cape-with-a-skull-with-a-sword-in-it-cape. :P

I also took notice to the brand new naked clothing options! Of course I had to go and check it out. Man, Varrock was a mess of dressing rooms!

The lag was unbelievable... o.O

I finally settled on the hunter outfit. I think it looks pretty hawt. Even without flippers! BTW it does look great with flippers. XD

Me and Yaya compare new hawt styles. :D

I then logged and was going to play later on but of course I fell asleep for 14 hours which brings us to tonight. I finished my irons task. Not a clue, not a d item, not much of anything except mucho magic xp which I needed to get 87 magic!

My worst fears came true and I opened the flashing icon too soon and a dragon got me so I couldn't get a pic. >.> I was freaking out. Most ppl freak out over like... losing crap when they die or losing stuff on a merch... I freak out when I don't get a pic of my gratz screen. :P I think I can tele to Cathy now which rocks! :D Anyway this adv log will have to do. Obviously it was taken after I finished for the night...

After my iron task I got 201 Hellhounds! Woohoo! So, I got on my combat gear and headed off. I brought nothing but pizza for food, not expecting to stay long because of clues but I didn't get one so I had to leave and then come back with a bunyip. Of course, the first one I kill after summoning it drops a clue... It sat in my inventory until my yip ran out. I was not in a real scrollin mood. :P

I did get a surprise Hiptoints level! I had no idea it was close! My hp always ninja's up on me!

I was obviously AFKing my task as usual while I got caught up on the massive blog posts I missed from being gone for just 1 day. When I went back to the screen there was an effigy smiling at me! Woot! I looked at it and the first one was 91 cooking. Yay! Next was 93 fletch/wc so I am going to get me some stew later and get +5 woodcutting for it. XD I took that time also to leave and do my clue. I ended up finding some rune legs, 2 rfh's and some zammy arrows in Sedridor's bookshelf. Who knew! I then logged into two of my other accounts (Jeffrey Peak and Faerie Tana) and gave them fresh new wardrobes. Tomorrow I'll get Lesko Dymond into some pwnage green robes!

Good night all! I got a quiz in Chinese tomorrow *nervous* and will finally dive into Music History (with Dr. Sorela of course! ;D) plus I get near-free yummy lunch so I am pleased. I've gotten free lunch every day this week, FTW!

Until next time...

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Oi Idiot!

Tehehe my new favorite phrase was born today! I logged in this morning at school to do my dustie task and showed up next to this 137. Out of nowhere he shouts, "Oi idiot" ...I'm thinking great he's mad that I am "crashing his spot" and then he spits out, "get d boots!" Obviously he did not approve of my flippers and thought called me dum was the best way to go. XD He was also a total bag, stealing my kills and using soul split with full health (my biggest pet peeve so I guess he was getting me back XD) so I hung out in the chaos tunnels to see Tanya off to Bork before hopping to a better world.

I was actually quite happy and smug because, actually, the only reason I started wearing flippers into combat was as a demonstration to spite the Str Elitists and piss them off. Even better when combined with my untrimmed defence cape. Oh man it pissed them off so bad! The world is all str this and str that and I could not care any less! I was so happy to be reminded that, once again, my flippers piss people off. XD

P.S. don't even get me started about when jagex took away the str bonus from the torso. Oh man what a laugh I had then! BTW all I said in response was "Oi idiot!" and my new favorite phrase was born. I'll no doubt say it all the time now. Thank you Str Elitist!

Anyways I did most of it before heading off to Chinese. OMG, all the sounds are sooo confusing because the English letters used to represent them like... don't sound like them at all. :o I'll be all right once we learn actual words with them but Saarael some of those sounds are almost identical except for teeny tiny differences that my Linguist's Ears can pick up on but the poor rest of the class is like 'holy crap this is the same sound!'

My religion class went well and I am very excited about it. I think it will go great! I even got free lunch afterwards ftw! I signed up for my language lab right after that so I'll have to sort of high tail it over to the library but it'll work out fine. What won't work out fine is my lesson. No times work. Looks like I'm having a 4:30 lesson again. Good thing that fits neatly into my schedule so at least there's good news there. I also had band today. We lost one player from last year (which I was aware of but will miss him a lot) but gained one new one so once again we have 6 trombones. I have no idea how well he plays and I didn't even really notice because I actually had decent music in front of me! I think we're going to have a great year! Yay!

I went home and after several mishaps finally got to the fair and met up with my dad and sister. I had fun walking around and finally settled on my very favorite fair food- a barbecue chicken sammich... Yummy!! I am soooo exhausted right now it's not even funny. Like, I feel funny and am suffering from Jamais Vu which means that things that I've seen and heard a million times sound new to me. Like I click this song and I almost don't recognize it and my room feels weird. I need to sleep! XD I attempted to do my 66 irons tonight but after about 25 it just wasn't happening. OK, I'm off, but first here are some pics:

Me seeing Yaya off to Bork. She looks pwn in her SW cape!!

Yaya ended up getting another dustie task so we slayed together and I got an unflattering pic! XD

...so I tried again and got a better pic of us :P

They had pak yaks on display in the annual petting zoo at the fair! They even used the term "beast of burden." Tehehe runescape! :P

OK it's really time for bed. Oh my goodness...

Until next time...

Monday, August 23, 2010

School Returns!

Well today was the first day of school! I am happy to report it went well! I was able to log in a few times and go smiffin and should have 84 smiffin very soon which I am excited about! When I returned home I got on to start my dustie task before logging out early to get ready for tomorrow. Ah, the joys of an early schedule!

Here are some highlights from my day:

  • My entire Chinese class was standing silently and completely still in the hall outside the door, a couple minutes before class. Finally someone walked over, opened the door, and went into the classroom. The entire class silently followed. LOL
  • My dad and sister are in the same class with me so of course our teacher asked us if we were all related, which caused the whole class to whip their heads back and stare at us. *embarrassed*
  • My good friend L is in my Music History class. Yay!
  • Said Music History class has a supposed cap of 25 students. There were at least 40 people crammed into the classroom sitting on the floor and random benches. I hope some drop it to take next year cuz... Arrrgh!
  • I like to pretend that my Music History Teacher is Dr. Sorela instead of Dr. [prof's name]. :)
  • We got out of Music History like... after just 20 minutes of class. I hate having loads of extra time cuz then I have to wait around and I was nervous.
  • BTW it was really cold outside and when I am nervous/excited I get even colder so yeah...
  • I was able to track down the person issuing lockers and secure a locker already. Woohoo! I was able to get the same one I've had the past 2 years and now I won't have to carry mountains of books or my instrument around waiting to get one!
  • I discovered that my good friend A is in my psychology class with me! The class has suddenly gotten a ton more bearable.
  • I killed time playing Runescape. For the win! Smiffin up that gold like a pro!
  • Orchestra was pretty fun except we totally sucked at playing. :P Summer holiday does that to an ensemble... I'm betting it will take this week to get everything in good operating order and then we will be stellar! :D
  • We were planning to go to the fair after school because it's alcohol and smoke free day and decided to get our tickets at the door and not pre-pay and get our tickets online. Big mistake. After waiting like 20 minutes in line we get riiight up there to notice that they don't take credit cards. Omg. So then we leave and get in another long line for the ONE ATM that they had outside the fair. >.> After about 10 minutes we bagged our plans and went to Baja Fresh instead. We'll go again tomorrow, with cash in hand. :P
  • Tomorrow I have a total of 3 classes over a 7 hour period. I'll be doing a lot of scaping I'm sure! :P
So that pretty much covers it! I won't be playing a whole lot until I get used to this routine. I'll try to take pics tomorrow! :P

Until next time...

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Another Pair of Shoulders Gains a Questcape

On this day, one August 22, 2010, after a hard and courageous battle filled with defeat, despair, and lost hope, that defeat was replaced with triumph, the despair turned to excitement, and that lost hope came back for a spectacular finish. Tanya's fight with Nomad was over. She had emerged triumphant. With just one small quest left, it was quickly finished and her ultimate goal, one she thought she would never achieve, was hers.

On this day, Tanyakins earned her Quest Cape.

Wooooot! I was so excited for her! It was like... a blink of an eye ago when I met her and now she has her first cape!! My first cape! Yay yay yay Questbeastkins has arrived!!!! Much wub and gratz to you Yaya!!

Now I need to get the ball rolling and defeat nomad for myself! :o This has given me a much needed boost to my self esteem and I am about ready to try again. Please let my next time be the time! Mr. Mrowl has proven himself more than his weight in gold. What a legend!

After that, I went to Piscatoris where I finished off the 110k xp started 2 days ago and finally...

85 Fishing was mine!!

After that I had a stong urge to go smiffin so I took my usual place at Y Ffwrnais and smelted all 358 mithril ore I had. Finally it was all sone and I began to make more knives. I'm not sure what to do but I think I'll be going ranging soon. :P

I did manage to notice a star falling in the desert so me and Fred were all over it. It fell in Uzer where Fred was and we had a nice size 4 to mine up. He missed finders but we still came away with a good 8k or so xp. Yay!

Well I'm off now... School starts tomorrow! I have to get up in... 7 hours from these words being typed. :o I better go pick an outfit and pack up my lappy and all that good stuff. Please may this year be great! Good night everyone!

Until next time...

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Randomness this August Day

Today I didn't play much... I just fished a lot. I didn't know why suddenly I was so drawn to fishing until I noticed I was 5 digits to 85. :D

While there I first saw an Agile Sister and then an Agile Brother so of course we had to do an obligatory synch:

The other two knew each other and apparently Bobdown (middle) had a shinier cape than me and Pickle0972 (left in dragon). It was true!

And it's such a small world that Bobdown remembered me not from my previous clan but the clan I was in before that one. :o Such a small world... :D

My audition went well today and I can safely say I have secured another year in orchestra with no problems. Just Sunday separates me from a new school year! I can't wait to train my social skills! XD

Until next time...

Friday, August 20, 2010

Scummoning and Dunjuneering

Today I didn't do a ton... I mainly just ground Summoning but it ended up being a GREAT thing because..... ta-da!!!

Woohoo!! 85 summoning!!! Hehe glitch! Swamp titan's on there twice! I wonder what it was supposed to be...

I used all but 17 of my crims making granite lobsters and swapping them for shards. That got me most of the way. I also picked about as many bananas as I could stand and made fruit bat pouches and then fruitfall scrolls. Selling the scrolls on the GE gets me back all the money I spent on the shards for them which is a good thing since I plunked down 3m and used over 100k shards. Plus, fruitfall scrolls help out others who want to make a mess outside of edgeville bank. :P I ended up being one granite short and 1k till 85 so I frantically made trices out of my god eggs and got 466 xp till. Luckily I found enough abyssal charms to finish that level off. Woohoo!

After that I did real life and went to the fair for 2 hours with my dad and sister who went with a group. I saw a cute dress but I doubt I'll buy it... I had delicious fair food and of course the obligatory chocolate milk. :P I dodn't go on rides because my body is too broken to tolerate much, which I discovered at Galaxyland. XD I'm planning to go back Monday which is family friendly and therefore alcohol free. I'm hoping that means less smoking too... I took a lungful of smoke in the middle of a sentence. Ugh... much coughing and choking occurred. My poor virgin lungs aren't used to the outside air anymore. My favorite part of the fair is this place that airbrushes things like hats, backpacks, and shirts. Two years ago I got a green hat with green ink that said, you guessed it, Lesko. It even has music notes. Whoever made it, ILY!! BTW, they also had a yak in the petting zoo this year and the sign above it even used the phrase "beast of burden" so I got my runescape nerd fix. :P

I came back and did 2 floors with my dad and Peeky which was fun! I only got one pic though:

It's my dad, me, and Peeky owning Frostnoob. We rock! We totally leeched all of her mage and she was down so fast! XD

I've gotten word of the 2nd dxpw in 2 weeks! Woohoo! I plan to slay a lot and dunj my brains out, both things I don't need to stock up for. I'm hoping for 99 Attack by the 12th and 70 Dunj during this weekend. This might stall my 99 craft but I'm not too worried. If worse comes to worse I'll have to make tiaras to 99. That would be something. XD I also happened to hear about the cryptic cluefest on facebook so I got day 1 all done. I hope it's fun like last year's!

Well my audition is tomorrow. I am soo ready to just go in there and get it over with. My dad had his today and it went well so I am hoping I'll do the same. Let the school year begin!

Until next time...

Thursday, August 19, 2010

From The Text

Today I just doodled around doing this and that followed by dropping 2m on shards for the quest to 85 Scummoning. There's not much to say so enjoy some funnies today from the text!

New Dunj floors came out today and Peeky was all over them trying them out with his 93 Dunj. His description is priceless. :P

Vykonne has an interesting way of saying "running a lot."

Like the pinata description of years past, I finally came up with an appropriate description of effigies. :P

I did penguins sometime in there in hopes that I'd jump a few Dunj levels. I only got 1 level. Oh well that's one step closer to 70! :D

Since you can't buy infinite bananas for 2 coins now I bought a "basket pack" and set off with a birdo and an inventory full of them, leaving 5 spaces, and headed off to Karamja to pick my own, giving a Peeky-esque statement.

These next two are just for my dad. <333333

Me and my dad's favorite. Conversation. Ever. XD

Another funny one-liner...

Well tomorrow is Friday, woop woop! Then Saturday is my audition and then Monday is school. Yay! Maybe I'll do the circus tomorrow since I am like... 30k from 87 mage. I don't wanna slay because Tanya and I have dusties together and she is leaving for the weekend. Maybe I'll force myself to play SC. Oh yeah, I got my 2nd effigy all done thanks to Peeky and Polyanna. Woot! I am down to just a little over 500k until 97 Craftycraft now. Woop woop! Good night all!

Until next time...

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Back to Real Life and a New Runescapian Born

No post yesterday again... :o What the heck is up with August?? Real life happened so I only was on to do my Junglywyyrm task. I got not one clue but I got an effigy so I was happy.

Today I logged in and met with the people I had secured assists with. First I got my 91 rc assist from Victor Dors and Tanya was there so I could give her a craft assist and her next was RC so Victor grudgingly assisted her too. :P The next step on mine was 93 cooking so I grumbled about it and like 5 people quickchatted their 99 cooking. Oops... I had to explain to them that I am in fact 99 cooking but I hate getting cooking xp. Dunno exactly why but... eww... :P Next up was 95 Construction so I just reserved Peekyface again for tomorrow. Pleeease let it be 97 craft and not Fetch or worse... Smiffin! My other friend was supposed to give me an herby assist but because I wasn't on last night he got someone else. So, I called upon my friend Dalton who has 99 herby and amazingly he wasn't maxed! We met up and he gave my my 97 herblore and unwrapped my 2nd dragonkin lamp! Hello 43k craft xp! That's the xp in 1 sc needle. I saved a bundle! :D

I milled around and then went to do real life. It's auditioning season now so I got my horn out for the first time in... oh... 3 months. Shhhhh! It was terribly stiff so I had to oil it all up but I have really crappy rotor oil so of course the valves moved like I had poured honey down the pipes. >.> Ya think I'd learn... This happened last year too. So I had to go outside and flush it with water and start over. I found my good oil that I thought I'd lost and they work much better now. Still sluggish but holy crap I can push them! I also greased up my slide so it's all smooth as butter now. My lips aren't doing too badly and the flexibility is coming back fast. Now it's time to work out all the spots I have to play (which are REALLY easy... like, not even the hardest spots) and prepare a 2 minute solo. Bah I'll just use my jury piece... Hopefully it will go like last year where I play and he says "Well you're the only one who signed up so see ya Monday!" That's the pro of playing an uncommon instrument. For the win!

I came back and did some things. Notably, I had farmed a spirit weed seed that I had somehow acquired and had 8 spirit weed that wouldn't sell. Ok, I'll make summon pots. What?? Trice eggs not buying?? Looks like it's time...

...To dress in nothing but flippers, K3 gloves, mirror shield, whip, an h4 skirt, and my blue pirate shirt and tackle some trices on my own. It didn't take hugely long and after about 15 minutes I had 8 eggs. Boom, 8 summon pots. :D

Sometime later me and Chocobo played a game of SC together. I was so proud, I made my first witty comment ever! And I typoed. Fail. Oh well I am still so proud. XD

His name was "CallMeFrance" and he called a good game. That was such an open invitation. I typoed because the game was ending and I had to type it before we all left. I'm so glad he heard it. :P

The evening ended with a brand new Runescapian fresh from that place called real life. Apparently she was googling online games and something Kayla said popped up about Runescape so she contacted her and got instructions to make and account and join Canting. I guess Kayla was supposed to give her a tour but was gone so me and Zachy took over and toured her. We told Fred too and so he showed up there later. :P

Her name was Luos Rebbur which is Rubber Soul backwards. Clever! Kayla told her to have the same hair so she did. XD Oh man it's so amazing to guide a brand new person. Like, not just a new account or someone who is slightly familiar. This was a completely new face. It was like me when I started! She asked a lot of good questions and the 3 of us did our best explaining things for her. It must have been weird that one of the first people she saw was someone in full-out members gear rocking flippers, a chompy hat, and an agile cape. XD

We made it through Draynor, Wiz Tower, Lum, then the Lum cows, before finally ending up at Beefy Bill just south of the champ's guild. Man, that place didn't even exist when I was in that era of my RS life. We had fun and then she had to go but I hope she comes back and learns and soon becomes an uber quest beast skilling person like me/Merchy/Tanya/Fred/Kayla/Zachy. :P I can dream, right? LOL

Well I'm off to bed early... Gotta start getting up early in preparation for my 6:00-or-so wakeup. I have a feeling that will turn into 6:50 since I'll be showering at night, since I don't blow dry my hair and therefore it literally FREEZES in the winter. :o I'm so glad I don't really have to mess with morning busses! I did it last year and it sucks.

Anyways gnight all!

Unti next time...

Monday, August 16, 2010

Smiling Helm

Once again, forgot to reserve a post for yesterday... oops... Well, it was pretty uneventful... I did my LRC task...

...and funnies were flying left and right! Kayla started a mini trend of assuming anything and making it talk and we all followed:

I have a talking bandanna!

Kayla's bank had an argument with her amulets. :P

Kayla will prolly hate me for posting this one ;-; but it was really funny and cute :P

Unrelated to that, Peeky is going for 99 Dunj and so I made him a Hidden Peeky out of emoticons. :P

Later on me, Kayla, Zach, and Fred went to Kayla's house to play around and help her as she was trying to get her con up. Zachy also got 94 Summon!

I spent the evening/night doing a dunjun with Hognot, Yamdrew, and Grizelda73. It was fun even though I felt a bit weird and like a hinderance. I much prefer to solo or duo at my own pace but I had fun. Hognot left but us 3 did one more and managed to open every room plus I could be helpful my doing a lvl 102 craft room with the 5 statues. We got riftsplitter and amazingly I didn't die! I got about 18k xp from the two and should have 70 soon!

Moving onto today, I ran the full 2 hours of ORT plus about 15 minutes and walked away with this amazing achievement:

Yahoo!! 15m agility xp ftw!!

I then set off to do my 93 steels task. I wasn't expecting much but man oh man did I hit one epic win jackpot of the drop scale!! First it was clue after clue. I got 4 total, all level 3 but with decent rewards and at the very least stackers for TT's like rune full helms and legs. I also got another H4 skirt, and enchanted hat, and a Zammy Coif. :D

I was thinking about how funny it would be to get a tooth half, d legs, clue scroll, and visage all in the same drop and as I killed that dragon I saw a familiar drop on the ground. Woohoo, my 2nd effigy! I also got a ferocious ring that same drop. XD It was for 91 rc so I went to 117 and found somebody right away which was very nice. I also assisted someone on their 2 lvl 95 crafties and got my daily craftycraft xp. Not long now till 97! I think I'll play a few solid hours of SC once school starts and I have loads of time to kill. I have 93 con next so I'm waiting for Peeky to help me with that. Fingers crossed I get 97 craft for mega xp!

A little ways later I killed a dragon and it dropped what looked like a ruby. I thought to myself how odd of a drop that was but it looked a little darker than normal. Then I looked to see what it was and it was smiling back at me! :-)

Woop woop! D Med Helm drop!! My first ever, and first dragon item besides d boots! No d legs or skirts yet though... :P It looks so cute! It's peeking over the bones with its little spikey ears!

I continued getting rune limbs, rune bars, and rune maces to further please me. I also got a loop half. Such luck today!! :D

I love how I get the rarest of the steel's dragon drops too... :P

I now have 6 mith dragons which I'll tackle tomorrow after ORT. I leave with you this funny from Fred:

Jagex appears to have messed up the weight a bit. :P

Gnight all!

Until next time...

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Pwning All Day Long...

Today was a nice combat day. It started off with me and Tanya doing our fire giant tasks together!

Ehehehe we pwn!

Also that morning I assisted some effigies and hung out with Kayla for a bit. After my task was over I got my new task. Really Kuradal?? I got LRC again. Another non clue task... D: So, I decided to go Dunjuneering with Peeky instead! We rushed through the frozen floors on complex 1 so that I could reset my prestige and after several miscommunications I spent my time waiting for him to finish his floors bu doing a clue scroll. :P HAM FTW!! It was a really stupid clue and I got a bad reward (another mage comp) but clues are fun and it was cool with me. When I was done I left and got a pizza and some cake and then started in floor 25 with Peeky and we rocked the house!

I ended up getting both 62 and 63 Dunj which was awesome:

Peeky got the WoopWoopWoop title a few times so I took a pic:

I tried to get a pic of us but I ate too much sugar and crashed, feeling VERY drowsy, so you'll have to do with this Peeky-ism:

We got this nub all 4 or 5 floors we did except the very first run, where we had Sagittaire. He dropped some Sagittarian arrows which Peeky convinced me to bind because they don't count as an item, just ammo. They alch for 3k each so it's like having instant cash! Woot! At least I didn't die the last two times on nightgazer! :D Monster version of potato-head ROFL!

After I got 63 I decided to play a bit on Faerie Tana and do some more dunjuns. With the release of hidden resources I was determined for 30 for maples (which I need like 37 wc lvls for lol). I dunj'd and dunj'd and leveled many things in the process but in the end I prevailed and went from 21-30 in just a few hours and runs. Next step... train up that chop-chop in Draynor! I can't believe I rank in another account! That's so awesome! :D

Well I really should stop going to bed at 4am... School in a week... :P Good night all!

Until next time...