Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Slayerin and Clue Scrollin

Today was filled with slayer and clue scrolls. I finished off my steel dragon task, getting a clue scroll (level 3) and stopping to do it. I then returned and alllmost finished but I ran out of bloods. My dad was nearby so I borrowed his SOL and bought some bloods from him and finished. Man does the SOL pwn! I thought hard about it and... Let's just say I bought myself another present! ;-)

My next task was one I've been hoping for forever! I got hellhounds!! I haven't gotten them since I could left click them which means I haven't had them in 5 combat levels! I purposely didn't take a bunyip so that I could do any clues as they came. Well, I got 4! Rewards ranged from 60 Sara arrows to some heraldic legs to meerkats pouches to a Bandos Page 4! It was sweet and I was happy.

I was so busy grinding that I only got one pic, of Fred escorting me through the deep wildy. Here we are on the way back to the lever. We both look very suave in our black dhide, whips, and flippers! :P

I got a desert strykewyrm task!!! Cmon elite clue tomorrow pl0x!! :D

Until next time...

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