Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Two Days Worth

Wellllll I fell asleep late last night and forgot to post! XD So hmmm.... Here are some photos and they may or may not be in order:

Me, Squirrelised, and Cathryndrie pull off a triple synch during ORT! :D

At the end of ORT 6 of us synch it up and looked really cool so I got a pic. :P

Rawresome (Samsonic) got 99 hp and I made it just in time to go!

Me and Merchy decided to go to falconry to get our hunter stones together. I always love her company! It took a while but we got our 2nd within like 10 minutes of each other and then I found a kingly on the way out! She told me to keep watch so I got my mud staff and nats and bound it while she dipped in the mud pool and caught it! Her first kingly! It had 10 rune bars and 4 compost, which she gave to me! :D

When I was getting the wc stones I came across Algebra Dude. Great name!! :D

Dunjuneering with Peeky has become a nightly event. I got 61 dunj!! Woohoo! It was made easier by the fact that I opened up the Taverly hidden dunjun which gave me half my level. :D

OK that brings us to today! What a day it was! I got up at 9:45 and did ORT which was very fun and I broke 14.8m xp. :o I then went onto Skype and heard Karl's various nomad attempts. XD He defied all odds of the gods and pwnt him on the 5th try! The only thing he shouted into skype when he won was... the f word. XD Tanya did her first go at nomad too and although it wasn't the best run I know she'll pwn him hard, just like I will!! ;D

I spent a large majority of the day slaying. I got a bunch of tasks including dusties (FINALLY!!), 5 mithril dragons, abby specs which I banned because I'm so sick of banking etc, and Tzhaar. Even though I don't really go for Jad it's fun to have a task where I can just kill stuff and not worry about dying. I didn't get very far, like wave 30 the first run at the highest, but I finished it fast.

Just for fun, here is a blast from the past- old graphics vs new. Yes, this is the SAME CREATURE:

I think this is possibly the biggest change made to a monster in the game. First time I saw the new Yt MejKot I was like Whoaaaaaaa o.O

As I was going to dusties I saw a guy in the tunnels chinning mummies. While that wasn't that interesting, the fact that his imp banner carrier was hiding behind a bush watching was! XD

I finally got lrc again for a task so I took a break from slayer and worked on getting the remaining stones for the week. With hunter out of the way it's easy! Got fishing, cooking, rcing, fletch, and more!

FINALLY got 78 rc from turning in the stones! Man that last 8k crept alongggggg....

After that I went to the circus to get 86 mage!! I was like 9k away and even though I failed 3 things I still got it! Woot!

After that and stones I did a ton of floors with Peeky. He hates the Desolo floors apparently so he did them on small! Yay! We got a ton of floors in and I got 0 prestige on the last one which means I'm pretty close to getting all the floors done again. Can't wait for new floors! I accidentally walked into the hobgob geo room and finally did something not stupid and pwnt him! Woohoo! Too bad I lagged when Peeky opened a door earlier and died from a zombie...

OK I think we're all caught up now! Good night all!

Until next time...

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