Saturday, August 28, 2010


Today I set off to complete my dragon task. It started with me getting ready at the GE, with cleaning my herbs and stuff. Suddenly Rachy pm'd me and asked me if I was available to do 2 crafting effigies. She was just the person I was hoping to see because I had a 97 farming effigy and she was open! Woohoo! So, I got 97 farming taken care of, and 73k crafting xp in about 10 minutes. For the win!!

I also finished cleaning all my good herbs and took the opportunity to sell them to my dad, but wanted 1k blood runes instead of geepee. He agreed and I found him at the GE, along with Rachy, and we traded. My herbs ended up being worth more than his 1k bloods so I told him to throw in 10k each of fire and air too which he did. Woot!

As I went to prepare for my task I noticed that my dad is not red to me anymore! Yay! He's orange! Even better, the person he was standing on had pie in his name!

I got all equipped for steels and headed off, hoping for something good. I did get two great shots as I was blasting them to bits:

Neeeroooom kaboom!!

Wahaha flying cape! Sparkly!

A little bit into it, I was getting used to killing them. I got a ruby drop which was actually a ruby this time... :P After a while one died and a very, very red drop appeared in the pile. My first thought was "oo mystic body!" but was immediately followed by the realization that these don't drop that and with a gasp...

Woop woop!!! D skirt! Finally I can say I've gotten a skirt drop! Coincidentally it's in the same spot, so more than likely the same dragon, that I got that D med helm last task! Oh steelie-ohs are so nice to me! :D

Embarrassingly, I ran out of bloods, right in the middle of a rl crisis involving my cat and her bodily functions. Other people had showed up at that point so there were 4 of us at the 4 steels. Luckily my dragon was almost redbarred so I just stabbed it to death with my SOL before teleing out to grab the rest of the bloods in my bank. No worries. Of course I only had 4 left... Luckily the other 3 I was slaying with were really nice and nobody got cocky or impatient. My task ended and I now have nechs. Ugh. I hate them. I hate them because for whatever reason rendering the death spawns causes my computer to lag like molasses.

So, I was not in a good mood, plus my cat being stupid PLUS my day at the water park ruined by it being 68 degrees and strong winds. We went, had dinner there, and then me and my mom went to the car and hung out for a few hours while my sister braved the elements and went on water slides. I didn't even want to go anymore. Bad weather sucks. I wanted to go to the park so bad. Oh well, thus is life, let's move on.

Before I left, I did my clue from steelie-ohs. I got this clue which made me laugh much harder than I should have... :P

My reward wasn't very good, but it was weird. I got 2 composite bows. And some rune. At least everything sold, but not before I shot off the bulk of my non-selling zammy arrows killing Men. :P

I have about 50 nechs left now and so far I've gotten a clue, toof half, and lotsa avantoe seeds so I feel better. I'm tired though so it's totally time for bed. Good night all!

Until next time...

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