Thursday, August 19, 2010

From The Text

Today I just doodled around doing this and that followed by dropping 2m on shards for the quest to 85 Scummoning. There's not much to say so enjoy some funnies today from the text!

New Dunj floors came out today and Peeky was all over them trying them out with his 93 Dunj. His description is priceless. :P

Vykonne has an interesting way of saying "running a lot."

Like the pinata description of years past, I finally came up with an appropriate description of effigies. :P

I did penguins sometime in there in hopes that I'd jump a few Dunj levels. I only got 1 level. Oh well that's one step closer to 70! :D

Since you can't buy infinite bananas for 2 coins now I bought a "basket pack" and set off with a birdo and an inventory full of them, leaving 5 spaces, and headed off to Karamja to pick my own, giving a Peeky-esque statement.

These next two are just for my dad. <333333

Me and my dad's favorite. Conversation. Ever. XD

Another funny one-liner...

Well tomorrow is Friday, woop woop! Then Saturday is my audition and then Monday is school. Yay! Maybe I'll do the circus tomorrow since I am like... 30k from 87 mage. I don't wanna slay because Tanya and I have dusties together and she is leaving for the weekend. Maybe I'll force myself to play SC. Oh yeah, I got my 2nd effigy all done thanks to Peeky and Polyanna. Woot! I am down to just a little over 500k until 97 Craftycraft now. Woop woop! Good night all!

Until next time...

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