Sunday, August 8, 2010

Breaking the Non Noob Barrier and Slayaaa

Well once again I forgot to reserve a post before midnight... Ugh... and it was very eventful too!!!

First off I did a clue scroll and got an ancient page 3!!!!!

I assisted Karl with an effigy and got a new pic of his bat staff:

I saw a guy in the GE named Gastrophete with a green dragon mask and it looked hawt with his outfit:

Later I went to check my kingdom and while there Nihil-ist got a red dragon mask!! I wanted to see it so he came on by with the heraldic skirt he also got:

I of course wanted to try it on so he let me hold it for a bit:

Hehehe! It goes so well with my cape!! :D

Sometime after that I decided to burn some shades for some cloth. It took a while to get it all done but I got enough cloth to make a splitbark helm! I sold the random armour bits I got and spent that money on some dragon bones. Finally I could get 78 prayer!

I went to my house and started altaring away. On my last bone, I got that level! Phew!

...then suddenly, the huge lvl 99 fireworks went off. WHAT??? REALLY???? I knew exactly what they were for and couldn't believe it!! That little prayer level had gotten me 126 combat, the max on freeplay (hence the large fireworks)!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT!!! I officially feel non-noob! :D

I of course massively freaked out in Canting and to Kitty over PM:

Later that night I had a feeling the star would fall in Rimmy mine so I looked at the scope and... it was a Fally star in half an hour! I went to the granite mine in the meantime to get granite to prepare for 85 summoning and took Rimmy for the star. Well, it fell there! Haha my hunch was sooo right! :D There was a bot there so we all reported him then he got Bobbed so goodbye bot!

After the star I let Tanya try on my top hat and it looked soooo cute! It pushed down her pigtails so that they were still visible. XD

So yeah, that was pretty exciting news for yesterday! :D

Today was another funfilled day! I started by squeezing my gp into spirit shards and chiseling granite and just in the nick of time when I was about to run out of shards I got 84 summon!!

After that I decided to go kill my last 100 spirimages. I hadn't gotten any d boots in the 150 or so I had already slain but they did give me 2 clues so I wasn't expecting much...

...that was, until I got 3 dragon boot drops within like 75 kills!!! Plus a clue scroll!! :D Woooot!!

After my task ended I decided to try out the Meerkats on my clue scroll. *gaaaassspppp* ohhhhhhhh they're soooooooooooo cuteeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-3

These little cuties got me a casket without triggering a sara noob wiz and also dug up my map clue for me!

As I was heading to the fishing guild I came across the polar bear. It was almost too much cuteness to handle!! :D

The clue was a pretty fail reward though... Like, not even lvl 3 worthy... WILLOW comp bow??? Ugh... Oh well it was fun anyway! :D

I ended the night with my abyssal demon task. Woot! So far I've gotten 3 rune chains, a rune med, and a clue scroll and we're barely getting started! I can't wait until tomorrow!

I leave with you a picture of me riding a mining cart because, well, just because! :P

Until next time...

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