Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Oi Idiot!

Tehehe my new favorite phrase was born today! I logged in this morning at school to do my dustie task and showed up next to this 137. Out of nowhere he shouts, "Oi idiot" ...I'm thinking great he's mad that I am "crashing his spot" and then he spits out, "get d boots!" Obviously he did not approve of my flippers and thought called me dum was the best way to go. XD He was also a total bag, stealing my kills and using soul split with full health (my biggest pet peeve so I guess he was getting me back XD) so I hung out in the chaos tunnels to see Tanya off to Bork before hopping to a better world.

I was actually quite happy and smug because, actually, the only reason I started wearing flippers into combat was as a demonstration to spite the Str Elitists and piss them off. Even better when combined with my untrimmed defence cape. Oh man it pissed them off so bad! The world is all str this and str that and I could not care any less! I was so happy to be reminded that, once again, my flippers piss people off. XD

P.S. don't even get me started about when jagex took away the str bonus from the torso. Oh man what a laugh I had then! BTW all I said in response was "Oi idiot!" and my new favorite phrase was born. I'll no doubt say it all the time now. Thank you Str Elitist!

Anyways I did most of it before heading off to Chinese. OMG, all the sounds are sooo confusing because the English letters used to represent them like... don't sound like them at all. :o I'll be all right once we learn actual words with them but Saarael some of those sounds are almost identical except for teeny tiny differences that my Linguist's Ears can pick up on but the poor rest of the class is like 'holy crap this is the same sound!'

My religion class went well and I am very excited about it. I think it will go great! I even got free lunch afterwards ftw! I signed up for my language lab right after that so I'll have to sort of high tail it over to the library but it'll work out fine. What won't work out fine is my lesson. No times work. Looks like I'm having a 4:30 lesson again. Good thing that fits neatly into my schedule so at least there's good news there. I also had band today. We lost one player from last year (which I was aware of but will miss him a lot) but gained one new one so once again we have 6 trombones. I have no idea how well he plays and I didn't even really notice because I actually had decent music in front of me! I think we're going to have a great year! Yay!

I went home and after several mishaps finally got to the fair and met up with my dad and sister. I had fun walking around and finally settled on my very favorite fair food- a barbecue chicken sammich... Yummy!! I am soooo exhausted right now it's not even funny. Like, I feel funny and am suffering from Jamais Vu which means that things that I've seen and heard a million times sound new to me. Like I click this song and I almost don't recognize it and my room feels weird. I need to sleep! XD I attempted to do my 66 irons tonight but after about 25 it just wasn't happening. OK, I'm off, but first here are some pics:

Me seeing Yaya off to Bork. She looks pwn in her SW cape!!

Yaya ended up getting another dustie task so we slayed together and I got an unflattering pic! XD

...so I tried again and got a better pic of us :P

They had pak yaks on display in the annual petting zoo at the fair! They even used the term "beast of burden." Tehehe runescape! :P

OK it's really time for bed. Oh my goodness...

Until next time...


  1. Dusties! <3333
    Oi idiot! >:O What a goon! Lololol.

  2. I'm glad I'm not the only one who sees these things in life and thinks about it in the game.

    I was watching one of those survival shows on discovery (the one with the army guy and the hippie that doesn't wear shoes) and they needed to catch some food so they set up deadfall traps. After that they found some flax and made it into bow strings for the bow they whittled out of a log.