Friday, August 27, 2010

Blahhhhhhh Real Life

Blergh. I'm tired. LOL! Today I played a little RS, finishing up my Hellies task, doing another clue scroll (Guthix page 2- woot!!), and then going to my kingdom. Whoaaa, I had 3 raven eggs! I guess they decided you can get ravens from kingdom now. That's new. :o I also got some Sara and Zammy eggs and 55 seednests among other goodies. I got 9 total different seeds from those nests and most weren't too good, but I did get 4 papayaya seeds, a calquat, and a palm. At least I got no spirit seed! :P

I now have like 60 some odd Steel Dragons. Ugh. I am not too happy because I want melee tasks, but I'll go buy more bloods and get around to that task tomorrow. :P I was happy though because I went to catch hellrats for brown spice to make stews to boost my wc to 93 so I could do my effigy. It took FOREVER to get brown spice and I took the stew with me so that I could try as I went along. Lucky for me I have a wily hellcat which helps loads. On my 2nd stew I got the +5 I needed and did the effigy! Woooot! Next was 95 Rhoonkreftin and I was about to give up but mentioned in chat and lo and behold Yrrah, known to me and Tanya as Yrrrragh, was free and ready to assist me with open arms! Woot! I got that all done and now have 97 Farmyfarm. I didn't feel like trying to find someone and can't boost up there myself yet, but the opportunity will come up I'm sure.

No pics, but I posted something on my other site AND I went to the store and bought cupcakes for no real reason so I am content, and nodding off! So nice to finally fill my schedule with stuff! That first week flew by! I'll prolly get on RS tomorrow and do that task and whatever else I feel like doing. Tomorrow night I am heading to our local waterpark, which is open exclusively for people and families of my sister's program. Woot woot! The whole fam got in for less than the price of one ticket for regular admission! It should be fun and I can't wait! Please let it be hot tomorrow!

Well I'm off... No more staying up till 2am for me! It's back to asleep before midnight. XD Good night all!

Until next time...


  1. I know how it's like to be too busy doing school to runescape/blog properly. =P

    Anyway, if you're interested, I also do a blog about Runescape and other things in life, if you want to check it out (don't feel obliged)

  2. Hey, no reason why you can't melee steel drags. You have the stats for it. It'd probably be faster than maging anyway. *shrug*

  3. Pie! ;) enjoy the park