Monday, August 16, 2010

Smiling Helm

Once again, forgot to reserve a post for yesterday... oops... Well, it was pretty uneventful... I did my LRC task...

...and funnies were flying left and right! Kayla started a mini trend of assuming anything and making it talk and we all followed:

I have a talking bandanna!

Kayla's bank had an argument with her amulets. :P

Kayla will prolly hate me for posting this one ;-; but it was really funny and cute :P

Unrelated to that, Peeky is going for 99 Dunj and so I made him a Hidden Peeky out of emoticons. :P

Later on me, Kayla, Zach, and Fred went to Kayla's house to play around and help her as she was trying to get her con up. Zachy also got 94 Summon!

I spent the evening/night doing a dunjun with Hognot, Yamdrew, and Grizelda73. It was fun even though I felt a bit weird and like a hinderance. I much prefer to solo or duo at my own pace but I had fun. Hognot left but us 3 did one more and managed to open every room plus I could be helpful my doing a lvl 102 craft room with the 5 statues. We got riftsplitter and amazingly I didn't die! I got about 18k xp from the two and should have 70 soon!

Moving onto today, I ran the full 2 hours of ORT plus about 15 minutes and walked away with this amazing achievement:

Yahoo!! 15m agility xp ftw!!

I then set off to do my 93 steels task. I wasn't expecting much but man oh man did I hit one epic win jackpot of the drop scale!! First it was clue after clue. I got 4 total, all level 3 but with decent rewards and at the very least stackers for TT's like rune full helms and legs. I also got another H4 skirt, and enchanted hat, and a Zammy Coif. :D

I was thinking about how funny it would be to get a tooth half, d legs, clue scroll, and visage all in the same drop and as I killed that dragon I saw a familiar drop on the ground. Woohoo, my 2nd effigy! I also got a ferocious ring that same drop. XD It was for 91 rc so I went to 117 and found somebody right away which was very nice. I also assisted someone on their 2 lvl 95 crafties and got my daily craftycraft xp. Not long now till 97! I think I'll play a few solid hours of SC once school starts and I have loads of time to kill. I have 93 con next so I'm waiting for Peeky to help me with that. Fingers crossed I get 97 craft for mega xp!

A little ways later I killed a dragon and it dropped what looked like a ruby. I thought to myself how odd of a drop that was but it looked a little darker than normal. Then I looked to see what it was and it was smiling back at me! :-)

Woop woop! D Med Helm drop!! My first ever, and first dragon item besides d boots! No d legs or skirts yet though... :P It looks so cute! It's peeking over the bones with its little spikey ears!

I continued getting rune limbs, rune bars, and rune maces to further please me. I also got a loop half. Such luck today!! :D

I love how I get the rarest of the steel's dragon drops too... :P

I now have 6 mith dragons which I'll tackle tomorrow after ORT. I leave with you this funny from Fred:

Jagex appears to have messed up the weight a bit. :P

Gnight all!

Until next time...

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