Saturday, August 21, 2010

Randomness this August Day

Today I didn't play much... I just fished a lot. I didn't know why suddenly I was so drawn to fishing until I noticed I was 5 digits to 85. :D

While there I first saw an Agile Sister and then an Agile Brother so of course we had to do an obligatory synch:

The other two knew each other and apparently Bobdown (middle) had a shinier cape than me and Pickle0972 (left in dragon). It was true!

And it's such a small world that Bobdown remembered me not from my previous clan but the clan I was in before that one. :o Such a small world... :D

My audition went well today and I can safely say I have secured another year in orchestra with no problems. Just Sunday separates me from a new school year! I can't wait to train my social skills! XD

Until next time...

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