Thursday, November 29, 2012

Snelm Glitch

Ahahahhahaha I am still laughing so hard oh my gosh!!!!!

If you're a female, and you have the most awesome Snelm in the world (blood n tar round) then your head becomes disembodied. I'll post some videos later but here is a picture that doesn't even do it justice:

It reminded me of a specific meme.....

Yeah. This one. XD

Until Next Time...

Friday, October 19, 2012

#19 and Green

Today (technically yesterday now... October 18) I sat down and did that new mining/smiffin quest because of the super awesome anvil pendant and the charges I could get on it. The quest was easy and fun and although I had the worst time finding the guy to start the redone Death Plateau quest I was able to finish the quest and all the tasks that followed in a few hours.

I love this amulet! It's awesome!

Before I did the quest though, I got something I wasn't expecting for another year or two!

90 Smiffin! This makes #19 and leaves just 6 more skills under 90. I can't believe it either. I can make freaking DFS's now!!!

I got a cool shot of the ribbon ceremony.

 Let me shooken your hand. :P

So in some random recent news....

I bought the Zanaris 2 toned hair and after spending an hour trying to get colors I liked and that looked nice I decided on black and purple. Here I am modeling it at a star:

I LOVE my Deathcon shirt!

My friend Raven got himself a cool outfit that included a 3a robe top. I actually like how they looked and asked if I could try it on.

I was so happy that he agreed! All these long coats look good with ele. :P

Getting sort of into the Halloween spirit, I have changed my outfit again. I'll probably be doing this a lot more now, as I don't feel as attached to any particular piece of clothing anymore... Except flippers. Flippers will remain forever. And the agility cape will appear oft. :P

So two years ago I had an orchestra concert on Halloween and somehow nobody thought it would be cool to wear costumes. It's stupid, because last year, even though our concert wasn't even on Halloween, we were encouraged to wear costumes. I went as my RS char and made my own moonclan. Anyway the year before that, even though we didn't dress up at all, I had to get in the Halloween spirit so I went into my closet and dug out only green items. It wasn't hard; the hard part was choosing what to wear!

Soooo.... that year I was...

Obscenely Green on Halloween
So green that I made my professor jump and do a double take when he saw me. XD

Anyway it was really easy to carry that title over into RS, especially with my new two toned hair. Here's my attempt at Obscenely Green on Halloween on Runescape:

Zanaris hair in the 2 greens, double eyepatches (I couldn't find a good hat), Guthix God Cape, Harmony- T2, Green Ele, Guthix Stole, Karamja Gloves (though I usually go with tribal bracelets), Magic Secateurs, Illuminated Book of Balance, Green Skin, and Flippers.

If I had a farm cape I'd wear it but I'm *only* 96. :P

I have gotten some comments on being the green lady and stuff like that. I hope people like it as much as I do!

Here's to tinking dat anvil for another 8 million xp...

See, even Wartface uses Piespeak! My Bash-Bash With a Hammer level is 90.

Until Next Time...

Monday, October 1, 2012

This World

 I have doomed it.

Suck it, Nomad. Three years is far too long.

The fire to get my quest cape back has been rekindled.

Thank you Instakill Dart for doing what should have been done so long ago.

October 1st has been a good day.

Until Next Time...

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Loki and Thor

 My friend Lothar Hantz and I did a star together this evening (with a couple members of DD as well) and after he saw my Loki outfit he decided to dress up as Thor for a photo shoot. Ownage.

We make a sexy pair of Bros. :P

Until next time...

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Sir Burny McFlamepants

I've been pretty busy. Here's the pics to prove it happened:

I actually did it! Once I got going with the flame gloves, ring of fire, and clan avatar I was making excellent xp! I did 1.2m xp in 6 hours today. That probably beat con for fastest leveling of 98-99. So yeah that's pretty much what I've been doing the past month-ish, with lots of breaks to chase stars.

Thanks to Bass Daddy, Kelledy, Uza Darkstar, and Miseryshadow who flew out to Seers to see me get the big fireworks. And thanks to our clan avatar, Steve Ortman, for getting me lots of bonus xp on top of bonus xp. I now have 9 99's and have more skills than combats again. I have no idea what I'm gonna get next but for now enjoy this incredibly nubby but tastefully flipper-matching cape. :P

99 Firemaking!

Until next time...

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Stories of Recent

 It's been a while! I've been really busy with real life and have just recently gotten back into playing pretty much every day. There's a lot to write about but for now here's some funny stuff that's happened in the past month.

I did a lot of this:
 Considering 99 fm now.... Hmmmmm!

Yesterday I was co-oping some Mazchna tasks with my dad like a boss and we got banshees. The task ended and I got 1 slayer point and decided to kill one more for luck. Good thing too because....

I got a champion scroll! XD

So I went and did the super easy Banshee champion...


Rules were easy. No pray, no melee. I gano'd up and ranged her in like 10 hits.
Also, Henry Cowell wrote a cool piece called The Banshee that I mention in the picture.

A couple days before that me and my dad were co-oping an Abyssal Demon task like pros and then this happened:

We both got whips within like 3 kills. XD XD

Zen Rest came out the other day and I couldn't figure out how to activate it (I thought it was an emote) so I became a noob and actually asked people at a star. They were so kind and told me it's under rest. I used it and love it!

Flippers enhance everything. Especially Zen Rest! XD

 A few days ago I did a star and got finders. I was all alone so I invited the cc to come and help. I was pleased to see so many show up! It still took a while but we had a good time. :P
 l-r: snowglobes, Blutengal, me, Uza Darkstar, Bass Daddy

I figured out how to do a "Fancy E" and my friend Daantje wrote me a fancy reply:

lolz :P

I got 90 Fletching today after making more arrows than I could count. It was worth it!

 It's my 17th skill to hit 90. So pro, so pro!

While there I met an Agile Brother named Lothar Hantz and we had a great chat:

 Note my tambourine that I finally got and, though you can't see it, my Cithara. I'm now holding instruments to further promote my name. lol

Lastly, right this minute, I'm mining a wilderness star. Yes, I'm brave enough to again enter the wildy. It's actually so much nicer with no revs and there's no pkers on this world (knock wood). I ran up and down looking for the star and couldn't find it anywhere! I had to have been missing something (I forgot to check hobgoblin last time but didn't need to) so I looked it up. While I was searching I managed to mine both the rune rocks so that was a plus! I finally looked and remembered that the star can fall at the wilderness volcano bank. I had completely forgotten about that and went off in search for it. Only one problem. The bank there no longer exists. Neither does the teleport. Where was the star??? Near rocks? No. On a ledge? No. Near any civilization? No....

Oh. Here it is! In the middle of freaking nowhere! I ran past it twice, finally catching it, untagged, above me.

So far I'm the only one mining it. Nobody else was looking or knows where to look for it. It looks like a cold sore on the very edge of the wilderness volcano crater thing, a shell of the cool bank and safe haven it used to be. I have no idea why it still falls here because it's not close to anything at all. Reminds me of the day after they changed up Taverley and the star still fell in the old mining spot and it took us a while to find it. This star's a size 3 so I'll be able to mine it all the way down, it'll just take forever. For the record, it's on the eastern side, on the outside of the crater, sort of near the bottom. I used the corp beast tele and ran south, totally missing it and entering the crater, double checking the map on Wiki like 4 times. I finally saw it while I was on the wrong side (inside) of the crater.

I bet you're jealous of my welfare gear. :P
Blk dhide full, mudskipper hat, gold mining boots (I don't take flippers to the wild), royal cape, power ammy, antifire shield, and a rune long. I'm the proest, I know. :P

It feels so desolate here, like the shadow of something great... like how things were before whoever it was leveled all the cities and created the wilderness in the first place...

I only mined 14 dust before I got my max because I didn't reach it at a star yesterday so when this is all done I have to go bank and then tele back. I hope I find the star again... XD

I also tried to contact the clan that does stars on this world but guests cannot talk in their cc so I couldn't tell anyone. Forever alone.

I got my dad to help me when he logged on. XD

Here's a "map" of where it is.

Edit #2:

It's still going, so here is a picture of what this area used to look like.

 I miss this little spot that I forgot about... :P

Until next time...

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

July 2012

Holy crap, July just flew by! I've been playing RS, usually about an hour at a time here and there, not really doing much besides chatting it up with friends and new people. I've been having fun in the Dark Dreams clan and have been taking a break from Canting for a while. I'm going a little stir crazy at home and haven't found something I enjoy training right now.

Without further ado, here's some pics from the lovely month of July:

===Two cool capes I saw===

 Queen Monica with a cool blue and white cape and Phat...

 D'Artanagan dArtanagan with a cool purple cape...

I've been playing on Faerie Tana a lot and with the help of my dad and my main I've gotten myself full Guthix armour, a really cool Lesko Diamond green cape, and a crap ton of supplies like uncuts, 10k maples, and more!

Look at that cape! ...and look at my dad lol

 My hawt new gear :3

===More fun with my dad===

 We got ice wyrms on co-op... my first time! It was fun and super easy. Plus, I got an elite Frem task done!

Fun with place names... lol

===Pics of Peeps===

 I asked DD member Venitax to come and find me one night... I met up with two other frequent flipper wearers there! l-r, M anny, me, Alesana Tory, and Venitax. I had a nice chat with M anny about agility and tips for getting 99, which is something I have a lot of experience in!

 While on Faerie Tana, I hung out killing things with my new R00n Skimmy in the Edgeville Dungeon. While killing some hobgoblins I ran into two people and combined, we had all three God Armours represented! On left with Zammy we have Ziggy28245, in the middle with Guthix is Faerie Tana (me), and on the right with Saradomin is Mr Phua.

While at a star one day my dad started emoting and synching up the slayer emote with a cool girl named just krispie (left).


Yes, my dad may have bought me the Pegasus emote. I love it! He bought it for himself too.

I enjoyed fighting the Party Demon. I hit a personal best of 1m. :P

===Levelings Up===

85 prayer! Woohoo for even numbers (as in 5's)!

I finally have 85 Ranged! Now I can start to get good at a skill I really want to master. :P

Well, that's all! To August!

Until next time...