Thursday, June 24, 2010

Quest, Quest, Quest...

Today I did, like 5 or 6 more runs at nomad. I got sooooooooo close one time! He was redbarred and so was I but I ran out of brews so it was all up to my Kyatt and ohhhhhhh I thought I had him but alas... I shoulda turned on retribution. Oh well I know for next time! Of course that pissed me off and I was in a really bad mood all day from frustration so I apologize to anyone who was like "WTF is up with Pie???!?!!?!?" Oh well I know I can do it! It's all up to the ruby bolt specs now!

Annnyyyywwwaaayyyysssss..... I logged on, before I did all this nomad stuff for today, and noticed a new quest! Of course, a new quest has to come out as I'm getting my quest cape back. However it looked to be rather easy so I decided to give it a go. I was glad I did, because it was my kind of quest! A cliffhanger calm quest full of puzzles! I could do this, and easy! So, I set off to find out who stole the cookie from the cookie jar and then went back in time just like in the Lunar Series and did puzzles!

The first one was just a small, yet oversized, slidey puzzle! After getting that done and a little later I appeared on a bridge with a cool sword!

The third puzzle was my favorite- a logic puzzle! I made some little graphs and soon figured out who was where, what they were thinking about, and what they saw. Then there was a cutscene of that chick fighting a torcher. I sat and waited. And waited... and waited....... and finally about about 5 minutes it occurred to me that I was in control and I was supposed to attack it! Hehe ooooooops! After that the quest ended in a cliffhanger and I was left feeling excited for part 2!

So like I said after the quest I went and tried nomad and got uber close except that last round. I sucked at that one. Oh well at least every time I never lost a Shelley full of stuff! Oh, and learn from my fail. Make sure your crossbow is on rapid and not longrange. It makes you actually get some hits in before drinking brews and stuff. The first time I realized and switched is when I almost beat him. So, a word to the wise. Rapid!

Being pissed from frustration I blew off some steam farming and catching some more Kyatts. I was also finally able to take a snapshot of a glitch I noticed a couple weeks ago of My Arm when he picks his goutweed. LOL!

His neck streeeettttchhhhesssss!! XD

Anyways I was in the mood to grind something but not nomad so I decided to just sit down and to EW3. With a guide it wasn't that bad but it did take a very long time. That puzzle would have been ridiculously impossible for me without a guide! It's along the same likes as MEP2...

I threw on some random gear and got to work! After an hour of pushing levers and moving cogs around I finally got to the part where the machine steals my defence and makes bars with it:

The rest was easy and I then made my own body body (what kind of name is that -.-) and the quest was done! The rewards were totally not worth the effort and length of the quest in my opinion but heyyyy I have a body body that makes cool effects when I put it on and that quest is behind me!

I then did more farming and met up with some friends who were slaying to show off my cool green and yellow outfit that I randomly threw on. :D

I then 3-itemed a basilisk without a shield on to purposely get pwnt. Then, I made some pizzas and then finished the night off with an evil maple tree in Lletya with Tanya and Aqua. It was way fun! Oh and speaking of pizza, they updated cheese so now it churns uber fast and makes wheels instead of a piece of cheese. With my 99 cooking I get anywhere from 5 to 25 pieces of cheese off a wheel!! Woooot! A great small update and just in time!! I've been semi-secretly making pizza for the past few days for fun and this really helps! Yayyyy!

Well I'm off to bed. I got lots to do tomorrow. Patience! Give me patience, and great specs all round!

Until next time...

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