Saturday, June 26, 2010

One Year Ago

Today is the anniversary of my first mega huge milestone. I've been hinting at it for the past week but in case you didn't follow, here are some pictures:

A year ago today I beat WGS and got my quest cape- an absolutely huge milestone for me, since I had only made the decision to get it about two months prior! I went to bed that night and all I heard was the sound of the emote. I was so proud I could have burst! I wore that cape loud and proud and for about a week I couldn't stop staring at it. I had a cape! A real cape with a logo on the back! I had done it!A year later, I am working hard at getting it back.

Because of other things that have happened the frustration of going after nomad has mounted so I'm giving it a rest for a bit to get my blood pressure down! :P I will have it. I know I can do it! I basically did do it! Haha, I just remembered that on one of my last attempts he nearly killed me. He shouted "pathetic" but I healed at exactly the same time and I lived! Hahahahahahahahaha in yo face! When I finally get that quest cape back by golly I am going to sit in Edgeville and emote for about an hour and then parade all over Runecape!

Am I sad that I didn't get it back on the anniversary? Oh of course. It's extremely frustrating. But, it's not the end of the world and my sanity is wayyy more important and I'll get it in due time. At least I CAN do it! Plus I'm all caught up so I can see that cape back on!

Anyways today was rather interesting. I first off did about half of my wyvern task, stopping when I ran out of food. Kayla happened to have them too so I gave her some tips to make them a little more bearable and got a pic of us:

I eventually ran out of monkfish so I decided to finally claim my woodcutting reward from Myths of the White Lands:

I love slippin and slidin around on that ice! Also notice my lovely blue outfit that I put on for fun. :P For some reason sliding around reminds me of my cat slipping in the snow from her outdoor days. :D

Getting that lovely reward left me with just 6k to 88 woodcutting so about 5 minutes on ivy later:

...88 Woodcutting was mine! :D

Now here is something interesting- for the past two days I've been playing on one of my other accounts- Faerie Tana! I kind of want to try PVP but I don't want to do it on Pie so I have spent a ton of the past two days playing on her and beefing her up. I found the prefect safe place to raise her combat- Fist of Guthix! I have never played it before except for that awkward time to unlock the music, where I had no idea what I was doing. Well, I caught on quickly and every run I would level multiple things. I got in and out of black armour and weps in less than a day and am now in Mithril. FOG is much faster on my mom's computer so I have no pics but I came back and played a few rounds on Pie now that I knew how to play. I got some tokens! I have no clue what to spend them on so I might just get those berserker shields, uncharge, and sell. On Faerie Tana, I managed toget a pic of the massive, laggy carnage which is FOG:

Check out the updated magic spells too! I was worried that they'd sound really different (I'm fussy like that lol) but they look great and sound amazing! The earth spells look awesome and the water surge spell looks soooooooo cool! I have no idea where I am, because I'm buried in a blanket of hitsplats!

Also yesterday my buddy Bridled Ruin got 99 Fishing so I was there ready for a pic:

He has like 40m worth of rocktails on him now... :o

Back to today, since it was the anniversary of my quest cape, I was in a questing mood! Even though I didn't feel up to nomad that sure as heck didn't stop me from doing the freeplay quests on Faerie Tana! I did several today and last night and feel very satisfied. Since I started 4 years ago, I've forgotten a lot of the free quests so it's been really fun to experience them in high-graphic, storyline-updated glory. I was thrilled that the holiday quests are back to freeplay again too so she now has a broom and did the icy slidey slippery quest! :D

Man I got spoiled by 99 agility! It's so weird walking everywhere and being able to run like... only from one side of a city to the other... I'm used to running from Lumbridge all the way to the wildy ditch or better yet, teleporting! XD Of note, I did Vampire Slayer and doubled my attack xp, going from 20 to 26 and getting me 2 combat levels (to 23) and I did Knights Sword which raised me from 6 to 29 smiffin! Hehe, smiffin is my highest skill now and the one one with xp in the 5 digit range. :D

Back on Pie, I felt like playing a minigame so I looked at my auto login world and it was trawler so I headed off. I have loads of tar from shade burning so I played a couple rounds just for fun. While there another hilarious conversation happened in Canting:

First we were talking about our defence xp and I brought up that I have 14.1 which makes me a "sad narb defence nooououuuuub." We then talked about those str elitists that are everywhere which led to this. Hehe. And as for the guy who said "boov" instead of "noob" and I got a screenie, I have it right here!

Man that pic is from my oldddd archives! :D Me and my dad still joke about it and of course we also still joke about these ones that I just have to include:

We still say "rune booooooooooooooooooots" and we even still say "scammer. reported. aswell."

And we still love saying "oh huh-sut up!!!" :D

Today was a productive day and was a ton of fun. :D I wonder what tomorrow has in store!

Until next time...

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