Friday, June 18, 2010

In A Dunjy Mood

Today I piddled around, doing some evil trees and stars and getting some more rocks for the week such as Rhoonkreftin, 1/2 Hunter, and of course thieving:

My outfit was extra noobtacular and colorful this week! :P I went to re-buy my blue shorty shorts (I gave them to a guy for his vid a while back, for keeps) since I was lawcrafting for the stones but I noticed a mini skirt which looked even better! I bought those trousers too and I loved them but with that weird red band at the top I didn't like them so the skirt won out. I picked the master farmer for what felt like FOREVER and wasn't getting any stones so I went to Ardy to pick from guards and paladins. I lured a guard, knight, and paladin all under one roof for some picking pleasure! :P

I got one stone from like a guard and then went to the farmer in ardy and picked him until I got that 2nd rock. Man I looked like a noob...

I got invited by Jax to do a floor of the wonderful world of Dunj... I've been in the mood for it lately but unfortunately my level was too low to go. Still, I wanted to go raid some stuff so I went solo. Where else can you get 'naked' and pretend to be Link? LOL

So, I was off. Solo. Floor 3. It was a nightmare. It took like an hour and a half because I am a hoarder and I pick up every single thing so each room took like 10 minutes... Then I got the frostweb chick and died 3 times trying to mage her to death.... Yeahhhh.... I got like 400 xp. -.- I was frustrated and kind of pissed but still in good spirits. :P

I lost connection near the end and I told the chat that "I about peed on my computer." Yeah I was frustrated but really I wasn't feeling *that* much anger... :P I laughed as soon as I said that. Luckily I didn't log out so I finished off this awful floor and then....

I did the next floor with Nihil-ist and it was way better! It was easy with 2 people and he was patient in helping me do things better and explaining things. We got an icy floor which I loved to skate all over. :P The floor was huge and we got tons of stuff. I got a ton of xp too which is always nice. :D Plus, being able to make bloods pwns! I like to mage everything down here so far so I have a lovely fire staff that Merchy made me bound to me. :P

Long into midnight we did this floor and then I piddled around some more before finally logging off. Time for bed now, I am tired. :P First, here are two funnies from today, both taken when I was using some tree magic on... magic trees!

Hehe nothing is funnier to me than when people use those emoticon shortcuts from Sals. I've gotten in the habit of saying ":box:" now but I found this one to be unusually funny. XD

Only a little while later this hilarious conversation about why a helmet has a str bonus happened. "OMFG I own now!" Heh heh... XD

Well I'm off now... I'm so glad so many people saw and loved my new video! :D I might start on another one soon... ;P

Until next time...

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