Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I Finally Did It!

Well folks, as far as the Nomad department goes, it's on!!! I finally got on my mom's uber-fast, large screen compy and set off to pwn this nub! Once I got there I was much, much less scared and even calm. From my view, nomad is like a mithril dragon except he hits really, really, really high-- enough to warrant the use of sara brews. I now understand why people die so much before succeeding. All 5 of my attempts I took today ended in a pwnt pie because I was busy working out the proper ratio for me of brews and restores. Luck also plays a huge part, because that last run I didn't get any ruby specs on him until after like 3 waves! That run was the worst- he pwnt me when I still had plenty of supplies. But, it was getting later and I was getting tired and losing focus. I'll go back tomorrow with a clear head!

I'm using a Shelley with lots of brews on top and some restores at the bottom. That way when I take the BOB I get restores until the very end, which is when I pretty much end up using the restores. I tried using a Kyatt with Ambush but I ran out of pots when he was just at 1/4 health before healing the 2 or 3 times I tried it so I went in with a Birdo and then with a Shelley.

Sorry I have no awesomesauce pics... Like I said I was on my mom's computer, and I'm not sure it even has paint! :P I did plug in my own mouse so that I had the feel of it down and I didn't have to totally adjust to a new system! Hehe... :P However I have one funny from this morning:

I guess a bunch of servers crashed and then rolled back 5 minutes so my friend Catti told me that Jagex dressed her. Too funny! XD

Hopefully tomorrow will bring news of triumph!! Huge thanks to Fred for hanging out at the SW lobby and cheering me on and thankies to my dad for selling me more brews and restores! :D When I beat this thing... You can expect to see some sort of culinary art in celebration! :P

Final score for the night:

NOMAD: 5. PIE: 0.

Until next time...

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