Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I Told Myself

...that I would go to bed before midnight. It's now 1am! Currently nothing tempts me like a dungeon! :D

Today I worked on getting those last 4 pairs of stones. Well, I didn't get far because I didn't feel like doing any of those skills but I did get the thieving stones and a lovely green outfit for week 13:

Of course the morning started out with me rolling out of bed and rollin' right into W46 for some open run time! :D Kayla got a gilded skirt today so she bought a gilded top and the two of us plus Rachy gave each other some lovin. :D

I played Faerie Tana for a bit today and got Sheld of Arrav done! It was not without drama over my poor pardner having to keep leaving... I finally found someone and phewwwww it's all done! Now it's 2 quests left before the mother of all... free quests... Dragon Slayer! :D I gotta get that mage up...

Back on Pie I did my penguins and had 32 penguin points! With sooo many of my skills under 100k to lvling it was a hard decision but I decided to go with my original gut and put it on prayer, getting 76! :D

I went to FOG on Faerie Tana after that and got so sick of being paired with lvl 90's (against my lvl 25) that I got on Pie, bougth a rune skimmy and kite, and marched my flippered, full runed, agile caped, chompy hatted pixels over there and pwned everybody! I got a lvl 3 on one of them so I let him get lotsa charges before I maged him. We added each other and the next time I saw him he was lvl 13. Hehe. :D I got enough tokens to get dragon slayer gloves! Yay! I went back to mems, got ancients on, and continued playing FOG until I was going to go to bed, when Twi asked me to do a dungeon with him. I couldn't say no so we did floors 16 and 17.

Both times we got the incredibly nooby Rammernaut! Lvl 116 both times too!

He went oof a lot! :P

After the 2nd dungeon I was surprised to get 45 dunj!

Twi left, closing my screen, so I have no idea what else I can do... >.<

Woot! Now 70 dunj and therefore 70+ again doesn't look that far away! I am lovin this dunj business now that I have a grasp of what to do and how it works. It still has kinks that need ironing but I am content now. I get insane xp in all my skills in here! I wanna take Faerie Tana to one and see what I can level on her... :P

Well I better go to bed, if I ever expect to get up early again... :P Goodnight!

Until next time...

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