Friday, June 4, 2010

Flashback Friday: A Day at the Movies

This post is full of movies! I'll get to that part in a little bit though... :P

I spent the majority of the day playing Fast SC until all the ranks left and the chat was beginning to fall apart. I got 184 points though! :D Before that though I played a regular game for one more needle and:

Yay! I got 92 Crafting!! I need less than 4,000 more sc points and then I can just shoot straight for 99! :D It's about 21 needles per 1m xp and I have 6m to go... It's under 200 and not far now! :D During that game I got most clay gathered because...

We had 2 class 5 rocks next to each other AND right next to a furnace! :D It was a game of mega points. :D It's now been set as my objective and I am about a blue dhide body's length closer than halfway! :D

No joke- 92 really is halfway!

Before all of that however my dear friend Peekyface got 99 Construction! I got it on film just for him and got this picture of us:

Right after he got 99 con he went and PWNT JAD!!!!!! He told me that getting 99 Con raised his confidence so he gave it a try and now has a fire cape!! Wowie!! Two great capes in the same dayyyy!!!! Congratzzzzz Peeky!!! And, here is the video if anyone wants to see it:

As I was using up my needles for 92 craft I ran into Victor Dors, an agility caper who I see everywhere. He finally followed me to say hello and that he sees me everywhere!

He wanted to borrow my whip but I can't lend it because it's green. :o

On a farm run today I ran into a guy named Canter who has no relation to Canting. He probably gets and will get members saying "omg nice name@@@" all the time. Poor guy... :P

After my Fast SC adventure I spent like half an hour helping my friend ellindrian make a penguin suit. Finally, after forever, he got it made. :P

I ended with a farm run and plan to sweep kingdom tomorrow for herbs because I can finish my statue tomorrow. :D Plus I can put the money from it on more green leather! Muahaha!


OK now it's finally time for Flashback Friday. I thought that I'd flash back to my days before 99 Agility. I've had my cape for almost 3 months now and it feels like I've had it forever. Sometimes it still catches me by surprise that I actually have it! :D In this post I'm going to give a few tips and things to make it move along.

First off, only do it if you want to. If you don't, then take a break. Otherwise you'll hate it and will be less likely to come back. Next, find what your drive is. What inspires you to run? Is it the cape? If so then watch videos of the emote or whatever. Does watching inspiring videos push you to run endless laps? For me a big inspiration was the Winter Olympics. Watching them made me want to run to oblivion, which I did. :P Does the animation of flying through the air make you want to do it? For me, this very video is what sold me on going for 99:

I had never seen what the extended course actually looked like and I remember seeing the lovely animations and literally shaking with excitement. A very short time later I was there on those courses. :P

However for me probably the biggest inspiration to run run run was to listen to music that had a strong beat, preferably techno. Hearing the same RS, default, auto-looped theme music got old really fast and I felt so much more epic when I ran with some cool music in the background. Plus when Jagex took away looping music (which I HATE!!!!) this was even more important. Below are 2 of the songs that I listened to thousands of times when I was running all day every day. Keep in mind that the videos themselves have nothing to do with Runescape or Agility and actually have to do with another of my favorite things, glitched Mario videos.

This first song I love so much that I wish beyond wishes that I could somehow get it and make an agility video with it. When I hear it I literally want to be back at Barb. If only he knew how many times I played it over and over again. It was even better with headphones in because I could really hear the beat. :D

This next song I also listened to thousands of times. It has a strong beat as well and there was just something about running to it that made me able to do it for hours. Plus, it's a song that most people know, in techno form. :P

Update January 2011... The account of this vid has been deleted. D: I'll have to go find the remix again via google now. XD

There were also many others such as Adiemus, which I did manage to get a hold of and use as the main song in my 99 Agility video, and Lord of the Dance and actually most Celtic music that was energetic. Let us not forget the actual video that made me consider Agility in the first place. If you recall, or maybe not, I didn't have anything planned after 99 Defence and still was in grind mode so I wanted to powertrain something. I was thinking Con or Craft but they were too expensive and I wanted a skill where I could DO something more than sit around. Then I saw this video and the agile cape stood out. It spoke to me, man! Just about 6 months later I had that agile cape!

Plus if you recall I eventually found and met that girl who changed my Runescape life forever and made me the Pie that everyone knows and loves today. :P

In closing I want to post this funny and totally unrelated video that I think deserves to be seen by everyone. When I saw this thing take off into the air and realize it was a model plane I laughed so hard!!!! Behold, a flying lawn mower:

Is that awesome or what!!!

Anyways I should get to bed probably... I don't want to mess up my sleep too much... :P

Until next time...

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  1. Tanyakins05 June, 2010

    Aw Pie. :D I loved Saimsa's video and I actually remember watching all of the RuneScape machinima final entries for a machinima blog entry I had to do for my digital media class. xD It's brought back good memories! Who knows, even I might go for 99 Agility once I've eventually got my Agile top and legs?

    And lol @ the flying lawnmower. xD