Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Randomness this June Day + End of June Hiscores

Whoa what a day! I did a lot of random things today. First, I ran some agility on w46. However I cut my time short so that I could do a dungeon with Zoorhana. Since he's freeplay at the mo, I got on Faerie Tana and the two of us pwnt!!

What started as 1 or 2 floors soon turned into 5 before we both had to go. :D We got Icy Bones and the Frostweb chick. Even though I was a lvl 27 (getting lvl 27 while killing something!) I still was able to pwn! However I couldn't do any of the skill doors but luckily Zoorhana could do most of them. :PLike I said I love Dunj now! I really dunno what happened but it rocks!

After that I decided to help Tanyakins get the greegrees so I went to Ape Atoll thru the spirit tree and then hung out at the base of the agility course. She went to switch computers and never returned... :o I took off the greegree of course, because everyone knows I hate it, and hung out with some fellow agilifiers. Cossack showed up after a few minutes and we waited about an hour for Tanya to return. I dunno if she ever did, because I had to leave and go to a meeting. :P

The monkey on the left is RimaTouyaFtw and the guy on the right is hockeyowns16. The three of us and then later Cossack had a lot of fun just hanging out. I pointed them towards my blog and they both seemed to like it. :P I also just barely caught this funny from Peeky:

After I got back I did my dragon slayer task, got the fm rocks (lol got #1 lighting random fires on the agil course this morning :P), and ended up once again soloing an evil tree. There were plenty of people waiting for it but when the sap grew and I teled there not a soul was in sight. So I got to work cutting it when Peeky pm'd me asking if I would help him plant dwarf weed seeds. I told him I would if he would cut the evil willow with me so he came over and I got a pic! :D

He got that crown by catching his own kingly! It's looks soooo cute! I know I've said it before but it's cuuute!! Two people showed up near the end and the tree finally died from the 3rd lightning. Lucky Peeky got a clue! I got a clue from dragons earlier that I'll film tomorrow. Cmon Robin! :D I helped Peeky plant his seeds and then went to Tears of Guthix to try and get some dunj levels and therefore more floors. I got something like 143 tears which was pwnage and got 46 Dunj!!

Nothing this level but in a floor or two I'll have 47 and another floor! I did a dungeon right before leaving for the night and got Rammernaut again. What a noob boss! I pwnt him with my hawt fire wave like usual. It won't be long now before I have 70 dunj and 70+ all again!

Well, another month has come and gone so here are my hiscores as they stand after my last June day:

Yay, almost 100k xp in dunj... :P Now is where the xp really takes off! I love how my rank and my xp are almost the same. LOL! And I am lovin my agility rank! It's going up so high! I have a ton of skills about to level and it won't be long before I do. I still need to finish the statue... I need RC and Hunter, both of which are 5 digits till leveling so I might go level them. :D I am also VERY close to 90 Attack! I'll definitely get it or at least get very close with my 220 greater demon task! I'll pro tank that tomorrow. Crafting will raise when I feel like playing SC. I am lovin helping with effigies! I feel like my high crafting is worth two cents and I love to help people! I've gotten a good amount of xp from it which I am sooo happy for! Pretty much every time I help someone it's like the amount of a SC needle so that's a game less I gotta play! :D

Well I better go to bed now. I can't wait to play tomorrow! :D

Until next time...

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  1. Tanyakins01 July, 2010

    Oh Pie, I'm so sorry you waited around. :( My laptop overheated so I couldn't go back on it, and my dad decided to be really stubborn and go on the family computer. :@ I'm sorry! If you're free later or this weekend, we can go greegree hunting then. <3