Thursday, July 1, 2010

Moonlight Sonata Reversed Sounds Cool!

Today was a pretty random day! I started it off with a trip to Daemonheim. It was a nice dungeon until the boss...

Lexicus Runewright... An evil librarian who throws book bombs! I think I died once but finally pwnt him. It was kind of a neat setting though!

Immediately after that, Aqua got 99 Woodcutting!! I took a movie which will be up tomorrow but I did get a cool campfire pic:

Woot!! Gratz Aqua!!!!!!!! Your first skillcape! :D

After that, I decided I'd better get cracking on my greater demon task. I ended up having way more than I thought at 243! So, I marched up to my spirit tree and there was an evil tree out! That's the bonus of your own spirit tree. Since you can't right click tele, you have to talk to it and therefore know if a sap or evil tree is out. Well, I was curious so I went to MA, got my gear, and teled to it. What I found was an evil elder tree in Lletya with one lone person chopping. Woot!! He was even a Defence Brother, named Goosefrubber.

I did manage to get Levi to come along and eventually a 4th person named "lowelfesteem" (LOL!!) came to finish it off. The mad firemaking xp got me down to 3k till so after cutting mages with Goosefrubber for 30 minutes I lit the 10 mage logs I had in my inventory and got 86 Firemaking!!

Wewt!! One step closer to 92!!

Finally I was ready for my task so I headed out for Kuradal's Clubhouse. Not long into it, I got my lovely, 7th skill at 90! Helloooooooo...

...90 Attack!!!!! It joins 99 agility/defence/cooking, 93 hitpoints/craft, and 90 mining in the level 90 boat! Not long now! I am hoping for 99 Attack at about the same time I got 99 Defence. Maybe I'll even do them the same day! We'll have to see how fast I level... :P

I finished that task and got 80 iron dragons! So, I went out and bought some runes and set off. I was the only one there at first and found an agile brother named Twisted Trip killing dark beasts next door!

After a while someone joined me and then another person and then another! We had 4 people for the 4 iron dragons! Luckily we were all chatty and enjoyed each others company. I got this great pic of us set up kind of like Hungry Hungry Hippos:

I even got their names! That's me on the right, acxent on the bottom, DarkLordBest covered up by a Shelley on the left, and Angelfishgod on top getting engulfed in firebreath. :P They made my task go by fast and made it fun. :D I actually banked the bones this time instead of burying and tanking my task so after that I went to my g altar and got most of them. I have lrc now! Hellooooo slayer and combat xp!!

After that, I felt like doing a dungeon so me and Twi got together and did floor 20. Oops, he set it to medium instead of small. I'm not a huge fan of the bigger dungeons because I get lost easily... I shudder to think of what the large floors are like... :o Anyways it was a lot of fun and we got the riftsplitter boss. I just could not figure it out and kept dying. I got him redbarred when Twi died the 2nd time but then he lowered my mage so I died at him. Kind of like nomad... Grrrrrr... Oh well the xp was enough to lvl me! :D

Yayyy!!! 47 Dunj! Pretty soon I'll be 50 and then 60 and then 70!! :D I can't wait until I can do some floors with Jax and her friends! :D

Well it's time for bed! Of course you're probably scratching your heads at the post title so I leave you with this awesome video. I got the back story of it from OMG Facts and listened and it instantly reminded me of Dr. Sorela. I've been listening to it all day. :P Here is Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata... backwards!

It sounds so unique and I love the chords. :P Me and my sound-oriented-ness... :P Good night all!

Until next time...

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