Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Trip Day Five

Today me and my dad drove (instead of walked- my poor aching legs!) back to the mall and spent the day at the indoor water park! Haha how spoilt are we, we get an indoor water park! :D It was kind of like the YMCA back home but like 4 times as big, twice as tall, and with like 20 slides instead of 1 and a giant wave pool instead of the lap pool. It was spendy but worth it! I had a blast!

My favorite ride was this steep slide but instead of sliding down you get in this solid plastic toboggan and ride that down. Then when you hit the water you glide on the surface in said toboggan. It was great! They also had one of them toilet bowl rides that I went down way too fast and smacked my head against the side thanks to the G-forces. Ouch! Oh and I fell out the bottom right on my back into the water 5 feet below. Oh well, in typical me fashion I went on it again! I also treated myself to the prolly 70 or 80 foot tall XTREME slide that goes basically straight down. Not the funnest but it was uber fast and I got a big wedgie and water up my nose so fast that it shot back out my mouth without even any pain! Oh the joys of intense slides! Haha!

We also spent a lot of time in the wave pool just hanging out and in the hot tubs. It was so fun and man were we tired when we left! At least my feet feel better now... After that we went back to the hotel and met up with my cousin again plus my aunt, uncle, and another cousin for pizza! We had fun chatting and then it was time to go back to the hotel. Our trip is almost over already! Wowie that went fast!

I was able to play a little runescape today and do a farm run and talk to people in Canting. However the internet is really bad and keeps losing cnxn so I was just hoping I could actually finish my farm run! I did and then thought it best to leave. I have also been doing some dunjuns on Faerie Tana and watching her levels explode. I got 30 attack ftw!!

Ugh the internet is being all picky again so I can't share the pic I took today of a cool guy in a cool outfit. :-( This is my last night in this hotel before we begin the trip home so hopefully I'll have better internet there! Byes for nao!!

Until next time...

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  1. You went North, cross the border? Anyway, seems you enjoy your well deserved holiday. Runescape is a work :)
    See you soon. Hi to Bass