Saturday, July 10, 2010

Full Of Pie has logged in.

Today I did a bunch of random stuff. First I crafted with my remaining needle and a half plus I assisted Peekyface, getting me under 900k till that next craftycraft level. :D I then got a new slayer task and it was blue dragons! I took imp boxes and a Shelley and lasted for 30 kills! I went back for a second trip with a couple less boxes and filled up my inventory and then used Shelley to go to my altar with as many bones as I could, since he only had 9 minutes left. After that I did a farm run and loaded Shelley with pineapples. I am maxed on compost again but have too many bukkitz so I am trying to get my s'compost back up while I bank some compost to sell.

Along the way I caught this funny:

Low rabsters! :P

I did a bunch of other random things like show Helm Lardar how to kill shady strangers using emerald bolts. Poison damage doesn't register as getting hit on their radar and so you can poison them to death. While I was in Draynor Bank selling someone some laws, I spotted a girl in an agile cape and we had this hilarious, sweet exchange:

Woot! United by the cape with a guy on it!

On a later farm run I got distracted by the circus and caught this amazing shot of me doing the ranging portion!!

I hit every target along the way and got over 15k range xp!! I became, and just remembered that I still am, less than 400 xp from 81 ranged. Hehe... :P

Sometime along the way I collected some frogspawn for a couple craft pots in case I get a 97 assist, getting my face pwnt by many wall beasts along the way. Good thing frogspawn is edible and I was able to restore their 160 damaging hits.

I also found my way to Tears of Guthix and despite a terrible run I did get another dunj level!

Tome of frost ftw!!!!1

Late in the evening, I got an invite form Jax to go dunjing. Yayyyy!! Me, her, and two of her friends (whose names I forgot to write down, grrrr) did a couple of the frozen levels and had fun! The best part was when we got plane-freezer as our boss and Jax wanted to just tank him so we let her, cleared the rest of the rooms, then went and helped her pwn. When he was dead we all enjoyed skating all over the ice. :P

When we left I went back and did a solo dungeon. I got the Sagittare boss and while he was tricky I was never at risk for dying, thankfully. However his spec makes me walk which is an agile master's biggest peeve!

I got him down to a sliver of health before he teleported again. Then I saw my familiar glide to him and... hit him for a 1 and pwn him!! Woot! My skinweaver saved the day! That was a good dungeon! :D

Well I'm off... I'll prolly do a dungeon or two tomorrow and get 49 and possibly 50! Woot!

Until next time...

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