Thursday, July 15, 2010

In A Haze

Today I was a little sick all day and felt like I was in a haze... I did dunjuneering but failed/quit a bunch of dungeons and they all ran together so I thought I had stuff I didn't etc...

However, something awesome happened and it was worth it!!!! I finally got 10k tokens, and RS decided to time me out in the middle of a floor which I was cool with because I was sucking hardcore at life and then I got drill demon'd right when I went to the reward trader and couldn't tell the chat my displeasure of the turn of events because Damien dominates my chatbox and urrrrgghhhhh!!!!! Ok, rant over. Anyways, I had 10k tokens and once I was back I was finally able to get the Scroll of Life!!!!!!!!!!!! Wooooooooot!! Even better, I misread it the first time and it ended up being better! I was under the impression that it was a 10% chance of getting seeds back from dead patches but really it's a 10% chance of getting the seed back from ANY PATCH, LIVING OR DEAD!!!!

After realizing this I was so excited! I happily went on my farm run and was picking all those high level herbs that I got off that farmer etc. I went to Trollheim first and picked my lovely torstol, the rarest and most prized of herbs. I finished and planted my kwuarm and then noticed an extra seed in my inventory. I looked at it and couldn't believe my eyes. I just got back my torstol seed. WHoaaaaaaaaaaaa holy crap!!!! I got a torstol seed back!!!!!!!!!! Wooooot! Too bad I didn't notice till I planted the other seed but I went back an hour later and planted it. :P Woot woot!!! So far I've gotten back a torstol, strawberry, and potato seeds. Even better, you get 3 seeds back from allotments! It's so amazingly awesome!!! Scroll of Life was soooooo worth it for a farmer like myself!!!!!!!

After that dunj just got worse and worse. I died on the first room from some skeleton so I quit ad statred over and got the Monolith from Hell where I got piled by like 6 shades at a time and died............ and I was getting really pissed from frustration plus with my haze it was almost like what in the world is going on..... Man I need to go to bed I feel like I'm not making sense...

On the last dungeon of the night I got glutt and I couldn't beat him and died. Then I went back and he healed up so I died again because I ran out of food. Rather than try to gather more food I just logged out. lol. Today has been like that...

Oh I did get 55 dunj!

Woot new floor!

A highlight of today was doin some floors with Tanya which was pretty fun too. :P

OK I really need to go to bed. I really hope I feel better tomorrow and don't have food poisoning or something.... Gnight..

Until next time...

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