Friday, July 9, 2010

Thr Most Epic Desert Wyrm Task Ever!!

Whoa what a task it was!! First off, I got 86 Slayer:

Then a short while after that, I got 91 Attack!!

Aaaaaaand, *fanfare* I got my first effigy drop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 :D

I finished my task just in the nick of time to see Raffy get 99 Woodcutting!!

Many of us were in flippers... :P

He got it!

First Emote :D

I then went to nourish my effigy. The first stop was 91 Farming. Woot, with my 88 farming I could garden pie on up to 91! So, I gathered the ingrediments, nommed the pie, and got a free 15k xp. Next up was... smiffin or mining! Luck was totally on my side because I had just brewed two calquat kegs of mature dwarven stout, and I was 134k from 91 mining!! Bingo! So, I hit the living rock cavern (on W77) and after a few hours I had 91!

While I was down there I also caught this hilarious, nonrelated stack of an almost identical sentence. :D

I made my way to Edgeville, drank some mature stout, and nourished that baby right up! I also drank some more and smelted my first runite bars! :D Next up on the effigy was.... Construction. Uh oh... Peeky was not on and I only have 86. So, I looked in my friends list and out of the people on at the time I thought Jojo would be my best bet. So, I pm'd her and asked her if she knew someone with 95 con and she did! She directed me to his house in Taverly and after he drank some tea he happily assisted me. Thank you I Derfdog1 for your help!! I was almost done! I looked inside for that 97 skill, hoping for something I could do... and I got cooking!! Woohoo! I cooked it right up and was left with a Dragonkin lamp. :D Well, the choice for me was obvious and I used it on Crafting, getting me a whopping 41,115 xp- about the same xp as a sc needle! :D

Well, that gave me the enthusiasm to play some sc. The games were going well until... one game we got absolutely WERCKED by the other team. I mean we couldn't even leave our base without 10 barragers on you like that. I kept trying to escape because I had 19k score so I could find a furnace but it was no use. I got bored and managed to pick one and get a c4 net! I had on protect item and I went out and started killing them with my net! It was actually doing damage too which was funny. I got bored and finally sat it out and when the score came up... Out team had won!!!!!!!! Holy crap!!!! I guess we spent more time skilling then they did, since all they did was cam at our base and pk us. I rubbed that in their face of course before happily accepting the 10% bonus to my score pushing me to just over 20k and getting me 20 points. Hah!

With 200 points earned I took out 10 tools and started on my huge pile of green leather. I haven't shelled out any more money from the 7m I started with which is fantastic. :D That 7m back when I got that whip has gotten me 94 and....

...95 crafting!!!!!! Woohoo! Look out effigies, I can do all of you now! I potted earlier for a friend's 95 craft so I know potting works! Woop woop!! Getting a free 30k crafting daily is totally AWESOME!!!!

I leave with you some funnies. As I was in Edgy crafting there were people glassblowing so the vuvuzela sound effects were in full force. As I was listening closely I heard one that sounded.... familiar... COULD IT BE???!?!??!?!!? NOWAI!!!!!!!!!!! One of the vuvuzela sounds is the Runescape theme song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD XD XD Of course I got my crappy camera rolling so here are the two audio recordings I got!! The picture isn't that interesting (it's just me crafting) since I was putting it as close to the speakers as I could but here they are!! Man this thing sounds like Chewbacca XD

The first one is really quiet and happens 20 seconds in...

In this clip I finally got the right sound effect volume up and the theme was nice enough to play itself twice in a row! XD

And just for some random fun and because it's my blog, here is a video of my cat eating my pizza. She has good taste! XD

No, I didn't let her eat more than a couple bites. She's fat enough as it is on just kibbles. :P

Good night all!

Until next time...

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  1. Tanyakins10 July, 2010

    Hahaha that stacking sentence thing is surreal! Grats on all your awesome levels up! And awwwwwww, kitty. <3