Saturday, July 24, 2010

Trip Day Two

After another longgggggg 9-hour day of driving me and my daddy have arrived at hotel #2! We traveled there through one of the most beautiful, scenic national parks I've ever seen. It reminded me a lot of Grindelwald (Switzerland) with the giant peaks and the green, grassy areas near the roads. Only difference was the switchbacks. In Europe they are literally hairpin tight but in America they are much less tight and tend to be more contour-following than sharp turns up the mountains.

After we passed all the mountains it was just a few more hours of rolling hills, open meadows and ranches, and then finally the big city! We got to the hotel and then set off with a 5-year-old map in the car's gps system, google maps on my dad's phone, and a vary basic knowledge of where to go from the hotel magazine. We eventually stumbled upon the restaurant we were looking for and had very yummy Ramen for dinner. We stopped at a store after that and got some mini ice cream dots which were not so good but still pretty yummy. :P We're now back in the hotel getting ready for an early start tomorrow for our final destination! Woohoo I can't wait!!

Here are some teaser pictures from our drive today that I took:

The calmest lake I've ever seen!

Lake + Forest = Perfect!

So pretty!

Another Forest shot...

Bonus picture of me :P

I hope that tides you over. :P There should be tons to talk about tomorrow so stay tuned! :D

Until next time...

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