Saturday, July 17, 2010

My Real Life Adventure

Well today started off with some real life fun for once! I drove down to one of my city's many parks, stopping on the way for some lunch and snacks, and eventually met up with my friends. We then loaded all our rafts and gear into 2 vehicles and made our way up to the start point to float the river! It was me and 6 friends from college + 1 of their brothers, + 1 of their husbands. We managed to squeeze into 3 rafts and I even found a tiny frog in the grassy parking lot! I thought it was a grasshopper but no it was even cuter! It blew its cover by jumping. :P

Sooo we eventually got into the water and began our merry float downstream. I was in a raft with my good friend and his brother which was a lot of fun. We were way ahead of everyone else and his brother was very adamant about us keeping the boat forward/in the center/always paddling but he's a lot like my sister so I just smiled and did what he asked. :P

We stopped a couple times to jump off the side/trees into the icy cold water which felt very refreshing on a hot day! I even did a flip off a tall concrete thing! Haha adventurous I know! XD We eventually ended up at the end of the river and got out, everything put away, and then I drove my friends back to their car. It was a really fun day and I'm gonna be soooooore tomorrow!!

I returned to RS after that, due to a cancelled evening outing and did a farm run and went fishing. I also chased a nice size 7 vulture mine star that Fred went to. I then gave him my tips on beating nomad and he went off and..... *drumroll*

FRED LAY BEAT NOMAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Even better, this is his first (and best haha) cape, the Quest Cape!!!!!!!!! He joins me and my dad in the "First-Cape-As-Quest-Cape" Club!!!!!! I got a pic of him in his brand new quest cape:

Woooooooooooooooooooot!!!!! Gratzzzyyyyy!!! I may have the motivation to try, try again!!

After I finished cooking I went to go do the task that I cooked all those sharks for. Kuradal decided to be oh so kind and assign me my very first task of mithril dragons! I guess she was feeling very generous because no 5 couldn't be enough... No, no... She had to assign me 14!!!!! This will take a few trips... I've done 3 so far and eat like 6 sharks per... Ugh... At least my screamo bolts are working and getting me some nice big hits!

I then realized that I was tired so I stopped for the night. Before I go I leave with you these pictures. The first is of this Agile Brother that I see a lot when I farm and he has such an epic name!

With a name like Mr Porkchopz, you're going to be well-known! XD

Next here is a picture of me from the other day when I decided to play Kirby's Adventure for the first time. I was tickled pink that the boss is making the ":o" face that Canting has grown to know and love.

Haha actually Kirby is making the ":o" face too! Hahaha!!

Well gnight all! I am a little sunburned so maybe I'll actually get a tan! ;D

And Kayla early gratz on 99 Attack if you get it while I am snoring! :P

Until next time...

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  1. That boss fight is classic. (The Kirby one, not Nomad.)