Sunday, July 18, 2010

Day to Slay

Well today was spent doing pretty much nothing but slayer. :D I went to finish off my mith dragon task and a little ways in I became frustrated with ranging so I got out my leaf bladed sword and tried my hand at meleeing them. It ended up working loads better for me and I was able to kill like twice as many per trip! :D

While down there the 3 miths in the back were having a parade which I couldn't resist getting a picture of:

I had to bank with 2 left which meant that I got to kill 2 more for luck when my task was over. Yay! I then went to Kuradal and got lrc, AGAIN! It's a good thing I like that task because I get it all the time! Cmon Kuradal I want dusties!

While I was down there getting bored I went afk and then heard fireworks. Nowai!! Did I just level hitpoints?? Last I looked I was like 35k till my level!

Woot! I also got 125 combat! :D

After that I got 190+ warp torts!!! Woot! I also just had these the other day or so and was more than happy to get back at it! I did the task nonstop and on one of the last times I went, there was a person named 2te about 2 squares ahead of me running there as well. I silently hoped that we'd share and thankfully in our unspoken etiquette we did share and went on for quite a long time.

Suddenly I looked up from being afk watching vids to find he accidentally took my tort. I rested patiently until he finished and suddenly he broke the silence apologizing for taking the wrong one. I didn't mind and with the silence broken we began chatting. I finished my task so I sat while he finished. We chatted about many things and I ended up staying up like 2 hours past when I was going to go to bed talking with him. It was really fun! :P

He was low on hp and food and was attacking them sparingly until he finished. We both rested for a bit while he restored up his hp.

Then, literally right after this pic was taken he got up to slay one and accidentally died. :o I blessed his grave of course and waited patiently for him to return so we could resume talking. :P He came back with full hp (the blessing of dying) and thankfully kept his torso and rune defender. However he lost Enex and his chimes but had like 2 left so I just used my chimes on them and he killed them. I love when I can be helpful! :D He finished and we both sat down and hung out for another hour talking. Finally someone else showed up who realized we weren't killing them and started killing them. His name was BlackKnightt and he also chatted with us which was fun.

I had told them about my blog by this point and he joked that I could write down that he just got a rune pick. :P I took a screenie of us and realized that he was wielding it! XD

I finally got too tired to stay up so I left. Like I said in the last post, I knew it would happen and every muscle in my body is soooreeee!!! The worst is my neck, entire back, and hips/knees. Owwwwie! Oh well floating the river was sooo worth it!

Good night all! I can't wait until tomorrow! :D

Until next time...

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