Thursday, July 8, 2010

Another 99 Party, Fun, and Slayer!

Well today started off with Massecure360 getting 99 Rhoonkreftin!!! An amazing achievement indeed! :D After crafting the ess with like 4 xp left till the level I gave him some of my ess that I packed and he was able to finally fly those fireworks!

We then ran to Aubury where he was presented with the cape of pure pwnage and did his emote!

Later I was going to the GE and came across this guy with a name I liked! :D

Haha when your name is l-Flippers-l how could I not take a pic? :D

I became curious earlier as to how much more I have been playing this silly game. I found the picture I took from the day the adventure log came out in October and compared it with earlier today. Whoaaaaaa :o

I've jumped 218 levels and almost doubled my total xp!! :o Oh how I miss that quest cape... I've also played 69 more straight days. :P

I did my warp tort task, halped Hognot film a vid, and played some rounds of SC among other things. I finished off the night with trip 1 to my desert wyrm task and got this unexpected level:

Yayyy!!! 86 slayer!!

I would play longer but I am currently under attack of one of the worst stomach pains ever! It hurts to do much of anything so I'm going to go to bed. Gnight all! Hoping for an effigy or focus sight tomorrow! :D

Until next time...

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