Monday, July 12, 2010

An Elite Rank and More Yon Dunjuns

Today started off with a nice relaxing run on the gnome course. I ran and ran until I could run no more because I was going out to lunch. When I looked at my adventure log before I left, I saw this awesomeness:

Woooooot I did it!!!! I broke the triple digit barrier for agility rank!!!!!!!!!1 :D It's likely unstable but 2 more days of ORT ought to seal the deal for a good long time. Woohooooo!!

I did some real life stuff like go to lunch like I said and I also mowed the lawn. Man it's hot outside! I then [made] helped my dad do Love Story. I lent him my d hally and gave him a short briefing of how to pwn Zenevivia and then he was off! He sailed through the first half of the quest and before long I was hanging out by the Rimmy POH waiting to bless his grave if he died. I got 2 people to sit with me and we enjoyed chatting.

l-r Virsuilix, me, TerraSu2pect

Like most people, they were amazed that my dad plays runescape and were eager to see him when he finished. Well, my dad pwnt Zenevivia in one try so we had a parade to Draynor and met up with him while he finished off the quest. After that I took him to get his lamp from the girl and then we chatted before going our separate ways, but not before my dad ranged a bunch of goblins and imps lol... :P

I then decided to do a little dungeoneering with Twi Twi and after a few runs got 50!!

I still have no idea what to really bind... I didn't even really get anything that I would bind... I'm keeping my fire staff until I am convinced that mage no longer works. It's doing wonders for my mage level and also my rc level! :D

I left for a while and did some real life stuff like call my grandma, do dishes, and make dinner. When I came back my dad was on again so I begged him to do a dungeon with me. He did and we had fun! It's really funny to see him pick everything up and put it in the main room. There wasn't anything left anywhere! I was commenting to my friend Dalton (known on rs as Buddy) on MSN about how he picks up everything and he was kind enough to send me this picture of him on a raid with some very uber-organizational friends:

I have no idea why this made me laugh but it did! I just love the way everything is laid out so perfectly! XD

Me and my dad finally cleared out our dunjun and got the glutton boss. My mage wasn't hitting anything but I luckily made some armour with all the ore I found throughout (and there was TOS) and took it with me just in case.

Did I mention that the Worldbearer is for the win?? I love him! He holds all my salve eels! :D I love how Mr. Glutton really had no interest me and just attacked my dad the whole time. He was easily pwnt and I bound the katagon rapier that I got at the beginning of the dunjun due to lack of anything else to bind. I reset my prestige also which hopefully will stop cutting my xp in half. :P

Well it's time for bed... My left eye is bloodshot and hurts so bad! Haha...

Until next time...

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