Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Path of Five Thousand Directions

Today I did random stuff because I was in the mood for something but couldn't decide what. First off I did ORT and ran for an hour which I always loooove! I then played some SC and it was the kind of games where I get 20k score then one-item with the highest dagger I can find and kill magers. Well, I got pwnt a lot but I didn't care because I had 20k score. Me and my opponent one time died at the same time which made me laugh. :P

I got bored after a few games so I then tried for the hunter stones but had such a fail grenwall run that I left and opened up my G altar so that Karl and Tanya could level prayer.

I also invited Helm Lardar over so that he could see my house, because he is planning his house right now, and I was hoping to give him some ideas.

It was also an excuse for me to get my 2nd con rock which came quickly. Yay! Gratz Tanya and Karl on those pray levels! Karl got 70 at my house! :D:D

I then finished my dragon task and altared my own bones before heading off in 5,000 directions. I eventually ended up at Fast SC with Twi and after getting some more toold crafted away. I did an evil yew with Peeky earlier and had some oak logs for him but we kept forgetting so a few hours later I finally gave them to him. I then did some late night dungeons with Twi and after a couple floors I got 51 dunj!!

Woot!! New floor! This will be sweet. :D I'm finally getting up there and soon I'll be able to do those big parties on the high floors with Jax! I can't wait!!!!! :D

Until next time...

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