Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Trip Day Six

Today started with a semi early breakfast before heading one last time to the mall to get my much-sought-after souvenir sweatshirt. I can't leave such an iconic place without a sweatshirt! I found a shirt and sweatshirt and I was happy. :P

We then began our trip home. What we referred to as the most boring drive ever was happening once again, this time the opposite way. I'm used to mountains as scenery- not flat plains of fields! We stopped at a deli shop along the way for lunch before making it to our hotel back in the city we were in 3 days ago. We had a yummy dinner at Chilis and I was able to play Runescape a little bit with the nice internet here. :P We got upgraded to a VIP suite because I guess they accidentally booked us in a room with only 1 bed. Ahh the internet has 5 bars here! So nice... Did a lot of dunjuns on Faerie Tana and a few farm runs + effigy assisting + crafting on Pie...

Tomorrow we do the longest drive of the journey which is good I guess since my legs are still sore and killing me! Now my abs are pulled and hurt... I am just all beat up lol... I'd better get to bed... RS just d/c'd and booted me... :P

Until next time...

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