Monday, June 25, 2012

Time To Play Catchup

 So... Real life happened a lot and it's been about a month since my last post. Let's just say I got married, went on my honeymoon, and have been getting used to married life. For those keeping track, yes, I did marry "Lack Of Pie." The guy who introduced me to r00nscape in the first place is now my husband! We had a wonderful time and are so totally in love. Hehe. :)

So here are some things that have happened in the past while:

Levelings up:

 96 Farming

92 Firemaking! I still need to get the adz...

 87 Fishing! I hate fishing so much.

 83 Prayer

 ...and 84 Prayer

Take a guess at which skill I've been working on XD

I did a quest!

For being a novice and easy quest, One Piercing Note was  extremely gory and disgusting. It took me forever because I actually listened to the dialog... lol. I'm loving the prayer rewards and I got myself the Cithara. Ugh, having to buy sara items... lolz

In Pics:

Loving the "Sister Cabbage" from OPN quest :P

 I killed some black dragons with a guy named "Meat Patty" lol

 I was thoroughly amused by the monkey penguins.

Me posing in an Invoke Spring garden...

Ethan (Awayday) came to visit me on a clue for a free Sexy Dance :P

This guy (Kwuo) had the most adorablest peekybeard and hair! He had just gotten an untrimmed crafting cape so we bonded over having 99 craft.

Jyreeil got 99 Con a few days ago and we celebrated by breathing fire at each other. :L

 Time for some funnies!

Bez thinks marching band goes to war with football players. XD

I decided to join a new clan called Dark Dreams on Faerie Tana and go in as a fulltime visitor on my main. When I went to visit one of the clan leaders (SamTheRsKing) I was pleased to see that we both had on construction capes! We visited each others' houses and I had many a long conversation with him and the clan's owner, Vlorske. I also caught these funnies while hanging out in their cc:

Vlorske shares a hilarious story about how her parents trolled her when she was young. She says she has a lot more stories like this!

While talking about how I collect lobster stuff IRL, this happened. XD
Prawnography... LOLOLOL

All right, I think I'm all caught up now!

Until next time...