Saturday, March 31, 2012

23, 75, 92, 97

 Wow what an exciting couple of days! First, it was my birthday on Tuesday. Yay me, I'm 23. I didn't play much but I was very excited to see the Morytania Diaries and got my Early Bird bonus almost right away. Normally I'd put the lamps to RC but I made an exception and put them on Dunj because I was so desperate for 75. It got me close, but not close enough (I thought the bonus was 50k, not 15k) so I did tears and a quick (not) solo med floor and finally snagged that lovely 75!

 Woot 75 Dunj! That hidden imp place was sooo worth it! No wonder the royal crown is so cheap now! XD

I got another court case from something so I did it. I should be almost done with those for now. :D

 I only took this pic cuz I liked her eyes... haha... life of an artist...

 I got an addy pl8 from that box. Woot!

While doing Temple Trekking to unlock more of the hard/elite tasks a bunch of funny things happened. First, when I killed the werewolf person, it dropped a clue scroll. XD  I didn't get that great of a reward but I had fun.

Also, I met up with Elias to give him a limp seed and we had a flipper jig in the BDR Bank. :D

Dual mid-jump!

Today I set off to level some things, since I have like 6 skills under 100k to a level. I love those times! I first played 25 games of veteran PC and finally, finally, FINALLYYYYYY after like 500 GAMES (and 2k points or so) I got those hybrid boots@@@@

 I chose Trickster and I can't even wear them, because I don't have 85 ranged. XD
Good thing I play PC ranging with my Crythtal Bow.
(and I'm 100k from 84 so we're getting there!)
Oh, also I didn't know that by painting my whip green it stays unlocked for all the other items too (thank you Elias!!) so I promptly colored my dark bow green. Woot!

After getting my 100 points I did a couple occult floors with Kicker (D1D) and had fun getting wayyy more xp than I'm used to. Unfortunately it wasn't good enough for him and he ditched me for someone else. XD  It's ok, I was on the highest floor I could be anyway. I noticed I had a gap in my prestige so I did my missing floor and got Stomp for my boss. Woot!

And laughed about his death as always... XD
(my worldbearer has nothing. it was an easy run)

It became way late at night which was the optimum time to get 120k Str xp and level. I canceled my 4th task in a row and got Veld. That's weird, I thought I banned them, but ok! I got like 8k from a Slayer level and 9k from a Str level so I bought 10k slayer xp...

 92 Slayer!! Yes!! Halfway there!

I got dagannoth as my next task and didn't feel like going down there yet so I racked my brain for an easy monster to camp at for a bit and chose dusties since I was already at Sumona buying 92 Slayer. The only thing stopping me from camping like 12 abby demons was the urn. I don't have one and couldn't be asked to pick up the ashes. I so lazy!

No chain, but...

97 Strength! Oh joy joy 2.3m xp until I can use my whip again!!!

I'm feeling pretty pro right now. ;)

I leave you with some stuff...

Droppin the Bass!

Two cool max capes:

Sereniti in a pink/yellow cape...

Kevinspostal with a blue/black/lime cape...

We are now caught up again.

Until next time...

Monday, March 26, 2012

15th to 90

  Who has two flippers and got 90 Herblore????

Me!!! W0000000T!!!!

After pinching my pennies and using a special half life method, and like 800+ super attacks and a bunch of extreme attacks later, I got it!

I set off to capture a handful of grenwall spikes to make some extreme range pots for future PC and Slayer use. I bought 28 range pots and set off for Lletya. When I was comfortably nestled in my hunting spot I noticed something odd about one of the trees...

First I noticed it had some branches missing...

 Then I turned my camera for a better look and....

Ahahaha! The top of the tree was floating in midair! XD

I then had to get brown spice (I ain't wasting a mature ale on this!!) so I went to the basement of doom where, just my luck, I got loads of brown spice right away! I then had to eat tons of stews but eventually got a 95/90 boost and was able to do all of my extreme ranged pots and even buy a few more supplies to finish the spines off. I'm happy now!

Tomorrow is a special day :D

Until next time...

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Rage-Slaying Dragons

Today I set off to piddle around. Ended up canceling my 3rd slayer task in a row. I still refuse to do any polypore things and got jadinkos. I hate those too because of the lag so I canceled those and got Spirimages. I got mad and ragequit slayer for a while so I took my polypore staff and hot mage gear and went down to Brimhaven for a few hours and camped at irons/steels. I was desperate for a clue, visage, ANYTHING!


I'm a hot mage :P

No visage but I got two hard clue scrolls that yielded acceptable results. Got r00n legs from both, a h1 body from one, sawmill teles, lots of runes, etc. I also got some funnies of course:

Sometimes, the game likes to answer my own questions. XD

And of course, how could I talk about Eenie on RS and not have a cute pic to go with??

Really, I looked over at her and her head was like neeeroooom crash! She had lifted it before I thought to take a pic but she was totally falling asleep again. :3 Thankfully she rolled over and fell asleep proper after that. :P

I'm nodding off myself and the game glitched up on me and booted me so I'm off to bed. I've been making brew flasks/selling/buying nests/repeating with the 800 or so vials of unf toadflax I had, making me like 2.5m in the process. Right now I'm buying irit unf to go with all the eyes of newt I have lying around in the bank and once those are all made I'm gonna get enough avantoe to get me 90 Herblore. Woop woop! Not long now! I tend to level skills into the 90's in pairs it seems... :P

Also, when in the world did I become 134 cb? Was that from my 99 hp? I thought that was 133. Whatever... I must be getting old XD

Until next time...

Friday, March 23, 2012

Fan Art

A fellow Canter submitted this picture to the RS FanArt page and although it wasn't selected I've decided to showcase it here since he doesn't have a blog. Enjoy!

Picture made by Jyreeil, link here. :)

A New 90 and a New Pet

After spending a couple millz, and manyyyyyyyy swamp titans later, I got my 14th skill to 90+!

Welcome, 90 Summoning!!

While I can't summon anything new, I can get a new pet!!!
I was off with lightning speed to pluck an egg from Cairn Isle and had it incubating in Taverley in no time! Yeahhh baby, a color changing pet!

While I waited for it to grow from the egg I soloed a star and ended up getting finders. Woot! I finally got more loyalty points today and was able to get my first pair of Guthix wings!! They look awesome! A pretty color AAAAND butterfly-shaped!

I only have one word for this awesomeness. Terabi!

After an hour, my egg hatched!! Of course, I was armed with a name for my little guy.

Lades and gents of R00nscape, meet Sochne!
(That's pronounced SOHHH-na, the same ch as in Loch. It's KeĆ²en for Shawn.)

Thatz all for now!

Until next time...

Monday, March 19, 2012



That makes left half #3, gotten on my iron dragon task. I got absolutely NOTHING else. No clues, no legs/skirts, no visage, nothing but coins, charms, bones, and some runite limbs. This happened after only killing a handful, and ironically after I took a look at the hellhounds lit up by a wall torch to become the same ruby red color causing me to think "I love it when I get a ruby crimson red drop in that color!"

P.S.- after I leveled up my construction and my multiplier was under 2.0 I went hunting penguins and sapphire glacialis (with a hunter pot) to get that last 100k for 85.

85 Hunter! Now I can catch these teeny tiny troller things without any potions!
(level gotten at ruby harvests however because I cba'd to open another hunty flask, lol)

I messed around for a bit and ended up buying some yews and finishing off with a couple logs from kingdom to get this:

89 Fletching! 10 levels to go. Oh barf. I better find a cool dude to stand at a bank with. :P

That was about it for DXPW. It was a total success and now I can do all con effigies and have less than 100 SC hammers for 99! I'll be deciding whether to go for 99 str or con first. We shall see. :D Also, I went hunting some pawyaya to get rocks and got the first in one inventory (yesterday) and the second in three trappings today. I be pro! It was that stone that made me go and do my slayer task of irons that got me that left half. Hohoho.

Until next time...

Friday, March 16, 2012

Molly Mahogany

Wooooo bonus XP weekend!!! For once I decided to train a skill that I had to actually buy stuff for. Normally I only do skills that I can obtain in mass quantities (herby from kingdom) or that don't need to be bought (like agility and combat). Today however it was Construction Day! I was 92 with like 600k until 93 and with over 6k Mog planks ready to go I was off to work!

A couple hours into it I got 93 Con! Yay! That's two effigies I can do at Heim!

I wasn't sure how much xp I'd end up with but I had plenty of planks and time left and got 94 Con just as my counter dipped to 1.9. Perfect!

This has given me a push to get 99 so I foresee a lot of Fast SC in my future. Yay.... I stopped with Con when it fell below 2x because I'm a penny pincher so after I got 94 I decided to train hunter. I started by potting up for Sapphire Glacialis but that proved to be very annoying so I decided to hunt the penguins and get kgp agents instead. I love catching them deadfall! It doesn't kill them like kebbits but their feet get stuck and they look like they hump the rock. Haha. I have like 84k to 85 now and will probably go back to butterflies because as much of a pain as they are I'll only need to catch like 100 now. Plus, free agility xp!

Constructively yours,

Until next time...

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Happy Pie Day!!!

In my last post I said I got a whip drop on my task! Here it is! This is my 4th whip drop and the first on a task. :D

Not shown: an hour or so before I got this drop, I said in Canting "You know what would be cool? A whip drop." The game listened! Also, I'm really not as excited as my screenie shows. I was more excited that my little sassy statement came true. :P

They updated Tzhaar yet again and with that comes brand new looking monsters. Let's take a moment to remember what the lvl 180 Yt Mejkot (the thing that heals itself) looked like before anything was updated:

It looks like a rat with a hood. XD
That noob in that obsidian bot-like gear is a very low-level me. :P

Until a few weeks ago it looked like Trogdor. I can't find a picture. Aww.

Now it looks even more different and sort of combined the two together. It has the same face but now it has a lava core, a paler color, and got fat. :P

I got 95 Farming!!! Woop woop!

I could get 99 pretty quickly if I kept up this crazy farming!

Lodestones came out and I love them! I unlocked them all and am excited about potential uses like Varrock for stars and the berry bush, ardy for when my cloak tele is used up, and the general ability to travel all over much faster. :D

Also loyalty rewards came out and I can't afford Guthix wings or the elf clothing. Crycry. Oh well, I should be getting more points in like 10 days. I'm just mad I bought Salvation before I knew this. Too bad I can't refund it. >.>

I've run into this guy named Musical Note a couple times and finally commented. We both have Music in our names! :D

Now for some funnies:

Me and MsClick have a friendly brawl :P

My dad got an RC lamp from the Scam Wheel which leveled him up and he gloated about it. XD

Finally here are two more awesomely colored max capes:

Dphant1 in an orange and purple cape...

Lady of Las in a stunning lemonade/sky blue/pink cape!

I love these custom color capes because it gives people something interesting to show off! I can't tell you how many times I've been complimented on my cape!

Well, happy Pie day!!! I bought myself a cheap pie since I have class until 9:30 tonight and can't make one that is more legit. Ceeeeleeebraaaateeeeee!

Until next time...

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Success Scaper

Since I am such a fan of Memebase, I thought I'd make my own Runescape meme based off of Success Kid and all of those spinoffs. I present to you...

Success Scaper!!!

If you have any more please feel free to send me a comment or hit me up in Canting!

I got a whip drop ON A TASK today! Woot! Too bad it was 300k... Oh well, a post of all that will come sometime soon... or maybe not... Haha. :P

Until next time...

Monday, March 5, 2012

A Picspam

I apologize. I haven't posted in forever! Mainly because blogger is finicky when it comes to uploading pics, then I got like 30 pics backed up, and said screw it! Well, after several days, here they all are!

Let's start with the funnies. Soo many... :o

Discussing Mahler and his "omg I'm Dying" theme led to a funny typo thing. O guy mosh!

Lillantra and MsClick share their thoughts on the new Fight Kiln cape. XD

It's my fault there's burnt meat in the Evil Bob Balloon Random. Also, I left my old reeds and my shaper and my reed water all over the place. XD

I lol'd at "I have a church in my house"

Holla, MsClick got the Balliin random!

Now for a couple achievements I've gotten since whenever I posted last time:

Awwww yeahhhhh!!!! Rainbow afro!!! (I need a pic of that, haha)

This made me laugh. Bootylicious. Hahaha. More cowbell!

I got 96 Strength by playing a ton of veteran special world PC and slayer tasks. Woot!

Got a Spirimage task and got me a pair of 'Bragon Doots!' lolz
OK, I kept thinking I misclicked on stuff every time I used Enex. It wasn't until my 3rd bailout that I realized, DERP, I unequipped my SARA ITEM to use my silly healing sword. Whoops! Guess I need those Sara chaps after all...

I got some clue scroll and got gilded legs! Woot! Free 2.6m!
Speaking of planks, I bought 10m in planks in preps to do me a little con! I also made my dad turn my kingdom mog logs into planks for another almost 3m. I hope I get some good lvlage out of it!

Now for some artsy pics!

I met up with Tanya for the first time in forever! This pic is really old now but we're so cute! :3

I got pissed at my allotments dying so I teamed up with my dad to kill the mole a time or two for some skins. White lily seeds FTW! We sort of got crashed by some guy but he was nice and I was done getting stuff so it wasn't a big deal really.

Earlier while watching my dad, someone mithril-set-bombed the GE. Set boxes are HUGE!!! I made some iron stuff and did my own GE bombing. Haha.

Here's a couple agile shots I took when I was running Gnomey for my agility stones. Yes, I FINALLY rebuilt another statue! It only took what, 8 months? XD

The jerk scout knocked me out.
I didn't wear my agility cape so he wouldn't let me in early. The event was crap too. What the crap.




Now for some funny names I've seen in my travels:

Lord Of All Stuff

Walk here for Failure!

Desperado of Guthix!

Finally, some cool capes I've seen:

Justta Angel, in a beautiful pink and white max cape

Free H2O in an amazingly colored comp cape!

Ashasol7 in a really cool dark green and black heraldic cape

We're finally caught up! Yay! I've been chasing stars and doing farm runs mostly. I love Squeal of Fortune and have gotten lots of useful lamps on skills that need the xp! I do the sandstone almost daily, if I can squeeze in a star before I go to bed. I killed a bunch (30) of vyres yesterday for fun waiting for an M&M star and got a zammy full helm and d spear among other goodies(free 700k+!).

Until next time...