Friday, March 23, 2012

A New 90 and a New Pet

After spending a couple millz, and manyyyyyyyy swamp titans later, I got my 14th skill to 90+!

Welcome, 90 Summoning!!

While I can't summon anything new, I can get a new pet!!!
I was off with lightning speed to pluck an egg from Cairn Isle and had it incubating in Taverley in no time! Yeahhh baby, a color changing pet!

While I waited for it to grow from the egg I soloed a star and ended up getting finders. Woot! I finally got more loyalty points today and was able to get my first pair of Guthix wings!! They look awesome! A pretty color AAAAND butterfly-shaped!

I only have one word for this awesomeness. Terabi!

After an hour, my egg hatched!! Of course, I was armed with a name for my little guy.

Lades and gents of R00nscape, meet Sochne!
(That's pronounced SOHHH-na, the same ch as in Loch. It's KeĆ²en for Shawn.)

Thatz all for now!

Until next time...

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