Monday, March 5, 2012

A Picspam

I apologize. I haven't posted in forever! Mainly because blogger is finicky when it comes to uploading pics, then I got like 30 pics backed up, and said screw it! Well, after several days, here they all are!

Let's start with the funnies. Soo many... :o

Discussing Mahler and his "omg I'm Dying" theme led to a funny typo thing. O guy mosh!

Lillantra and MsClick share their thoughts on the new Fight Kiln cape. XD

It's my fault there's burnt meat in the Evil Bob Balloon Random. Also, I left my old reeds and my shaper and my reed water all over the place. XD

I lol'd at "I have a church in my house"

Holla, MsClick got the Balliin random!

Now for a couple achievements I've gotten since whenever I posted last time:

Awwww yeahhhhh!!!! Rainbow afro!!! (I need a pic of that, haha)

This made me laugh. Bootylicious. Hahaha. More cowbell!

I got 96 Strength by playing a ton of veteran special world PC and slayer tasks. Woot!

Got a Spirimage task and got me a pair of 'Bragon Doots!' lolz
OK, I kept thinking I misclicked on stuff every time I used Enex. It wasn't until my 3rd bailout that I realized, DERP, I unequipped my SARA ITEM to use my silly healing sword. Whoops! Guess I need those Sara chaps after all...

I got some clue scroll and got gilded legs! Woot! Free 2.6m!
Speaking of planks, I bought 10m in planks in preps to do me a little con! I also made my dad turn my kingdom mog logs into planks for another almost 3m. I hope I get some good lvlage out of it!

Now for some artsy pics!

I met up with Tanya for the first time in forever! This pic is really old now but we're so cute! :3

I got pissed at my allotments dying so I teamed up with my dad to kill the mole a time or two for some skins. White lily seeds FTW! We sort of got crashed by some guy but he was nice and I was done getting stuff so it wasn't a big deal really.

Earlier while watching my dad, someone mithril-set-bombed the GE. Set boxes are HUGE!!! I made some iron stuff and did my own GE bombing. Haha.

Here's a couple agile shots I took when I was running Gnomey for my agility stones. Yes, I FINALLY rebuilt another statue! It only took what, 8 months? XD

The jerk scout knocked me out.
I didn't wear my agility cape so he wouldn't let me in early. The event was crap too. What the crap.




Now for some funny names I've seen in my travels:

Lord Of All Stuff

Walk here for Failure!

Desperado of Guthix!

Finally, some cool capes I've seen:

Justta Angel, in a beautiful pink and white max cape

Free H2O in an amazingly colored comp cape!

Ashasol7 in a really cool dark green and black heraldic cape

We're finally caught up! Yay! I've been chasing stars and doing farm runs mostly. I love Squeal of Fortune and have gotten lots of useful lamps on skills that need the xp! I do the sandstone almost daily, if I can squeeze in a star before I go to bed. I killed a bunch (30) of vyres yesterday for fun waiting for an M&M star and got a zammy full helm and d spear among other goodies(free 700k+!).

Until next time...

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