Monday, February 20, 2012

Just a Small Post

Today I did my terror dog task, meeting a new friend named NinjuhJesus. When I walked into that horrible prayer-draining room I was surprised to see someone in there! He was equally surprised to see me there too! We chatted for a bit and continued talking all day. Those are the best!

After that, I had hellhounds. Aww yeah! I got three clues which turned the task into quite a long task but I got such items as a zammy dhide body and white firelighters to keep me happy. No earth-shattering luck today. :P I decided to be different and wear whip/DFS to these two tasks and train shared. I was amazed at how much less I got hit! Terror dogs flew by!

I took a break to watch my dad get his second skiller skill and 11th 99!

Woooo! Gratz farm nub!
99 Farming adds to Herblore, Prayer, Summoning, Mage, Slayer, Str, Att, Range, Def, and HP.
Oh haha the fireworks totally cover me. :P

After that I got dark beasts for the third time in however long it's been since that task I got the D Med. :P A random, naked, lvl 126 or so troll ran in and started totally harrassing me, which was really confusing. I pissed him off by ignoring him. He was a persistent little bugger and even though he died (because he was naked) he came back. Before all that, I discovered that my new friend had irons just across the gate! I saw his dot and we laughed at our proximity. I felt really uncomfortable with that random troll hanging out, even though I couldn't hear him, so the two of us hopped together.

Finally, Lillantra finished her effigy quest and was able to do her dark beast task too! I was really excited, having gotten this third task, and we were able to slay together.

I love her demon wings. They're ultra cute! I have the basic salvation pair (not worn).
The pony is there because of the following story:

So me and Lill were slaying beasts together and I had like 20 left when D1D (Kicker) announced a star in Frem/Lunar. We were tempted but refrained, until he announced that it was a size 9! We were there within three minutes! Big stars always last the least amount of time because of the ants they attract but thankfully I had 61 dust in the bank from a previous star so I was one of the only ones to actually turn in 200. Then, along with most of the miners, we went to the red sandstone or whatever it's called to mine our daily robust glass with the mining bonus. I'm so glad this came out because it's made stars popular again! I got sad soloing them.

So, in the bank, D1D hands me a unicorn stallion pouch and tells me to summon it. Earlier he asked me to rank someone and I didn't know how, nor was I able to because I was in the middle of fighting aggressive dark beasts. I told him they were "trying to ram their unicorn horn up my bum" and that I couldn't open the cc window. After telling me to summon the stallion he said "ram this unicorn horn up the d beast's butt." Haha.

My next task is Spirimages. Yuck. Oh well, I get to have a rune race. For whatever reason I thought I couldn't get those assigned anymore. I predict lotsa dragon boots!

I then shelled out 1.5m and bought some deaths, got on ancients, and took my blue infiniti gear and blue SOL to pest control where I potted up and barraged the living daylights out of everything! I miss the old spell sound but the new sound is equally as satisfying and after stepping in the novice boat on the PC clan chosen world I got 100 pest points before I could even register what was going on! Sooo, free 57k str xp! I should level to 96 before I know it! 99 might not be too far off!

It's way too late now. I'm going to be super tired. =/ Good night!

Until next time...

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