Sunday, February 19, 2012

Something Else That Happened

So, after that amazing dark beast task I got gargs and went to go do them. I did get a mystic top but no mauls. Oh well, I'll take it! I also got a clue scroll which I did later aaaaand...

Haha, another black uni mask! This time it's worth 200k instead of 17m. XD
It's sitting in my bank at the mo, having been claimed by someone in Canting.

When that was done I got dusties and spent most of the evening tanking it, like a boss! No chain, but I got a lot of troller vambraces and had fun hanging out in Fat Poison's clan chat.

A ruby on a crimson charm on vambraces (not the actual drop, just hypothetical). Troll.

After that I got desert wyrms and even though it was super late at night I got started on them anyway. The next day (today) I set off to finish them and got an elite clue! It took me all over the world and eventually I opened it to find, among other things, a Zammy page 4!! Woooot, free almost 5m! I finally got back and within a few kills, another elite! I had three separate orbs in the Krazy Jungle among other things and plenty of Guthix Wizards. Upon opening the puzzle casket....
Leg/Skirt ornament kit!! I wasn't too excited but knew that it wold be worth some money. What I wasn't expecting was for it to be worth 7m!!

Happy happy day! 12m richer off two elite clues!

When that task was over I got dark beasts again and was hoping my insanely good luck lately would continue. I started in Kuradal but wanted to hang out with my dad so we went to the mourner dungeon place temple of light troller quest building contraption to kill them there. Yes, I had to go set my crystal to go there. I never did because it took away the one click tele. Now that's not a problem.

I was about to leave as I was out of pray pots and as I went to click the last dark beast, the one I had just killed dropped this:

Dark bow!!!! My first! I freaked out. XD
Excuse the fact that I accidentally turned my pray off and was dying... haha.
I'm just glad you can see it. Those beasts crowd that area up so much... :P

Enjoy this link that not only shows my first black unicorn mask but also the hilarious description that Peeky gives about the dark beast attack. "When they att. they stick out a leg like when a dog takes a piss!" Both are relevant to this post! Kehehe!

BRB, rolling in money and even more luck than ever before! I've got Dalton's luck!


Shield left half! BOOOOM! Something red dropped and I picked it up before it fully registered and I could take a pic. I thought I got a D skirt. This makes shield half #2! See #1 here. :P

I seriously have no clue what's going on. XD

Until next time...

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