Thursday, February 16, 2012

Molly Moneybags Musica

Today I once again ragequit a stupid class at school, getting home extra early. I decided to cancel my slayer task of nechryael in hopes that I'd get something good and I got iron dragons! This was a perfectly timed task because I was 20k from a magic level!

Before that, I tried stuff like Livid Farm to level but it got freaking boring! My dad decided to make a bunch of dstone ammies and have me string them which I did. I also decided to go to regspells for a bit and enchant the 192 emerald rings that keep accumulating in my bank. Also, Pikkupstix showed up in Lunar so I did that for once and got fire talismans and iron platebodies for my summoning present. I was the hottest thorny snail in town!

Anyway, I finally got around to setting up my polypore staff from my dad and man is it pro at the metal dragons! No wonder everyone kept telling me to get one! It hits way better than fire wave! I got into my groove and began maging irons, all the while hoping for a visage or at least a clue scroll. I went AFK for like a minute but it was poorly timed because my super antifire wore off and I was wielding a mage book so when I looked back, a weird menu was on the screen. It finally registered that I died but when I saw that I had 10 minutes to go back to Kuradal's party cave I just laughed and took my time getting there. I guess the dragon burnt me past the Fero's ability to tele me out.

Oopsie... :P

I lost Excalibur (ugh, but got it back easily enough) and my dragonslayer gloves. I was sad about that because those come from FOG and it takes a while to get the points to get a pair but they were on their way out anyway and may have broken on their own *wishful thinking*. After collecting my wits again I finished the task without incident, getting 92 Magic at the tail end of it.
Awwww yeahhhh! Halfway to 99!

I ran across the shortcut and went to Kuradal for a new task. She gave me 50-something steels. Haha, I still had plenty of antifire and polypore charges so I turned right around and made myself comfy at steels. Yay, that many more chances for a visage! I didn't get one, but this task didn't disappoint!

First, I was getting bored of nothing but coins and charms so I PM'd my dad saying "visage". When he asked if I was serious I said "N0pe, chuck testa" I heard him then get up to actually walk into my room and right before he opened the door the dragon I was maging died and.....

Draconic leggies! Woot, my first pair!

Some time later I got a court summons.... for Party Pete! Woohoo! In 8 days I can finally own that cool afro! I guess since I was one of the first people to get Faint they left the cool afro for last. I'm not sure how many court cases I have left but I was so excited to finally get this one! I kept slaying, hoping for a visage or a clue scroll (didn't get either) when.....

Draconic skirt! Two dragon items in one task!!

I was quite pleased with that task. Skirts have gone up and both sold for somewhere around 170k. Woot! I also got a loop from irons and toof from steels and got 2 diamonds and 2 rubies from the chest. I'm rich! My next task is dark beasts. Dark bow, plox? Just to say I've gotten one?

I believe this makes 3 skirts, one legs, one med, and 2 or 3 court summons from steels. Happy dance!

Brb, rolling in luck!

Until next time...

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