Friday, February 3, 2012

Of Annoying Clues

I've been on a mission for the past two days to put myself through torture and do loads of easy and medium clues. They're proving to be a royal pain in the behind with all the emote clues I keep getting and my often failed attempts to self sufficiently obtain the necessary crap. However, they're still fun! One day I'll strike it rich and maybe not waste a ton of time getting stupid items to do it!

It started with picking some HAM last night after an evil tree in Lum. I wasn't getting any clues at all and soon my inventory filled up. I just kept picking, letting everything drop on the ground, hoping to spot a clue scroll in the pile. After a hefty amount of picking I right clicked to see what I got... and three clue scrolls lay in the pile! XD I picked them up and read them one by one, picking the one that didn't start with an emote clue to do first. It ended up being frustrating and several steps long, but I got a Bob shirt!!

They go in the GE for 15k! I knew nobody was going to buy it at that price and I'd be lucky if I got a coin for it but I already have a full collection in my house and didn't want to drop it on the GE floor so I put it in for 1 gp and sold it for like 2200. Someone's collection or character is happy! Oh, speaking of price, I finally remembered to check the price of a royal crown. When I saw that they were 150k, my jaw dropped! Needless to say, I now have a Royal Crown. Heh. :D

Tonight amidst some stars and evil trees, I decided that I wanted level 2 clues now so I geared up in the most random while somewhat appropriate harpie bug squashing gear I could find in my bank and headed off as the most fashion-forward chick of Canting. XD

I brought an extreme Str which aided me in one-hitting them. I remember camping at them in the day when it took forever to kill them. Now I can just pwn like that one girl I saw like 4 years ago who hit 25's (250's) with her abyssal whip like it was nothing at all.

While killing them I remembered Jogres also give lvl 2 clues, though IIRC not nearly as often as harpies. That led to this humorous exchange which happened to fall into the same screenie as the cool action shot above. :P

Levi is back and as awesome as ever with his amazing remarks. I'm sure a person or two of mine has humor based off his. :P

Before long I got a clue scroll and was off on the most irritating adventure of the year. I had to get a blue pointy snelm. I used to have one, but I threw it out because the red one looks so much better and I hadn't done a lvl 2 clue in forever. Plus, I knew where to get one. Of course, I bought the wrong one which sold right away on the GE and by the time I realized it (after I was emoting of course) I went to go buy the right one. Well, it wouldn't sell so I thought no problem I'll go to Morytania. Well let me tell you..... it took me like half an hour to find one freaking bruise blue pointy snail! They seem to be super rare in the swamp of dead and when I finally did find a blue one it was the wrong kind. I was about ready to kill everything in Runescape but I FINALLY found one and life was good. Apparently then Saba has changed his name and so I couldn't find the cave where he hangs out. Once that was sorted, another emote clue! Everything bought and I was on my way to the observatory where I wound my way through the maze and walked away with addy bolts, an addy pl8, and Guthix arrows. Rage. I'm totally doing more clues later! Plus, with more bank space I can just leave that crap in the bank for a while!

Happy scrollin!

Until next time...

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