Sunday, November 29, 2009

Runecrafting Fever!!!

I have caught Runecrafting Fever!! Once a skill so hated by me was one I was eager to do today. Trust me, I'm squeezing every drop of XP from this enthusiasm I currently have. I really wanted to get 65 before I didn't want to do it anymore so that I could craft deaths whenever I wanted to.

I first bought the ess I needed to 65 calculated by crafting nats. I used one Graahk and got about 900 ess done. I then used 8 glories worth of charges to make laws through the abyss, before finally polishing off my level at Ourania. I must say that although it took a lot of work, it was worth it.

I ended up 2 xp short!

Woot!!! Deaths be mine!!!!

Now that I could finally make deaths I used the remaining 700 ess I had with my 20 death tabs I bought in the guild. I actually ran out of ess before tabs so I got my free 150 ess from Cromperty. I ended up having to make just one trip to the abyss for that last couple ess!

I wore my Ardy cape for the Ourania altar and I must say it's absolutely adorable! And it helped me get a little more runes per trip. For banking, I found it easier to just run back and give the guy 20 runes. I'd dump my inventory and withdraw my pouches and 1k fire runes, plus some ess. I'd then store it in my pouches and go back to the bank for the rest. A nice person kept tele-othering me to Moonclan which I was also totally ok with. It was fun! I can definitely add Runecrafting to my list of how to make some fast money!

In other news, I did a couple stars on various worlds and even got finders at the scorp mine. What was funny about that was that there was someone there killing scorps, not waiting for the star, and the star ended up landing right square on top of him! It couldn't have been planned better if we tried! He was ok, just very surprised, and continued on with his killing.

I also ran some agility and achieved both under 600k till 93 AND 6.7m xp so needless to day I am very happy! I also got promoted in Canting (woot!! :-D) and enjoyed time at the SC musician with Kitty and Arwyn. It was a great day!

Oh, and I finished the cryptic clue fest. I really struggled with the last part, which IS an anagram, but had a very patient and kind friend who gave me hints until I finally figured it out. I was soooo glad he didn't just tell me the answer. HUGE thanks to Rilkar Spine. The magnifying glass is really nothing too hugely exciting although I have a feeling it will soon make its way into many awesome pure outfits. The emote is pretty cool :-) I really enjoyed the event too!

I leave you with a picture I took yesterday. I was buying wildy capes and randomly dropping them all over the GE when I witnessed two people of the same name run into each other, for the first time. It was quite freaky and very cool!

How often do you see that!!?!

I have school in the morning and I am still all messed up from my week off so hopefully I won't be too tired with morning rolls around... Good night!

Until next time...

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Two Levelings Up

Today I decided to take the bartender's advice and level my lowest skill, as it was embarrassing. My lowest skill is Runecrafting, so I set off in preparation. Actually, I wasn't planning on leveling at all, I was just in the mood for it. As I no longer want an omni staff, I turned in over 3,000 tokens and bought myself 50 law tabs, 20 death tabs, 10 astral tabs, and the rest on some pure essence.

Now, being me, I couldn't runecraft "nood!!" I had to put together a non-bonus outfit that was both my style and cute. What I came up with was pretty dang epic, on both regards!

I don't know if the people of Entrana are lax or what but I was able to take a glory and flippers to Entrana! I must say I was very pleased about being allowed my flippers. Without them, I look weird... Although, I was definitely a bit foot-heavy without my cape on, LOL!!

I have 3 pouches and when they degrade I tele to edgy and get those repaired. I love distracting the eyes best, because they look funny:

After all my law tabs were used up I realized I was 12k from a level. I got out a Graahk and ran nats until it ran out. I had 200 ess left, and Kitty told me about the Ourania Altar using lunar to tele around. I decided to give it a whirl and was pleasantly surprised! It really does give a ton of xp! If you're more after xp and not money then Ourania is the way to go! My 99 Defence was most helpful here and I hardly took damage. I was barely halfway through my remaining ess when I unexpectedly got this:
Woot!! That's a level closer to 70! I really despise Rcing. I mean, in 6 hours I got... 30-some K xp. I get more in half an hour of agility. However, I had forgotten what a great moneymaker it is and at the moment am rechagred and willing to go for 70. However, it will have to wait. I have other things to do first, like get 99 Agility. Haha.

After all that, I set off to do some random things and then eventually hit the agility course. Twi wanted me to play SC with him so I reluctantly did. I then got bored of my lamesauce 77 Smiffing and decided that 2 hammers was enough for 78. I zipped to the GE, bought 2m worth of addy bars, and made them into knives. I sold them back, only losing about 1/4 of the money, and then headed to Edgy to spin some gold ore into bars using my goldy gaunts. Finally, the Smiffing level was mine!Yay!! Only 1 more level of not being able to make class 5 of nearly everything! I can't wait! I did a TON of mining after another hour or so of agility so I have plenty of gold to keep me busy. Oh, I tried out the Obsidian Golem too. Man is he a good little guy! I was filling up my inventory like gold was iron!

After a long time of mining I decided to to Tears of Guthix for once. I almost never do it so it seemed like a good time. The last time I did it I got, get this, 185 tears. Holy crap was that a good emount of xp!!!! This time I got 162 which is still very good, and it got me 10k Runecrafting xp. It's official- Runecrafting once again is not my lowest skill. It beat hunter again!! Woohoo!! I am going to plan on leaving it like that for a while. Woot!

I leave with you two pictures I took today:

First, Merx randomly came into the chat asking what appears to be an age old question. LOL!

Next, I noticed I had a funny number of Agility XP. The only way to beat that is 6,666,666 LOL!!

Until next time...

Friday, November 27, 2009

Day of Not Agility

Today I did a complete day of not-agility. It started off with....

~Big Chompy Bird Hunting~

...the minigame, not the quest. My goal was a 3-feathered green hat. For that, I needed 225 Chompies. I got a ton last night but I was ready to finish the task at hand. Bring it!!!

To participate, one needs very little things. Ogre arrows, an ogre bow, and ogre bellows are all one needs, besides a dramen staff for quick banking. The range of the chompyland goes from Rantz alllll the way to that lone teak tree south of castlewars.

First you fill the billows with swamp gas and inflate a toad.

Next, you place all 3 in an open area.

After a while between 1 and 3 odd little birds will fly down for you to snipe!


Repeat this process until you reach the desired amount of chompies for one ownage hat and bragging rights...

...or until you go absolutely crazy!!!

I was totally in the mood. It was actually tons of fun! I will definitely do this more often and will defnitely make some wild pies out of this. I killed about 200 today!

After all that I was milling around trying to decide what to do. I learned ranger boots are 19m so I killed some harpie bugs until I got a clue in hopes that I'd get some. I didn't, but in the process sucked it up and bought the Karils top. I bought the legs last night and was very happy with them and finally gave in to the stripey armed temptation.

After going to Peekyface's house to see his new dungeon, and he and Ed playing in my dungeon (poisoning me while sitting in my conference room chairs and making all of them disappear one by one) I decided to give Karils a whirl on my aquanite task, which I desperately didn't want to do and yet didn't want to cancel. I got 21 swordfish from the clue so I was off.

Wow. Karils worked amazing there!! I lasted for a very long time! I still needed plenty of food but not as much as usual by far. Also, something awesome happened on the second kill. It died and all I saw was bones. Thinking it was a seed I right slicked. Staring back at me was an amulet of ranging. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT!!!!!!!!! OMG YES!!!!!!!! That helped pay back my Karils.

Sometime in between my task, I sold my spare ranging ammy and my gnome scarf, which I haven't worn in months and has doubled. In the blink of an eye I pretty much made back what I spent for my Karils.

The task was soon finished and I had the feeling I should go to Lapalok instead of Sumona. I had a feeling that I was going to get black demons, which I have been wanting to ban for a long time. Well, I did go to him and wouldn't ya know, I got black demons! I banned them and unbanned Turoth and Kurask (banned cuz I couldn't use whip on them [back when I was going for 99 Def]). It felt great! He then gave me Abby Specs!! Woot!! More time for my Karils to shine! I must say, after Aquanites, Abby Specs are easy! LOL!

Before I killed them though, Ed was looking to buy cosmics from everyone. Since I have 16,000, all from stars, I happily offered as many as he would take. He settled for 7k so while I waited for him I price checked them. I then almost fell out of my seat. 7k cosmics is over ONE MILLION!!! Holy crap!!!!! We did an item trade and I'm happy to say he paid in herbs. I was happy because a majority of the price was in Obsidian Golem pouches, which I really wanted but never got around to doing. Woohoo!!! Speaking of Ed, he has an amazing outfit right now.

Rockin the emo hair, gnome goggles, karils, bonesack, etc... Ur definitely doin it rite!!!

I leave you with a couple pictures I took today and over the past few days, that I couldn't fit anywhere else:

Longbone/Shark drop from Aquanites...

Using the lvl 82 agility shortcut in the Fremmy caves :-)
It's a very long jump...

Another example of 2 comversations coming together. LOL!

Me and someone named CRIMINAL doing our Defence emote :-)

Twi and I came across a clan event at the BH bank...

Finally, I get dissed by a bartender. Sad part is, I agree!

Until next time...

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Pie and Twi's Most Excellent Adventure

After I finished all those cannonballs I ran around using the balloon to plankify my oaks. I cut my own willows and within 150 logs got 4 bird nests with high price seeds. Palm, banana, papaya, and maple!! o.O Finally Twi and I decided to go star hunting so he could get 70 Mining. We finally found a world with a star near and ran agility until it fell. In the middle of our running, Twi decided that the time was now for him to get Flippers and a Cutlass. That meant 4 quests and a miniquest.

We started off by first killing mogres. I helped him gather the stuff for the miniquest and we were off. Finally we were ready to kill!
Mogres look a lot different since the last time I killed them. They no longer wear yellow flippers :-(
Mogres drop a ton of raw fish, including shark which was a hot item back in the days when I did this the first time. When I got 80 cooking I had 40 raw sharks waiting for me, all from mogres. Twi and I both managed to snag 2 mudskipper hats by the time we were done.

Finally, Twi received his own pair of beautiful flippers. They're so adorable!!!We returned to Rimmy to cook our fish and heal up, and got Twi ready for Chompy Hunting + Zogre Flech Eaters + Rum Deal + Cabin Fever, all for the cutlass. LOL!

He spotted the polar bear and a penguin among this time and we just HAD to pose at the polar bear because he is SO DANG CUTE!!!!!!! <3333333

Of course, leave it to me to make an epic sentence. I was talking about the bow string, I swear!

Epic chat head indeed...

Soon, after lots of fun, Twi finally finished the four quests and got his own cutlass!!! Actually, he was so excited that he got all three! LOL!!

Harry's Cutlass...

The Rapier...

And of course the Lucky Cutlass.

Mission Accomplished!!

Until next time...

Party, Combat Lvlz, and Cballs

Yesterday started early with Massecure360 getting 99 Mage. Woohoo gratz!!!!After a small party I decided to "not be a noob" and finally get some attack and strength levels. I played some SC until I had a full set of armour and then hit the Living Rocks.

Rockin' the camo pants!!

I tried throwing the whip on shared first but quickly learned that it made the charges go down way too fast so I put it on Attack and then decided to recharge the armour, borrow a D Skimmy, and get Strength. Before long, I had Attack under my belt.

After some more games, and borrowing a D Skimmy from Sabre Fuego, I went back under for my Strength and, best of all, a combat level.

After that, I heard that cballs are at quite a high right now so I set off mining/buying some coal and iron and began the hard road of smelting it all. I got bored right away so I decided to finally do my clue scroll. I needed rune legs so Peekyface gave me his and the two of us went around Runescape (mostly around the low lvl wildy) while I did what were mostly coordinate clues. Eventually I had that coordinate clue that's across that bridge in Ogreland, which led me to Jiggig. There's a random tunnel around there that leads to an island. I've gone down it before but did it again, with a hilarious discovery:

"Wow! That tunnel went a long way. :[]"

I love the chat head for surprise. I can never get a good pic but I tried my best. They all make me look stoned -.- Especially this one from my Questing days:

All was safe and I received 2 rune legs (LOL!), a rune full, a rune cbow, and something else rune. I thought it was funny that I received two of what I needed most for the clue in the first place. I sold/alched all of the items and then went back to canonballs.

I managed to mine half the coal before buying the rest, and all the iron, which both sold for near min. Hmmm....

I ran agility with Twi for an hour until he got 97. Wooooo!!! Almost there!!!!!! We then both went to Edgy where I smelted and he went on a sampler of skills. I went to bed, woke up, and finished all of the cballs. I ended up making quite a bundle! 4,376 cballs later sold for 1,275,772 coins!! :-D It ended up pushing me to 88k till 78 smiffing too! That brings me to 6.7m cash, which is about what 90 Con will cost. I think I'm going to experiment with the sawmill and hot air balloons and get some planks before I go to the butler.

Also... I really want Karils.. I think it's kinda cute! Only problem is the price... ugh.... However, in the weighing of Karils vs Con, I'm pretty cure Con wins. There will be time for Karils later.

Oh yeah! I almost forgot! There is a thanksgiving event out and about and it's awesome! I'm not going to give any away but I figured it out after a bit and I am really excited as to where it's going to go. It's like a mega clue scroll! :-D

Until next time...

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Halfway There

Oh my goodness. I am halfway there. o.O!!!! I seriously can't even believe my own eyes!!

I decided to to penguins for once seeing as I haven't done then in near 2 months. Since it was Tuesday I got both batches! I then has 33 penguin points to turn in which got me 75,075 xp towards agility. That left me with about 2 hours to my level so I was off. I got the Leo random and saved the lamp for a dramatic leveling but in typical me fashion accidentally got it. LOL! Oh well, awesomesauce is awesomesauce no matter how it's presented. I'm halfway there. I've wanted 99 agility since skillcapes came out and I really can't believe I'm doing it, it's easy, and I LOVE it!!

In other news...

My friend, who I affectiontely call Peekyface (who goes by Manly, Hector, and currently "IVI N IVIs") got 99 Attack!

We first went to his dungon combat room where he killed our clan leader and mysteriously received no xp. He thought it was because it was underground so we quickly ran to my house, where my combat ring is above sea level and he leveled in the same place I got 99 Defence in. He later found out the reason he didn't level in his dungeon was not because xp isn't received, but that he was on defence mode. Good fight. LOL!

We then ran off to the Warrior Guild where we admired his new hot cape. I tried to get an att, str, and def cape emote all in a row and succeeded! The man of the hour is flying in the air in this pic, and is to my left:

We then went back to his house where we got to fight "The Accident," his pet dagannoth, named so because he had stewed up for 95 for the dragon but his mouse involuntarily clicked... on the dagannoth. Instead of wasting 7.5m, he's just going to add another treasure room later. It made for a great story and it seemed like The Accident was meant to be there.

Of course my "Dirty Ernie" had to come out and I had to make the most awkward pose as possible. I tried to pose looking like I was sitting in its lap later but then it got up and attacked me. I have an idea for a cool pic now, but I'll have to wait until later.

In closing, Twi and I had another funny conversation today. I kept shouting, "Pizza!!!" for no reason except I remembered my trombone professor edited a trombone choir version of Super Mario Bros and for style he put "Smooth Pizza Tempo." As we're both band geeks we then began making our own Italian Pizza tempos:

I ended the day by starting on roughly 4 games of SC that I need for some armour. Of course I just threw mine out that I've had for months... Oh well, points are points and they're easily gained. Hopefully tomorrow I'll get 79 Att and Str, which will give me 117 Combat and maybe if I get in a groove I'll try for 80 Att and Str and 90 Hp. I smell some slayer tomorrow!

Until next time...

Monday, November 23, 2009

Fun Convos, Thanksgiving Pwnage, and More!

Today I got a ton of agility XP. I also, on Merch's advice, sold my coconuts for a pretty penny. :-) People in the chat were selling all theirs and getting 2m. That's a lot of coconuts!!

I have gotten some funny conversations over the past few days, including a very long one that might rival Nez's.

First, we have a funny example of two conversations merging together. Apparently one group was talking about "killing penguins for dinner" and all I caught was Ed saying "save me a wing." At the same time a bunch of us (me included) were talking about "pp" (pyramid plunder). That led to Kitty saying she had to "PP." Combining "I have to pp" with "Oo save me a wing" ended with hilarious results!

Next, I turned something normal into something hilarious on accident. Good to know I have "2 buns" LOL!!!
Finally, we have a conversation of epic proportions. Watch as me and Twi try, and fail, to make a large scale ":[]" face. You'll definitely need to click the pic for full effect. LOL!!

The afterthought was just as funny:

So... In terms of what I did today....

First I read Marlaine's blog and was excited to own some turkeys as part of the thanksgiving event. Own them I did!! That was fun! Too bad I didn't get xp for it, but because there is no xp gainage pures can do it.

I was so shocked at the combat level of these turkeys that I just had to shout a Catin exclamation. Don't worry, Furil is slang for "for reals!"

I set off killing them in an epic cutlass battle! My record max hit was 168, which was pretty low, but not bad for a cutlass and 78 strength... I got 167 in a pic, while my baby crab cheered me on. Haha, when he finally grew he was HUGE!!! He looked like a giant pancake and it scared me. LOL!

I then noticed that the cook was shouting funny things from the sideline:

After that was over I ran agility on W46 pratty much all day. It was fun and I got a lot of 91 out of the way. Over halfway to 92 now and only about 280k XP to go! After selling stuff, I had an itch to go to living rocks dressed to kill. I wanted money and I had no idea living minerals were tradeable. So, veracs and pickaxe in tow, I set off to kill a ton. I had about 103k and 105k for 79 att and str respectively so I threw the whip on shared and got quite a bite taken out of that.

Merxese decided to pay me a visit, along with Bigbigsniper. Both can't mine the guys when they die so they didn't stay too long but it was fun to visit with them while I whipped away. I got almost 1,000 minerals and TONS of ore which I am going to smith and sell later. I also got a maze random earlier, come to think of it, and got almost 500 chaos runes as a reward. Nice!

After my 3rd bunyip, I decided to wait for a falador star. Dadof10 decided to take a timeout in the naughty corner. LOL!!

After the nice fally west star I decided to suck it up and go do my aquanite task. I have fail stats so I can kill like... 20 a trip. I got 17 this time before I gave up to fish. This is the only task I need food for, pretty much. Oh well, I love being able to use both shortcuts and managed to snap a good pic, so it's all good. No range ammy yet though :-( If you noticed that I am wearing one, I bought it off my clan leader. I paid in coal. LOL!


My day ended with me fishing sharks to help combat aquanites later when I feel like doing my task. In closing, I am soo excited because Twi Twi has started a blog of his own!! In his honor, here is a recent picture of us running agility together. My attempt to get a pic of me updaise down and him right side up failed, but what resulted was really funny and painfully awkward. I hope you'll like it.

If I could do that in real life I think I'd be called a mutant. Good night everyone!

Until next time...